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Part 43: The Last Day: Game (Game Over)

The Last Day: Game (Game Over)

So, where were we?


: Wh-what!? But I destroyed your Player Pin! Why can't I imprint on you?

: Whose "pick"?
: I owe you no more explanations! Only destruction!

: Ain't you forgettin' somebody? Here comes the Beat-wagon!
: Huh? Beat! Shiki!

: How could you go on without us, Neku? We're your partners! Now what did Mr. H say about partners?

: o trus' that, yo!
: Beat...
: C'mon, Neku. We've still got work to do!
: Yeah... Mr. Ringleader here...
: We jus' gotta take out Shades, right?
: Right.
: The three of us can do it! Now let's take our lives back!
: Right! Get him!

: Once I erase these three, Shibuya will be saved...

Boss battle: Anguis Cantus

This fight has two halves, one with Shiki and one with Beat. Shiki comes first, and she's got the same threads as you left her with at the end of week one. Being the crazy bastard I am, I left her with some fine garments so she's not doing so bad. The top screen is hitting Anguis in the face and dodging his tongue lashes and fireballs. Neku on the bottom screen just waits for a segment to creep in to be bashed about. When he sticks his head down, the top screen is free to wail on him while Neku... does the same as though his bites hurt he's not very fast about attacking.The only difficulty is taking his 10,000 HP twice, which may take a while, and Beat doesn't have the evasion Shiki does.

: My time is... almost up...

: !? J-J-J...

: But why are you here?

: I WILL protect Shibuya!

Final Boss: Draco Cantus

This battle is fairly unique in that it's bottom-screen only. Neku must rely entirely on himself for victory. The top screen instead gives Neku pucks of increasing intensity that never wear out, giving every hit the multiplier. Draco Cantus can spew a shitton of fireballs and trap Neku in a bubble, luring him in front of the center head for a massively damaging bite. The proper plan is to hide in the bottom corner and shoot lightning. Between hitting two or three heads at once (notice the hit counter jumps in increments of two at the start) and the puck boosting EVERY hit, 25000 HP barely fucking lasts.

Hip Snake is the Easy Drop, like Anguis's Easy and Normal, but Normal is a very important drop.

Anguis, the previous boss's Hard drop, at a higher rate and a lower difficulty.

: NOOOOOO!!! It can't end like this... Who else will protect Shibuya?

: Why does HE have a timer?

A ~flashback~ occurs.

: I've decided to wash my hands of it. It has no future value to me or anyone else. So, I'm shutting it down.
: Wait, Sir! Shibuya is still full of so many possibilities!
: Yes, and people too dull and clouded to see them. Shibuya's influence is too strong. I have to end it now... before the other grounds are poisoned and all is lost.

: If they changed to something more suitable, You'd stay Your hand?
: Yes, but that's clearly beyond them.
: Sir...give me a chance to prove You wrong. I swear I'll remake Shibuya in a way that will please You.

: That's right. The rules will be simple.

: ...And if I can't fix it?

: ...That's all right. If I can risk my life to protect Shibuya, I will. But what chance do I have of beating You?
: Relax, Megumi. I'll be sure to handicap myself.

: Since you've piqued my interest with this talk of rebuilding, expect me to be watching from the sidelines.
: Very well, Sir. I'll enter Your Game.
: Then first I'll need to collect your entry fee.

End ~flashback~.

: The streets I know and love, gone...
: You did well, Megumi. That was one of my more enjoyable Games.
: I gave it my all, Sir. I have no regrets.
: You know, I liked your idea. Shame it didn't work out.

: As for you... Well played, Player. I still can't fathom why my imprinting failed to affect you.
: Me neither... Wait! That's right!

: Why do you have two? I only gave you the one! ...Ha ha. Of course! Neku... It's up to you now.

: What's going on?
: All of this was a Game-- one set up by me.
: What? Then that means you're-
: Let me make it obvious. Hmm... I suppose they'll serve.

: Shiki? Beat!?

: What? But that... can't be...
: I know that must unsettle you. Especially since we spent all that quality time together. Still, it's the truth, and I need you to face it.

: Then everything I've one... All of it...
: Mm-hmm. You were playing for my team.

: Then... What have I done!?
: I had one role in this Game: picking the Player who would play for me. One boy... from the RG.

: I knew I picked a winner.
: But it was Pi-Face that killed me...
: His bullet was meant for me. For some time now he's been after my seat.

: The Composer, unlike the Reapers, can use some of his power in the living world. So, poor Minamimoto failed, and fled back to the UG. But I like keep him around. He knows how to heat up a Game! Unfortunately, he overheated this time,

: Then you're the one who beat him?

: Anyway, the pest followed me everywhere-- even into the RG when I went to get you!
: Into the RG? Wait... No!

Joshua returns the last of Neku's memories, his death...

: I thought... I thought I finally found a friend I could relate to...

: Hee hee.

: The winner gets to be the Composer, and do whatever he likes with Shibuya. If you win, you decide. If I win, I'll decide. ...Of course, I've already decided.
: You're a monster...

: I'll keep the rules extremely basic. I'm going to count down from ten. On zero, we shoot. See? Easy.
: Don't screw with me, Joshua!
: I assure you, I'm not. Life's little crossroads are often as simple as the pull of a trigger.
: ...
: Neku... Hee hee, your face is priceless. Don't you remember what Mr. Hanekoma told you?

watch these next three videos in order! They are the ending!

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And that's it for the main storyline of TWEWY! Stay tuned for postgame nonsense!