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Part 58: Episode 8: Red Kaiser Dies!!

Episode 8: Red Kaiser Dies!!

Oh hey there' a guy now at Miyashita underpass.

: You're... One of the Black Skullers!
: You've sure got a bunch of 'em. Did you gather them all up just for us?
: That's RIGHT!

: And you bit, fatty!
: I want my pins back!
: Hee hee.

: It's time to take back our SOULS!

He's not really special...

: We takin' the both a' you down, yo!
: Actually I'm not here for the whup thing. I'm here for a pickup.
: What!?

: You can't slam without it, can you?
: N-NOOO!!!


: I thought we were friends! Kindred Spirits!

: Rhyme, you... No way.
: Yup, I was a spy. Just trying to wear you down, you know?
: Rhyme...
: Hee hee... I knew it.
: You did?

: How did she know they were together?
: Is it true steroids can shrink your... Never mind. Yeah... She wasn't at the slam-off.
: That's right! Still waters run deep. I knew you were the sharp one, Pink.
: Rhyme, why?
: Uhh, more importantly... you could have told us this earlier.

: So it's MY fault!?

: Well, my work here is done. Bye, everybody!
: Wait, Rhyme! Why are you mixed up with those guys?

: Red Kaiser...
: Pull it together, Red.
: What'll I do... How will I live?

: It's too dangerous to wander around with out leader out of commission. Let's return to base and consult Dr. Pin.

: C'mon, yo, back to base. Curry's prob'ly ready now.
: Always the team player.

: Hey, mister... Is Dr. Pin here?
: What, you want Junior? Hey, why the long face?

: I'm gonna get Dr. Pin to fix it! Then we're-
: He can't.
: What!?
: This is beyond Junior's ability. ... It's even beyond mine.
: All right, sir.

: You trippin', Pinky? Brotha ain't a liar. Brotha's a ramen man. A ramen man who can make curry! What more do you need!?

: He knows too much about Tin Pin. He can size up any pin at a glance... Sir, are you-
: Yes!

: You invented Tin Pin!? And now you invent weird ramen!?

: You must stop them!
: Mister... I'll do it!

: Thanks, son. I knew I could count on you kids.

: Nothing!?
: It was like a lucky jock... Bracing!
: Eww!
: Lucky charms do help give you confidence. So take mine. You need them more than me.

: They never hit shelves, due to budgets and personal heartbreak. I'm sure you kids will treat 'em right.
: Kids, plural? You want me to wear that thing!?

: Of course. It was meant for you.
: OK, Pink is now Rainbow!
: Ahh! Just look at this handiwork!

: These prototypes must have cost a fortune... I can see why they were cut.
: Try yours on, Blue!
: This isn't happening...
: Surely you wouldn't snub this man's generosity. Only a monster would do that.
: Freakin' Rainbow... ...Fine. That still leaves the black one, though.

: Black was a spy. We'll leave it here.
: No! I'll carry it.
: Beat?
: Rhyme ain't... She ain't a bad person. They musta forced her, yo.
: ...... Whatever keeps you happy, Yellow.

: I swear I'll get those pins back! Me and (new) Red Kaiser here!