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Part 53: Episode 3: Go! Slammers for Justice!! Birth of the Kindred Spirits!!

Episode 3: Go! Slammers for Justice!! Birth of the Kindred Spirits!!

Since the Slam-off has ended, Molco's back to normal. Molco's kinda hard to get to in the post-game since it's never quite easy. There's always gates, or story, or just random reapers in later week 3.

Anyway the Sheep Heavenly clerk tells us how to flower optimally.

Might as well, you know? More Resonance can't hurt even if the brand only has 4 usable psychs simultaneously.

One of them is Piercing Pillar S so boosting that is good.

I also build up Shiki's fusion level.

Anyway, on to Ramen Don!

: Irrasshai! What'll it be?

: Stardust? What does that taste like... I, um... I'm looking for Dr. Pin.

: Huh!?

: Coulda sworn this guy changed channels on me for a second...

: Oh, hey, bro. Been waiting long?
: Er, no... I just got here a few-
: So BRO! Guess who I found

If you thought Another Day couldn't get better you were wrong.

: Kindred... what?
: Fall in, Spirits!

: Nice job camouflaging the place!

: A secret base ain't nothin' widdout curry, yo!
: This is a ramen shop! Not a curry shop. And not a secret base!
: OK, everybody! Eyes on me!

: Let's do introductions! Me first.

: Red... Spirit?

: Jus' call me Beat. Hey, Red, where's the curry you promised?
: What, are we all calling him "Red" now

: Yellow!?
: Sorry, Red. I just love me some food!

: and I was a little skeptical when Red asked me to join, but--

: I can't stay out too late. I have a curfew. But this should be fun!

: and a humanitarian like me loves people.
: Now they're fighting over colors! Who cares... This kid's the craziest of them all!
: Well, I don't care which color you make me. I can make any hue look good.

: Green? Why?
: Hee hee... The color of your skirt.
: Oh! Duh... See? I'm already making my color look good.
: You know, actually...

: First he steals her color, and now he complains? Where did Red... I mean, Shooter find these people?

: B-Blue? You don't mean-
: Yup! Blue is you!
: You're joking.
: Hold on just a second.

: Ooh, yeah! I like that!

: OK, Black 'n' Blue. Introduce yourself!
: Um... OK. I'm Neku-
: No, use your codename!
: But-
: Yeah, good call!
: Quit ganging up on me!
: And now, last but not least-

NPC: Silence! You wanna eat asphalt?

: You're Dr. Pin?

: Ahhh! Bad man! Mustnt make eye contact... Ohh, please don't hurt me!

: Huh? Join in the fun!
: Attention, you ramen-raiding radians!
: Gulp...
: I insist you make me a Spirit!
: Why would you want to be a CRAYON?
: So you're Dr. Pin? I've heard all about you. It's an honor, sir.

: Is he... blushing? It makes him scarier...
: So what bring you all here?
: Well, you see-

Cut to black for explanation.

: We want to get out pins back. What do you recommend?

: Red. You've gotta use your head. The world's made up of numbers. Do the math and you'll find your desired solution.
: But, Doc... We don't even know where the Skullers are... How can we solve for that?
: Lure them out.
: Lure them? With what?
: ......
: He's eyeing you, Black 'n' Blue.
: Who, me? He's looking at me? What'd I do?
: What's up, Doc?
: You zetta morons! You haven't noticed? He's had them the whooole time...
: Gasp! Had what?


: What? Really!?

: Now I'm BROWN!?
: Yo, hook me up with some more curry!
: Black 'n' Blue... You lied to us?
: No! I just couldn't find the right moment to tell you!
: Oh, Black 'n' Blue.

This game has the strangest motifs.

: Go easy on him, Red. He's the key variable in your victory equation.

: Wait, what!?
: The Skullers are hunting for pins.
: Once they know you have some... They'll come to us.

: Make a big show of it.
: OK! Let's get to it!
: "Winning like crazy" may prove a challenge.
: No worries.

: Awesome! We're gonna clean up wth this!

: Whaaat?

: Th-that's not possible!

: ... Hectopascal.

: He sized up that pin with one glance... That ramen guy knows pins.
: ......
: This is hella tasty, pops!

Didn't think TWEWY wouldn't sneak in some more ramen porn? Think again.

: Oh, sorry! We're fresh out. Go play with your friends. I'll whip up some more.
: Bwaaah! No more curry?
: Aight, guess we be slammin', then.

No kidding.

NEXT TIME: Developer cameos! F-bombs! Greek myth! The blossoming romance of Blue and...*

*Spoil any part of this even vaguely and I will begin a campaign to actively deny TWEWY's existence.