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Part 46: The Postgame: Shopping Spree!!!

The Postgame: Shopping Spree!!!

Suggested listening.

I don't know why I'm getting this, since I'll probably be sticking with SHIBUYA for the rest of the game.

Oh hey, Irregular Note. 1/4 of a set.

And here is the crux of today's updates: Gatito threads and the shit I have to go through to get them.

So, anyway. Holy Field. We start with leveling 4 of them, by BPP. This is how the Eden set evolves.

God am I thankful for Beat's 8-star fusion scheme.

Now, 3.


And just one! Or...

Behold, One Jump, Skip, Hop, Step, to Eden's Door. The Eden Set.

In the Japanese version, Eden's Door evolved into 1 yen. Here it resets to One Jump From Eden, but it's still annoying to overshoot. SPP and MPP work just fine for mastering.

So what does this set do? Starts the puck at a x5 multiplier, makes passing nearly instant, has it last for several minutes before fading, and makes Neku invulnerable as long as he holds the puck.

That last one is a hell of a boost. And yes, Joshua's levitate gets over nearly every attack Drakes can make. That poor Ragtime Drake can't do a thing to hurt either of them.

Yes, most Gatito sets do something ridiculous like this.

Damn that's a high requirement. Damn Neku's only one off.

The Cozy Down came in handy eventually.

Hey, a pig in Another Day.

Fuck you man, I ain't using a Thunder Rook!

Getting hit by a level 2 fusion has a tendency to erase most pigs instantly.

Strong, fast reboot, and shoots lightning over a huge area! Why do I rant about Lightning Rook and not this?

Because Electric Warning only hits twice per use. Bleh.



not sure how you know that

but thanks.

Besides 590,000 yen, the other way to get Curious Mushrooms is 15 10,000 yen pins. Saves 440k.

Oh, so I can save shittons of money and just have to spend regular tons to replace the Silver Baron!

At some point I take to W3D7 to do shopping at Molco, and get in periodic fights with Taboo noise. Fusions do regular damage to Taboo noise so fights still end instantly.

That watch is less silver than the Baron what the hell

Despite what you may think, thanks to all the jerks who drop it on Ultimate and the relatively few places to use it I max out Orichalicum really fast.

But as Viper Tonics and Mako Synnergies use Adamantite, I have a constant need for it.

Damn. Those pants is fresh. Pi Face's Jeans are the only post-game pants, and they give incredible stats.

All Taboo Noise except Minamimoto drop Shadow Matter on Ultimate. While chaining may get them at high rates, taking out solitary groups is much much safer and I like the safety part.

One M'seuir Lapin is restructured into... a cat. It gives Shiki 3 fusion stars and isn't a half-bad accessory.

Once you get to the post-game +15 attack/defense and 250 HP becomes decent.

Huge defense boost and Regeneration IV but -10 attack. Survival at the cost of offense.

Eh, why not? I need to max friendship with every clerk to get some of these odder secret report items their abilites.


how do you have Beat's sister why are you selling Beat's sister

Three Dark Matter and a Pegaso suit. Fuck you Makoto. No, wait not like that!

Sunscorch has lost what little luster it has, and Me Time is Free Time is pretty much useless except for this.

God, fuck you brassbanfrogs! I don't need that much orichalcum!


Well might as well, since I'll have to eventually to get stupid items.

Heh, watch me!



Oh wow, that Shuto? Explains the sticker.

Tradishfrogs, the prince of frogs. 3000 HP and 700 attack make him not really all that threatening compared to Brassbanfrogs absorbing Lightning Rooks.

We get the Frog Noise pin off of him, though.

Well shit.

Well shit. I hate it when this happens, have to run all over Shibuya to get a damn dress to get a damn dress.

I am a damn dresshaver though. 45 defense with ability make this dress a must for higher difficulties.

And this, it has Puck Power III with great stats. It will almost never leave Neku's torso.

Pi Face's Jeans have this ability, making them Joshua's preferred pants. Why? Lock on to the same enemy enough with one of his air combos and...