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Part 51: Episode 1: Watch Out, World! The Legendary Slamurai is Born!!

Episode 1: Watch Out, World! The Legendary Slamurai is Born!!

Before the slam-off at Molco, a lot of NPCs are scattered about Shibuya. You don't get anything but satisfaction from beating them, but since they have unique dialogue I take the time to slam on.

: Sorry, not right now. I have to get over to Molco.
: ... Oh.
: For the slam-off. Aren't you going? I thought all the boys were...
: Oh, I'm going... I just figured I'd warm up first.
: Gotcha. Hmm..

: Sweet! Get ready...

I try a whole bunch of pins against all these people. The results are inconclusive and I'm probably going to stick with things like Bat, Rhyme, and 100 yen.

But, I still win because I have 6 pins and the last 4 are usually my competent guys.

: Since when are you so good?
: ... Since when are you so BAD?
: There go my dreams of becoming the champ...
: The price of sucking, I'm afraid.
: I know! Why don't YOU become the champion?
: Um... OK? I mean, that was the plan.

: ... After WHO gives me the prize?

Another reason for these it that it establishes the personalities and relationships of Another Day characters. Sota is now Neku's barber, for whatever reason.

Decided to grow out your mane?
: Oh, this? Naw. I need to get it cut.
Rawr! Then tell ya what, sport. Drop by my place and we'll get your ears lowered.
: Well, I'd like to, but... See, right now...
Wuh-oh. Lemme guess. The slam-off?
: Yeah. You know about it? I thought you didn't play.
I took it up! Better late than never.
: Really!? Then how 'bout a match?
Sure, champ. Just go easy on me!

I think this is about when I decide to use Raven a lot in tin pin.

Thanks, tiger! I had a blast. Maybe I should enter the slam-off.
: Couldn't hurt!
Good deal. So how 'bout that trim? You can be my haircut model!
: Um, OK? "Haircut model"?

: I'm kinda workin' right now. Got some errands.
: Oh... OK, later.
: Hey hey, hold up!

Welcome to Shibuya. Wel come to shi buy bu yas hibu ya.

: Sigh... You won't forget to run your errands?


his name's Futoshi?

: Damn! I lost. C'mon, one more match!

: You better enter the slam-off at Molco!
: I will.
: Good! Be ready for vengeance!
: ... And your errands?

Fuck yeah I love my biorhythms and shit now. I have a pirate chi this rules.

: You're entering the slam-off?
Yup yup!

For once I'm making the commentary the link and not the image above it. Also click this.

I've never actually played Tin Pin before. This'll be good practice!

Imagine a screenshot of me winning another Tin Pin match. There aren't videos because these matches are easy and not very interesting.

Aww... I lost.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Good luck at the slam-off. Hope you win.
: That's the plan.
Then the Prince himself will hand you the grand prize!
: ... And that's why you're entering?

This game script is following my route through Shibuya nearly perfectly.

: Sorry. I'm looking for somebody right now.
: Who?
: We're holding an event at Molco, but our special guest, the Prince, is a no-show. Where'd he run off to...
: Oh, well. Maybe another time, then.
: Hey! Wait a sec! So you like Tin Pin? You should read our magazine,

: Ha ha, yeah. That's our most popular column. You know... what the heck. Let's play a match until the Prince shows. After all, you're such a devoted reader!

Blah blah whammies slams I win.

: Um... right.
: So tell me... Where'd you learn to play like that?
: Well... from Pinhead Weekly, I guess.
: You're KIDDING! ... Tell your friends!

: Geez... How long until adulthood robs ME of my dignity?

Hey thanks DJ for making Nekunaga Oda more potent.

: Heh heh... Take me on and it may be the last game you ever play.
: What's that supposed to mean?
: Enter the Molco slam-off and you'll see...


: ...or worse! Don't make eye contact...

Thank you Mr. Hanekoma for opening up my world and giving me make-up tips.

I'll try not to leave lipstick on the mugs.

Oh hey, that guy. Maybe if I win I'll finally get his name.

: Why not sign up for the slam-off at Molco?
: I am. I just wanted to warm up first.
: Oh, good for you! Actually, I'm the event's sponsor.
: Oh, cool!
: You should hurry along, though. You don't want to miss registration!

Goddammit that guy you're slippery.

The Prince being great transcends dimension. He's a bit more forward about his fame in this one though.

: You wanted my autograph...
: No! No, I didn't. Why would I? You're a total stranger!
: Don't you know who I am?
: Like I care.
: My name is Eiji Oji, but some call me... the Prince? TV personality? Internet darling? Superstud?
: Weirdo? Egomaniac? Vandal?
: I can't believe you've never heard of me. Don't you follow the trends?

: Oh, you poor thing. You're like a bird in a cage. However do you amuse yourself?
: That's easy.
: Tin Pin Slammer!
: Oh... Now you're talking! I've been playing up a storm. Care to take me on?
: I thought you'd never ask.

The secret of victory is to use a pin with well over 20 bombers and never ever stop.

: Well, well. Not too shabby.
: Well, duh. I live for this game.
: Oh ho! Edgy! I like it.
: I'm not edgy...
: Hey! Why don't we take a pciture? I'll post it to my blog.
: Nooo thank you.

: Sorry, but no!

Neku has bonded with a transtector from the G Nebula and become an even greater Slamurai!

Whoops I stumbled into one of the greatest conversations in the game.

: Huh!? Is this kid high?

: it's because you refuse to perceive her as she really is.
: Young lady?

: I need to look harder?
: That's right. Let go of your preconceptions.
: Um... you know... I was just gonna ask if you wanted to play Tin Pin, but, um-

: What? We did not!
: Weren't you listening?

: How come I always pick the crazies to talk to...
: When you're drowning in a sea of work with not enough time,

: Really. Have some compassion. Ta-ta.

Joshua leaves.

: Whew...

I know I missed a few people but I got Joshua's conversation and that's all that really matters. Off to Molco!