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Part 56: Episode 6: You Are Not Alone In This Fight! Slammin' Allies!

Episode 6: You Are Not Alone In This Fight! Slammin' Allies!

: Oh! Joshua! You topped the reader response survey again last week!
: Friend of yours, Pink?
: Indeed. I owe a lot to this gentleman.
: Nonsense. We at PW owe you far more! Joshua here writes a column for my magazine.
: A column? About what?
: Hee hee.

: What the hell does THAT mean?
: Hey, mister! Play us at Tin Pin!

: Beautiful.

: Oh, man, I hope I win this!

The fuck am I doing?

Oh yeah, testing random pins.

: Let me give you this.
: Thanks for that extension.
: No! You can't... I can't...
: So this deadline- what's it for?


: but the columns got me hooked! I buy it every week now.
: It's the only thing I read, yo.

: What a shame. I'm sure you'd love it.
: I'll die before I talk.
: So... If he doesn't make his deadline,
: He doesn't make the magazine.
: WHAT!? I can't let that happen!
: Seriously! Your publisher friend's practically in tears.
: Dontchu make me pound it outta ya, Pink.
: Just write the stupid column.
: Wow, guys... You really care about Pinhead Weekly. I... I'm gonna work to make it even better! I'll prove PW stands by its readers!

: I'll have it to you on time.
: You have my word as a humanitarian. I couldn't disappoint my public.

: I trust my seeing you loitering about here means that you're done with all of your homework? ... Honestly. I thought pairing up with Rhyme would ground you a little.

: Ugh. Who does Yellow think he's fooling? He's practically dripping regret.
: ...
: Listen carefully, Beat.

: What!? How's that work out?
: Come to me, Beat.
: Rrgh... Aight. You leave me no choice...

: What!? Hey, don't drag me into this!
: ... Why do I bother resisting?

: Prepare for the Mrs. K special: Divide and Conquer!

Remember how when a part of the Vice Wizard of Slam got defeated, it turned into a tombstone that attacked the other parts?

If you get past the chaotic starts these supposed 3-on-1 battles become easy due to that.

: You da man, B 'n' B!
: Yes, yes. Here's a pin for you. Oh, and Beat? Do be sure to patch things up with Rhyme.
: I won, Mrs. K. I'ma live how I like.
: Maybe I shoulda lost...
: Don't be silly, Black 'n' Blue. You merely played your part.

: Yeah, but... Stop calling me Black 'n' Blue. Seriously.

: Hey there, Yammer!

: Yeah, he's my BFF! He's the one who told me about Tin Pin! He knows all about it!
: Yeah, but all that knowledge doesn't help me actually win. Shooter's the opposite. He never has to worry about too much thinking getting in his way.

Shooter has some great lines sometimes.

: Well, anyway, Shooter's good under pressure. If there was to get an average of the two of us, you'd have the perfect slammer.
: Or at least one freaky Tin Pin love-child...
: C'mon, Yammer! Let's play! We need to gather up pins!
: I understand. I'm a victim, too. So I'll help...

(Check the filename and it makes sense)

: Protect it with your life.
: Thanks, Yammer! I'll take real good care of it!

: OK! Will do!

: Don't give mine away. For real. ... Ever!
: OK! Will do!
: Oh! And--

It's almost like you don't actually have to use Tin Pin Custom to get the two quest pins.