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Part 60: Episode 10: A Slam... and Then...

Episode 10: A Slam... and Then...

: Bwa ha ha! Of course not. Why do you think the (new) Solid Slammers never hit store shelves?
: I... I dunno...
: They say it was budget cuts and personal heartbreak...

: What!?
: My supervisor on the project-- he, too, was a victim of mass-production!
: Dr. Pin, Sr.?
: His passion was commendable. The company never had much faith in our team, but under his leadership we poured our hearts into the original model and made it a huge success. That got the higher-ups' attention. When it came time to design the Solid Slammer's successor,

: whittling away at the budget... Soon, the (new) Solid Slammers were worse than the originals. Rather than sacrifice quality, he canceled the project. That sent the company stock plummeting... so they forced him to redesign.

: Wow... He must have faced a lot of hard choices.
: Yeah... Not many fifth graders would get that.

: Not many fifth graders... including you, apparently.
: Tin Pin lost its light that day. Money-hungry fools swarmed in, churning out horrible, loveless garbage. But I shall purify it!

: Boss...

: And the (new) Solid Slammers didn't fail because of the company. They failed because I couldn't finish them. So I... I decided to leave. I thought Tin Pin would be OK as long as it had you boys.
: And it will be! Once I finish purifying--

: All that matters are MY brilliant creations!
: Junior, why are you here?
: Dr. Pin!? What happened to you? You look TERRIBLE!
: Sorry to keep you, Red! It took a while, but I've done it!

Jesus Christ that is a slammer.

: What, did he get caught up in a lab explosion?
: Attention, you Tin Pin-loving vectors! Pound that inverse idiot stupid!
: Heh... Absurd. You actually think that will help you?


It does help. Or maybe that I'm just that good. Hard to tell with a slammer THAT FUCKING BIG.

: Not entirely. We sitll need you and Pop's help.
: But... I'm no longer worthy to slam...
: FOIL! First, Outer, Inner, Last! I just built off Pop's last design.

: When'd you grow up on me?
: Hey, I love Tin Pin just as much as ram-crotch over here.
: ... Except along the way, my love turned to hate. Thank you for showing me the light.

: Thanks, mister! Let's slam again soon, OK? I've never seen such hard 'n' heavy slamming! You'll have to teach me!
: Red...
: Ugh, honestly...

: Sorry, boss...
: Ha ha, I'm nobody's boss anymore. Now I'm just another 777 stalker.

: As if.

: Anyway, I guess this is happily ever after. Now, how 'bout we celebrate over ramen?
: Ramen? Naw, yo.

: Hey, Mr. Higgy. Can you make Beat some of your curry?
: Did you say CURRY!?
: He cooks like a pro.

: But yo, we need a kitchen.
: You can use my place.
: Boss... You don't mind?
: Don't be silly.
: It's zetta cool. Use our shop. It's also a fine spot for Tin Pin development! Right, Pops?
: Yeah, our secret base! Gya ha ha!
: Tin Pin Slammer's won over all these people...

: C'mon, Blue! Let's head back to Molco!
: Hmm? Oh, OK.

Oh well, Another Day wouldn't leave something hagning. Off to Molco!

: It's kinda sad.
: But isn't that always the case? Endings are sudden, often cruel. You can't help but hope that there's still a little something left... Another little shred of fun.

: Hey, Blue!
: Hmm?

: but I knew it'd be you and me at the end.

: It was unavoidable.


Is it just me or is Shooter a hell of a lot tougher here than in W2D2? I wouldn't be surprised if he actually were the best slammer thus far.

: You know what that means, Blue... The title's yours!
: Eh, this wasn't an official match. I'll see you at next year's slam-off!
: And I'll be ready for you!

: I didn't need anything special-- I just needed to go out and do something new. Today was another new day in the same old Shibuya.

: Same noises. Same buildings zigzagging across the sky... Yup... life is sweet!

Oh hey YOU'RE pretty.

And also one of the best pins for slamming. It immediately takes point.

: Who's he?
: I'll give you a hint:

: Meet the architect of Tin Pin's success.

: Impressive as always, Joshua. I knew I couldn't fool you.
: Why would you go along with those thieves?
: I was confident. Confident in the possibilities.
: That Dr. Pin would complete the Omega Slammer?
: A team works smoothest when it focuses on the goal at hand-- on their passion for achieving it.

: So this was all just part of your grand scheme?
: There are no concidences in this world, Joshua.

: Of course.

: Me! Me! Ohh, ME!
: I'll select my own opponent.

: Me?


This guy is harder than Shooter for no reason other than Tin Pin Bahamut is a fucking crazy pin for Slamming. Goddamn is it good.

: Well done, Kindred Spirits! See how inseparable Tin Pin has made you?
: Inserparable... and inpincible!
: Ha ha, indeed. My work here is done. I trust Shibuya will be in good hands.
: Wait, you're LEAVING? But we just got to meet you...

: We all have our roles, guided by fate's hand.

The Wizard of Slam leaves.

: He... He's gone.
: Wonder where he's going... I hope we see him again soon!
: Count on it! Tin Pin, you are a trick of fate...

: ...Or something. Thank you, Lord!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed Tin Pin Slammer.

25 attack, 15 defense, and its ability boosts EXP and displays time elapsed. Not too shabby for something you can get without fighting. The 300 Bravery is a bit steep for that purpose, though.

And as if we needed it, the best slammer in the game.

I guess since I've beaten the Wizard of Slam, I deserve to not have to try that hard at Tin Pin ever again, huh?

Mr Ducky 2: Duck Harder

And I pick up the Red Book Bag. It's Rhyme's. Boosts Defense by 30 and has SOS DEF Boost II, but decreases attack.

Anyway, with that done I'm going to go back to Secret Reports because the Red Book Bag's sister piece is in there. And I want it.