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Part 48: Secret Reports W1D5 - W1D7

Secret Reports W1D5 - W1D7

W1D5's blue noise is Cornix Canor. The refight is so amazingly boring and over so quick that there's no video.

Brainy Cat, another part of a wacky series.

Eh, why not. Resonance pins are so kawaii.

The hint is White! White! White! So we have to go to White each time, hence why I went Black-Gate-Gate the first time. Also, the conversation rerails itself and the end result is the same except

Oh rubber ducky you're the one~
you make bath time lots of fun~

Angels. Goddamn Angels. Mr. Hanekoma is one of them.

Shroooooooooooooms. From now on, Neku's drop rate at level 1 is 101.

Shoooooooooooooooooooooooes except I never use them.

And since I have crazy-ass postgame income, I need this wallet to hold all my fucking money.


The hint for today is TOTALLY GNARLY!

Specifically, its impriting it here since it's the actual solution for Sota and Nao.

Speaking of Sota and Nao, notice how they're talking to Mick in the RG here, but they're players in W2? I wonder what happened...

: Huh?
: Bro! Where's your Solid Slammer?
: T-totally gnarly!
: What? What happened to it?
: It's totally gnarly!

: It's part of your body! Your SOUL! If you want to join my Slammurai, first you gotta get your gear fixed.
: Um...right.

SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM......................... ON!!!!!!!!

Peanut Butter? Plural Butts? Panicked Bears?

You can keep restarting W1D7 and harvesting this guy's rewards.

Oh, Phone Booth. Duh. Molco's famous Phone Booth of Love.

The Mr. Mew Suit isn't actually half-bad. The ability is resist knockbacks which isn't bad either.

For the forced fight I dropped to hard to get Cornix.

Ovis Cantus Refight. It goes wacky since Lightning Rook, my piles of SOS, and Pegaso's rank means he loses 1/8th of his HP a use.

Was Shiki what Neku truly valued most, or was that merely a show to hide Kitaniji's inability to reincarnate?