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Part 59: Episode 9: The Great Dream of All Slammers! Kindred Spirits, Defeat the Black Skullers!!

Episode 9: The Great Dream of All Slammers! Kindred Spirits, Defeat the Black Skullers!!



They're just standing there in the middle of the goddamn park.

You're just standing there in the middle of the goddamn park.

: Spicy little thing, aren't ya? Bad timing, though. We were just sitting down to eat.

: Nice Tin Pin launchers... I see you've got some connections. Gee, I wonder who.
: Snap out of it, Rhyme! It ain't never too late to come back, yo!
: ......
: Wha-- Rhyme!

: Alright, villains! Get ready for a SLAMMIN'!
: Such fire! I see now why he picked you...
: That's RIGHT! We're the Kindred Spirits!
: Hmph... You talk big. Let's see if you can back it up. How 'bout we make this interesting? If we win, you give us all your pins.
: And once we win, you give back the pins you stole!

: We'll play five matches.


: ... It's, uh, just an expression.

He really is the tutorial guy, huh.

: Not at all. Pracice makes perfect. Keep at it.

: What's the deal?
: Tin Pin, yours is truly a mysterious world. I can't believe HE'S playing.
: What's he grumbling about? He won.


: Me, silly.
: ... Why you doin' this, Rhyme? This ain't you!

: ... That's wha this is about? Our stand-up routine?
: I figured I'd just get rid of Tin Pin.
: What do I gotta practice for, yo?

: That's not what this is about, Beat. You don't get it.
: Damn straight I don't! Le's settle this wid Tin Pin!

Yes. I'm using Rhyme. Against Rhyme.

: Right? Victory's my middle name, yo. So c'mon, let's get back together.
: You want to pair up again? You're the one who called it off.

: You got me all mad, yo... Stuff you said was seriously harsh, yo.
: Face it, Beat. People don't laugh at your jokes. They laugh at you.
: Who cares, so long as they laughin'?

: You can! You could make stand-up history! I know it. That's why I won't pair up with you-- not until you realise your own potential.
: Well, they've got their issues, but Rhyme doesn't seem like a bad person.


: The pleasure is mine, young lady.

: Wh-what!?

: The boss is always supposed to go last.
: Quit your whining!

: Y-yes, ma'am... Show here who's in charge...
: These two know each other? What have they got against each other?

: Geez! They're wigging out! What the heck is their deal?

: What?

: As top minion for the Black Diablos...

: Well, as head seraph for the White Angels...

About this point I realized I could cheese the AI by playing reactively and using bombers like a madman. It works.

: The top minion never loses!
: Ex-top minion. As of today, there ARE no Black Diablos.
: Hmph... Fine.
: Don't worry, we'll let your girls into the Angels.
: ... Thanks.
: I mean, we're all Prince fans, right? You're welcome to join, too.

Reminds me of my brother. Anyone else here ever listen to Portugal, The Man? Good band.

: Wait, indies!? Like who?

: WHAAAT!? You plan on getting in my way AGAIN!?
: I liked him first!

Oh, finally a new pin from all this Tin Pin!

It's nothing special but the picture is neat.


: You awake, kid?
: I was just thinking...

: A deep question, Blue. But worryin' won't get you anywhere. Life happens like it's gonna happen, man.
: Yeah, it sure feels that way. There's a force at play that I can't overcome.

Oh, sorry bro. I have to show everything off or this is a pretty lame LP.

: Sometimes I just feel so... emo. There, I said it.
: How 'bout some ramen? Take your mind off things.

: Busted, huh? Aight... If we have to do this the hard way...

Oh fuck you Kariya. I haven't said too much about the boards in Tin Pin but this one is the worst. There's rocks and trees in the way so you can never actually KO an opponent and they bounce off of one of the 20000 obstacles around here and the match lasts forever and FUCK

But I'm still a Tin Pin Sorcerer so I make do.

: Still feeling emo?
: Now that you mention it... no...
: Congrats, kid.
: How come I feel better?
: Sure you don't already know the answer?
: Hmm... Maybe I was just looking for something to care about.

This pin is technically terrible.

I cannot hate it because it was Manufactured by Evil.


: Say your prayers, little boy.
: Don't screw this up, Yodai... or else!
: Oh, I'd never hand my precious pins over to them...

: Wh-what!?
: They're all mine!
: Are you crazy!?

: How dare you betray us!?

: Oh, zing!
: Who... who ARE you?

I'd like to remind you that Another Day Higashizawa sounds like a woman.

: Of course! There was a Y.H. on the original team!
: So he used to work with the ramen guy?

: I will purge it of all impurities!
: I heard he was obsessed, even from the onset... His love for the game ultimately drove him mad.

: If you really loved Tin Pin... You'd never do this!
: I love it more than you could ever know! The pins out today are all shoddy! Mass-produced fiascos. Generics... Anonymous and loveless!
: You're wrong! It's not the maker that fills a pin with love! It's the player! Every pin's full of their own unique love!

Well Mr. Higgy I'd hate to tell you but

I'm really fucking good with pins.

NEXT TIME: The Conclusion! Has Higashizawa's schemes been stopped? Will Shibuya slam safely?!

Well I'll tell you I finally decided to take video of the last two battles because they are the most powerful slammers in Shibuya.

Well, besides me.