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Part 50: Secret Reports: W2D5 - W3D1

Secret Reports: W2D5 - W3D1

82 and 84?

I can't get the stunlocking right. A right shame. Oh well, still got enough tricks to deal with them anyway.

I still have to do most of the W2D5 stuff for Kariya and Uzuki, though. Getting D+B to the top brand is easy enough nowadays.

lord of the Tin Pin Losers is a fairly interesting challenge. The thing you have to do for the Biker Gloves is lose to the worst slammer in Shibuya.

He lets us pass in thanks.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after the potted plant a lot of these are kinda dull.

Of course I beat up the crabs again for the hell of it now that Joshua can use his Jesus Beams.

Why not? I got a Custom to spare.

Why not? I got all of these to spare.

Wait you mean the Grindcore Minks are supposed to be a challenge? Shit man I just sorta steamrolled them. As there's two on each screen but they all share the same lifebar they get torn to pieces by fusions.

Like Beat's level 2 fusion. It's not even worth recording. I touch the pin and they die.

To get the item Neku must become a horrible person. By that I mean I try to ignore the people under attack.

It doesn't change the story any, just there's details to make you feel worse about yourself.

Ignore everyone. Even Sota.

Neku can't bring himself to do it, at least.

No barf this time. This ain't River City Ransom, even if it is the REAPERS' turf.


A ninja suit


The uniform is from a side-event in the only screen the game will let you go that's also sorta out of the way. The concert stage.

Oh god not again!

: Ugh, not more errands. I say we run for it.

for your help before. Maybe you can find a use for it.
: Uh, thanks. Did you find your microphone?
'Fraid not.
: I'm sorry to hear that.

Sho's megaphone?

We're gonna bust out of the indie curcuit with this baby. Blow a hole in the freakin' music scene! Anyhow, that's it from us. See ya!

Def Märch leaves.

: They're going major with a megaphone?
: Hee hee. I'd like to see that concert.

Well yeah there was the OH SNAP thing here which is this boring item.

This is 777's gift, not a whole lot but it's free and during the trip to Pork City. It might've helped with the D+B floor.

Had I not obliterated it anyway.

Minamoto's blue noise is actually the best source of Shadow Matter in the game. All the Taboo Noise he summons drops it, and there's strays about the Main Store as well. It's not bad for Adamantite either.

Basically beat up Leo Cantus A LOT.

Another part of the set. Irregular Noise is a wonderful psyche. I hope I use it soon.

Guess which.

Just guess.

allright, 3 days is too few. Let's get Beat's 1st day out of the way.

Just one Sprog? That's a terrible way to introduce this get-rich-quick scheme.

Orchesprogs drop a whole noise pin on Ultimate. There's eight or sixteen Orchesprogs in any battle with an Orchefrog. Get the drop rate up through chaining and that's a lot of Sprog pins.

Right, so just Kariya and just Uzuki. These fights really aren't anything exciting since I have my good ol' win button with Beat.

But one drops Big Bang...

And the other Big Crunch.

Together you get a fairly strong Nexus Ray that actually reboots.

Right, examine Hachiko. Next.

I suppose it matches the boy's uniform but... I have a ninja suit.

It was too low of vibe to work, and further neutralized, and yet Minamimoto rose again...

I finally get Uzuki's lipstick. Would the corset be too much to ask for?

And this thing. What is this thing?

And the NP lady at Cadoi City tells me how to wear the fursuit. Wait wha-

Actually the Mr. Mew Suit is the 2nd best top+bottom, by raw stats.

So next is Week 3 D-

You know what? Fuck it. I don't care about this secret report shit anymore.

Let's play some fucking tin pin.