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Part 54: Episode 4: Three-Headed Monster! Spirits, Defeat the Wizard!!

Episode 4: Three-Headed Monster! Spirits, Defeat the Wizard!!

: It stretches 2.6 km between the Miyamasu and Tengenji Bridges, but really, at this point, it's a river in name alone. It has no real source, and it's awfully shallow. It's been converted into a drainway now. A sewer.

: An' you finna go in there?
: There could be something inside.

: Yeah, this ain't my style either, yo.
: I guess that's understandable. All right, I'll go check it out.

: You? You seem like the LAST person who'd want to go in there.

The greatest series of 5 images in the LP? Possibly.

: Whatever, I'll go too.
: Sigh...

This is the only way in this area during Another Day. You have to assemble the Kindred Spirits or else Neku just says he has no business here.

The Shibuya River is full of frogs.

Top tier frogs.

All the top frogs. As you can imagine, the proliferation of Brassbanfrogs causes me no end of grief.

: Hey, c'mon. Don't make this creepier than it has to be.

: That was actually the river Acheron. The Styx circled Hades, the realm of the dead, nine times, forming the boundary between Earth and Underworld.
: Fascinating stuff.
: Thrilling.
: But, like... this isn't really the Styx, is it?

: Just ignore him.

Very rarely, like maybe there will be one across three screens, is the Fifenfrog.

The Fifenfrog is a fucking asshole who absorbs positive and negative psychs. And Psychokinesis might as well be worthless here because objects never spawn in the Shibuya River, leaving you with... Irregular Note. If you even have it assembled. Luckily your partner's attacks and every fusion but Joshua's 3rd can damage them.

That Ultimate drop is one of the six Darklit Planets, Black Mercury.

I am going to hate myself when I come back for it.

Keep in mind Neku and friends are alive.

Except Joshua seems to know things.

I'm reasonably certain he's supposed to be one of the developers.

: WOAH! So do you have secret tips for winning at Tin Pin?
: A couple, yeah.
: WOAH! Teach me? Woo! I'm totally gonna level up!
: That's if you win.
: Awright, you're ON!

I wanna be a wizard now.

: Wha-
: Ready GO!

Vs. Vice Wizard of Slam! What Matters is the Heart!

I decided to try something different and use the basic six pins: Pryokinesis, Psychokinesis, Shockwave, Force Rounds, Thunderbolt, Cure Drink. Besides that, the Vice Wizard sometimes attacks his own pins, and any eliminated players leave tombstones which knock people off regardless of alligence.

If the everyone else losers the remainder is the winner.


: One more time!
: Wait, where's my secret tip?
: Oh, my bad. Right.

: OK!

: Then you'll always win!
: Umm... A little more specific?

: Oh, c'mon. That advice stinks.
: Hey, don't bite the hand that feeds you, kid.
: Right, SORRY! Umm... I'll work on focusing and imagining!
: Poor kid can't see he's being messed with.

We get some sicknasty loot, though.

Its duration isn't that long, but it reboots fast enough to not be an issue. Its high Attack makes this pin a contender for most decks.

Well now that we've done everything back here let's leave.

There is nothing else.

I swear there isn't.

There's no door to scan for or anything.


: Hey, Futoshi. How's work at A-East?

: F-Bomb? Ha ha, sort of. I'm at A-East, like, every week to see the Prince. I see Futoshi there a lot.
: Oh, so you're there to watch.
: As opposed to what, Yellow?

: Why hide it? You should be advertising!
: Step off my grill, Red!
: 'Sides... We done.
: What, you two broke it off?

: You don't have to tell us if you don't want, but...

Across time and dimensions, Joshua is a prick.

: You down with that, Beat?
: Bwaaah! How is THAT fair?

: Sounds like I can't afford to lose this fight.
: Whatever, kid. But just so you know...

: No way!
: Way.

So I beat him twice.

: Done!

: We were doin' the comedy bit.
: That's cute! I love stand-up. Tell us one of your jokes!

: Ouch...
: Aww, don't let it get to you. Show a little spirit! A little Kindred Spirit! Live for the Tin Pin!
: I just might do that, yo! I have more fun slammin' anyway.

This is not a tiny haul at all. Getting this pin this easily is a big deal.

: Is this your girlfriend, Yellow?
: Haw, she lives in my 'hood. We been friends since forever.
: Aww, that's sweet.
: Beat always shows me his material.

You can challenge these random people in any order, or not at all. The game doesn't keep tabs of which people you've played. It normally isn't a problem, but Ai and Futoshi both cover the same topic.

: Oh, that reminds me! Do that one from before again!

: Shut it, Green!
: His comedy routine is the bomb.
: Ohh. ...He does stand-up?
: A-anyway! C'mon, le's get some Tin Pin up in here. You game, Ai?
: Sure! I had most of my pins ganked at the slam-off, but I have enough left to beat you!

Or so she said.

: Fine, take this.
: Thanks, Ai!
: Don't worry! We'll get the rest of your pins back for you!
: If you say so... Sounds like you're on a mission. Good luck.
: Leave it to us!
: You too, Beat. With Tin Pin... and with your act.

The pins you get range from incredible swag to get for minimal effort like Lucky Panda, or stuff like this. Lolita Skull isn't bad at all (even if you should have one from evolving Leopard already), but most are so unremarkable I don't bother.