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Part 57: Episode 7: A New Comrade?! The 6th Kindred Spirit!!

Episode 7: A New Comrade?! The 6th Kindred Spirit!!

: Mr. President! Awful shame about the slam-off.
: You call that a shame? Try a catastrophe.
: Any ideas about who's behind it?

: But the commentator- they said he was deputy editor at PW, right?
: Another lie. How about you, Joshua? Any ideas? Could you ask some of your people what they know?
: He has people? Evil, talking bats I'd believe... but people?
: I'll see what I can see.

: Well... all right. Just be ready.

Okay, finally, after so long, thanks to the Tin Pin results screen we're finally going to get that guy's name!


: Woohoo!
: You kids have got moxie. It does my heart good to see young folks into Tin Pin.
: You mean it does your wallet good.
: Can't it be both? Anyhow, I should move along.
: OK, so this kid's not just some lunatic.

By the way, his pin is 5 yen. What a jerk.

: It does kinda get in my eyes. I could use a cut.
: Friend of yours, Blue?

: ever since he was a little squirt.
: Nice! What was Blue like as a kid?
: Neku? He'd come in with clippings and say, "Do me like"--

: Hee hee... "Do me like this!" You were that guy.
: And get this! The clippings were from--

: Hey, Blue! If you lose this round of Tin Pin, you've gotta tell us!
: Ooh, Tin Pin? That sounds like a fair deal.
: Don't I get a veto?

Dark Matter isn't very good for Tin Pin from what my hazy memory tells me.

: Aww, no fun! I wanted to hear Blue's big secret!
: Yeah, what's so embarrassing about bringing in clippings? I'll grab pics of models with hair I like, too. Why the big secret?

: Stupid, Neku, stupid!
: So you're really a big geek, Blue?
: Look, are we done here!? Let's just move on, OK!?

: A shame we couldn't cross pins at the slam-off. I was looking forward to it.
: Who's this guy?

: How far up do this kid's connections go?
: So, now that Tin Pin has a criminal element, will the city step in and shut it down?

: Tin Pin is still full of so many possibilities!
: Hee hee... You're quite taken with it. I thought you considered it "the idle wasting of children."
: I did, once. But prejudice is an ugly thing. I should have given it a try first. Tin Pin's simplicity reflects society so clearly-- and it's depth, humanity.
: That's great! Let's play now!
: Very well. If that is what you choose...

He really has two, and he leads with Angius.

: Yes! I won!

: I concede defeat. Take this pin.
: Thanks, I will! YOINK!
: We're looking for the ones who took all the pins. Do you know anything?

: ...... Thanks, we'll take it from here.
: Large man? Oh. Right. How could I forget the "booth babe"?

: I'd love to play, kid... but I'm lookin' for something.
: Like what, Mr. H? I could help you look.
: Hmm? A friend of yours?

: "Bruise"? I see we're jumping right to the point. Mr. Hanekoma's the only person I respect.
: How charming.

: Reports?

:I can't for the life of me remember where I put 'em.
: But they're important?
: Definitely. Ugh, this is a fine mess.
: If we see them anywhere, we'll grab them.

Oh uh


sorry about that.

: Uhh... Sure. OK... What the heck did he write in them?

Meanwhile Wildkat is still open but goddamn if Visionary Blend is hard to get.

: I can't play right now.
: She hates Tin Pin, yo.
: Friend of yours, Yellow?
: Yeah... Sorta.
: No, I love Tin Pin.
: What? Since when?
: I'd play you, but somebody took my pins.

: No, I guy with a lollipop just ran by and nabbed them all. My whole collection... No use crying over spilled milk, I guess.
: Oh, you poor thing..
: Don't be down! We'll fix everything!

: Wow. Can I help? I'm Rhyme, by the way.

: Whatever, I'd rather be normal Blue anywa--

: Just ignore him.

NEXT TIME: The Kindred Spirits confront the Black Skullers! But will everything go as we hope...?