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Part 45: The Postgame: Getting Started on the Path of Getting Buff

The Postgame: Getting Started on the Path of Getting Buff

Ah, the one thing you get upon beating the game.

This is the main thing our new sticker gives us, as we can go to any day at any time we can access the phone menu.

This is God being nice to you.

This is the main thing to do with revisiting chapters, besides getting swole.

They will.

There's 22 of the things, one for each day.

But wait, you say, there's 3 weeks of seven days each, so only 21 days!

We get this, and 'zany' doesn't even START with Another Day.

Seriously, there's nothing to do in the Chamber of Reckoning.

But first, our new toy. That 334 is not an illusion, and it only goes UP with those 20 levels, capping at 999. Nexus Ray is a 100% efficiency psych, making Anguis here one of the most damaging pins in the game.

But it doesn't reboot, and Nexus Ray isn't as easy to use as Burst Rounds.

So yeah, the chapter menu. Filling in all the stars for a day gets you its secret report. Once I start collecting them I'll go into more detail. Until then I am going to go into Another Day as from the start every shop but the ones at Molco and Shadow Ramen are available, including the most convenient access to Wildkat.

: Same noises. Same buildings zigzagging across the sky...

Meet Another Day Neku.

: Please let today be even sweeter than yesterday! Thanks, peace.

He is optimistic.

Or perhaps just insane.

: I've got it! I just need to focus on the light of my life. My beacon of hope! Yes... That'll pull me right out of this funk! Why? Because that light is...

He's alive. Apparently he sleeps in the Scramble anyway.

: the meaning of life?

: I will be the greatest slammer that ever lived!

But I will be ignoring the Tin Pin storyline for now.

Instead I will listen to this box.

And get crazy mad profits.

Mr. Hanekoma, being CAT, gives the abilities for Gatito threads.

He also sells this pin that does nothing. I buy five.

Full HP recovery and status healing upon 0 HP. I prefer Peace Full but maybe that's because I've never once gotten this crazy requirement.

Most of Gatito's threads are items other characters wore.

Which means, yes, we can give Beat his own hat.

...Except I had it wrong all these months and I held on to Cozy Down. Oh well, told you that extra Chicago from waaaaaaaaaaaay back when would come in handy.

I am an idiot & stupid and use my Dark Matter on Uranus here when I probably shouldn't.

There, shit. Thanks Shibu-Q Heads.

Some of these post-game items that pop up in shops are really hard to get, I'll be ignoring them unless I am getting one or want to point it out. But what's that Kariya sticker?

Oh, hey, it's Chain 16. Remember how Chain 4 lets us put 4 noise in one battle? This is four times that.

It looks silly.

This is the most important sticker for post-game development.

Getting more Scarletite requires Dark Matter. Hence why I saved up most of the 21 from the storyline. Replaying days doesn't get you more.

And here is the cool kids' club. Ultimate hates you.

It's also one of the few post-game things to not need Shadow Matter, Dark Matter, or Scarletite.

100% efficiency on a fast-reboot pin with decent attack. But I wonder about the description...

Fucking FINALLY.

And now, for another post-game thing. All 22 days have something to do for a star for the secret reports. Another Day's is checking this corner of the concert stage.

You get an unbranded postgame item for filling these conditions.

These threads are often really good, though Gatito ones are usually the best.

Special post-game stuff! Stores stock things that aren't Gatito or unbranded threads too. This one is really imporant for my schemes. Between this, Your Cap, and Peace & Love, Beat has 8 fusion stars at the start of every battle. That's a level 2 fusion, and Beat has the strongest one.

Hell yeah.

Vortex Sabre M that has a brand. between this and Peace Full Tigre Punks is a brand to care about.

Oh hey I could get these.

I could get these.

Another Day battles are rough, featuring large crowds of top-tier Noise.

Not quite where I expected this to come from. Unbranded threads get their abilities from stores all across Shibuya.


My enemies.

They absorb negative psychs. You know all the cool fun things I do? Lightning Arrester, Flame Blast, Piercing Pillar, Nexus Ray, Burst Rounds?

All Negative. These guys are incredible pains in my ass.

At least they're one of two Noise to drop Orichalcum on Hard, the other being Ragtime Drakes.

Ramen Don is selling Tin Pin manuals. ...Okay!

And Cosmic Corner is giving me snakes in jars. ...Okay!

And Shadow Ramen is just not open. ...Okay!

Oh, hey there Corehog. Taking a risk to play on Ultimate has rewards.

It's one of the top Burst Rounds pins, and is unbranded unlike the other top ones.

Kaleidescope is another top one.

It needs Shadow Matter.

...Well damn. I'll need to get cool enough to get Shadow Matter to get this.


Oh god

A Mammoth R&B

I knew this day would come

but I never expected it to be so soon.

Woollies have shittons of HP and their one attack, a stomp that causes shockwaves, deals a lot of damage and stuns Neku and his partner. A lot. I fucking hate Woollies.

Luckily, fusions can erase attacks, resetting the time before the Woolly ruins your day.

Why is Another Day so full of Woollies?

Boomer, the rightmost pin there, is an Angel-class Grave Marker pin. Grave Marker is a reverse-vulcan uppercut as Neku drops on an enemy. It's good for evasion and has 80% effciency.

Twister variants are in the three major record stores for all my Rare Metal.

9. Only 9 bottles of each kind of pills. This will be the death of me.

I... have a problem I think.

This guy is selling the Tin Pin mode. Huh. I wonder why?

And a third of a Gatito set. This one is inexplicable.

Buy some of this...

And some of this...

Make this...

Get swole.

Savor these numbers.

They're only going to go up.