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Part 47: Secret Reports W1D1 - W1D4

Secret Reports W1D1 - W1D4

Right, so there's a lot of shit we don't get about the UG. Luckily, 22 documents clear it up for us. These are the Secret Reports.

Heh, Neku's got like 80 defense and +15% from SOS Power Up II. They can't hurt him, they're just a mild nuisance.

Anyway, "meet up with the secret" is checking a spot that now exists at Hachiko.

Chie! Chie you gotta try this!

Getting these is the only requirement in W1D1, so the ? box next to the stars is now a blue page. touching it opens the secret report.

Anyway, rather than transcribing them I'll keep the secret reports in images as to minimize errors. And I'll try not to comment too much.

Yeah, the cosmology stops making sense about here.

Oh god finally I can use terms like Imagination and Soul to explain what. I've been wanting to do that FOREVER.

Anyway, this one is referring to the guy next to the Moyai. I think this one is checking between getting to the Hachiko screen and examining the statue.

I still have to go through most of the day to get there.

Chaining confuses the psych activation tutorial. Notice that the screen cuts to black in between all 3 500 yen pins.

Box Get!

These seem tailor-made to making wacky outfits. Most of them aren't as good as the Gatito stuff I already have so unless the item's notable in some way I won't include the stats.

Look back at W1D4 part 2. Kariya capitalized Soul for a reason.

If it isn't obvious yet, the harmonizer pin cements it: the writer is Mr. Hanekoma. The game will confirm this several times.

I refight the first boss with my crazy-strong pins and stats. Poor thing.

W1D3 has the first new blue noise symbol. A requirement for the secret reports is to fight old bosses this way on Hard or Ultimate.

Fuck you fusion stars tutorial, I have lightning.

I finally get Kaleidoscope, another end-game Burst Rounds pin.

And I pick up Joshua's third fusion sticker.

Anyway, the oh snap box is obtained by imprinting ramen. This is done by a lot of backtracking between Shibukyu Main Store and Dogenzaka.

: Wait...
: Eat up before it gets cold!
: Wait just a sec... ! Oh, crap! I'm supposed to be picking up that part!
: Wait! Sir, your noodles!

: Neku! After him!

But there's a box!

Huh, I was just here to buy drugs. I need to keep my supply topped off since the pharmacy isn't available most of the time.

Anway, here's the secret report.

Reaper Beat and Megumi Kitaniji. This is a busy day.

Reaper Beat drops Dark Matter on Ultimate. It's faster to get here than to either Taboo Minamimoto fight so I generally use this to farm it.

First off, trying to go to the Scramble in between the conversation with Beat and Rhyme but before going to 104 gets this.

The Ability is Regenerate III, which is pretty good given the stats aren't bad.

Yeah, that's a black planet on ultimate. Yeah, it's the one I already have. Shit.

That's enough explaining everything ever for now.