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Part 61: Secret Reports: W3D2 - W3D7

Secret Reports: W3D2 - W3D7


Jesus Christ it's a scene from my nightmares.

But still, I got their noise pin. Too bad I have no idea how to scratch with a mouse.

Oh. That... That number is right after the Mammoth R & B

I'm glad I did all this other stupid bullshit first or it would've tore me into shreds violently!

God I hate Woollies.

It's on the upper end of Apport T if it's a psych you like.

...Well, there's pigs here.

Beat invalidates pigs as a gameplay concept.

Well, that's Monkey Leisure, at least.

The item hint is to go to Cosmic Corner. The package just sorta happens.

Alright, I didn't go this way during the first time through, but there's something very special back here.

The last Reaper Review

I think this Pig actually attempts to murder you if you take too long to kill it! I don't.

Diss is an awful pin but it will be very useful for a later scheme.

Also Pteropus Canor is here.

as you can imagine with a deck like this he's not very hard.

He does drop Righty Cat, though.

Anyway, the item for this day is obtained by Creeping. It doesn't override Makoto later opening Shadow Ramen if you do.

Specifically, going to Black.

Any Creeping results in stuff like this.

Oh hell yes.

As a mirror to the Red Book Bag, it has SOS Attack Boost II.

It's amazingly good.

Oh yeah, since I'm right on the end of the day I just beat up Uzuki for the hell of it.

And finally, here's your explanation of why there are entry fees.

It's here after solving all the boxes.

Meh, the item, part 200-some.

And I beat the bosses again.

At this point I spend my yen getting all the shopkeepers to 100% friendship, including Bel-Airplane and Pegaso, who take millions upon millions of yen.

I think buying a bunch of watches has gotten to her.

also some swanky shoes with the remnant of my massive pile of yen.

And now: the Ragtime Drake's ultimate drop!

Lefty Cat, Righty Cat, and Brainy Cat are another Gatito set. They're all passive pins that halve reboot time and remove the initial booting time from any pins with such. Since they take up three slots it's not really practical, but I do use it for one VERY hilarious purpose.

So with that begins a massacre of Drakes.

Eventually I get the Black Book Bag's ability.

So Neku can acheive unheard-of levels of DPS.

Zap zap!

Oh, thank goodness, it's finally there!

Drake is that Angel-class pin that makes other Angel-class pins worse by existing. It's so good that other Angel pins have to explain how they would be better than Drake's sheer damage output. Most aren't.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but chaining Leo Cantus's blue noise symbol at W2D7 on Ultimate is the best source of Shadow Matter.

It's not bad for Adamantium either. And other things:

A piece of Irregular Note.

And Leo Cantus's Noise pin.

Neku's got capped attack and defense and enough Brave for every accessory but a special one for Joshua, so he's going to eat Royal Jelly. A lot.

This one isn't so bad, since this day is light on story anyway.

Step 1: Beat up these guys!

Step 2: Talk to this guy!

: Wait, Beat. He's not acting like the others. Hey, what happened to your friends?
: I...I dunno. Up until yesterday they were fine. Then, bam - they all started sayin' the same thing.
: So how come you ain't?
: That's what I wanna know! ...Wait.

: Oh no!
: ......
: Or what if these are our new orders? ...I better mimic the others!
: ......

: So the Reapers are acting funny 'cause of this emergency meeting?

Meh the item: Number I forget at this point.

Speaking of numbers, what was number 47?

...Oh. You. Goddammit.

...That's not the black planet. Fuck. Fucking fuckity fuckeroo.

Also solving pigs. There's no real challenge to them anymore since I just press a button and they die.

It's a Street Jam pin. High attack, lasts a while, long boot, no reboot. There's not much else to say about it.

Offscreen, another pig dies.

Stopper Spark is actually deceptively good against common noise battles. Most battles are won in seconds so stopping enemies makes them sitting ducks who'll die long before the immobilization wears off.

GodDAMMIT I hate Trance Rhinos, but Black Rose makes it all okay.

It's like Stopper Spark, but Defense Break isn't as powerful as Immobilize. Still an important part of breaking the damage cap, which results in healing an enemy.

W3D6's item's quest is simply visiting Shadow Ramen.

Yet another mediocre accessory for the pile.


Uh... like all other blight pins it's useless. There really isn't much need for what they do, when you could have another pin for hurting things.

FUCK YOU PIGS. These guys give us another Lolita Emblem. Another as in I already have one.

Fighting Tigris's symbol is annoying as Taboo noise will try to get in battles with you first. It can be helpful if you're trying to chain for her piece of Irregular Note, though.

Anyway she's the same puzzle boss as ever no matter the difficulty.

Take note of the number. Keep it in the back of your mind.

Right, so here we are at the final day. If I had my way, I'd have come here first, because the Samurai Helm is an amazing hat.

Go into Ramen Don. It's a store in Shibuya.

Upon leaving...

: What on earth...
: I'm sure you got your share of headaches, but you hang in there, OK?
: Sure, um... thanks. Don't tell me he's the one who...
: Urrrrg...

: This weird voice popped into my head... Whew, I need a vacation. Too much work!
: Hey, wait!

An absolutely AMAZING hat, wouldn't you all agree?

God I missed this thing.

Anyway, Anguis Cantus's symbol is on the right end of the Rubicon. You have to beat Tigris as part of the story to get far enough to the right. What a pain, fighting Tigris so much.

Any blah blah I win because I am a crazy man decked out in SOS.

Anyway, since I'm here, I decide to beat the game again.

This time, picking up Draco Cantus's ultimate drop, one of the Black Planets.

Here's a video of me blasting him away like yesterday's garbage.

It's... a black planet. By itself it isn't great. But once we get them together...

Anyway, go back and look at that previous Secret Report. Hell, I'll point it out to you. Look at the number. Now remember the one from W3D6.

This one we just got is 22. So where's 21?

It's Another Day's, sitting atop Pork City...