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Part 64: End on a Positive Note

End on a Positive Note

Anyway, I have to yet again assemble the Kindred Spirits to get to the last scraps of content in this game.

Whoops it turns out I lied and there actually is something in the Dead God's Pad! Imagine that!

It goes exactly where you think it does.

: It looks like the wall tag in Udagawa...
: Then wait, was that last room... Was that his place?
: You all right, Black 'n' Blue? C'mon.
: OK...

Pretty, isn't it? Some Gatito pins use CAT's art. You can see the claw of One Jump from Eden, Black Mars and Black Jupiter here. There's also the symbol for the Player pin and the Red Skull nearby. Visionary Blend and the Brainy Cat set are based on the CAT logo, and the Irregular Note and Gatito resonance pins are the Gatito brand logo.

: I never knew Shibuya had a basement

It's kinda funny, dragging AD Neku and friends here.

They're alive and had absolutely no reason to consider things like this would even exist.

: Say, Neku... What would you do if I asked you to play a game with me where the winner took Shibuya?
: I'd think you were crazy!

: I suppose I should say, nice to meet you... in this world.

: Who led us into the hall a' mirrors!?

: Existence branched and our worlds took different paths. I just crossed over... and boy, are my arms tired.
: A parallel world?
: I ran into a spot of trouble there

: No wonder they keep this kid locked in the basement!
: So your world isn't peaceful?
: At the moment? Not exactly. But I assume Neku is holding down the fort.
: Me?
: The other Neku. From my world.

: Your ride?

: Duke it out?
: Yes, but my Neku is busy with the Game. Can't really bother him.
: Wait, hold up. Why should I fight you?
: I told you. I'm just looking to kill some time. But let's see... If you can beat me, I'll give you something fun. How about that?
: Well... Yeah, I guess.
: Hee hee...

All set!

goddammit I left my Tin Pin deck on

The final time attack. Cornix Canor, Ovis Cantus, Reaper Beat, Leo Cantus, Pteropus Canor, Uzuki, Kariya, Berserk Kariya and Uzuki, Tigris Cantus, Kitaniji, Anguis Cantus.

This battle is 11 bosses in a row, as though they were in a chain. Shiki and Joshua are only there for the easy ones so it's mostly Neku and Beat. I gave Shiki Puck Power and fusion star threads to start, and Joshua and Beat went more for raw stats. Neku had the Ms. Claus outfit for Regeneration III in addition to My Phones, Pi Face's Jacket, and the Samurai Helmet.

I figured this would be the best way to demo the Black Planets after taking so long to get them. I even find a use for Saturn in there!

I know I got Beat's level 3 fusion again but I honestly didn't need it before Tigris Cantus took my pins and reset the fusion.

: I knew I was right to pick you. ... Not that you're the Neku I picked. Well, that was a fun few minutes, hmm? Here's your reward. Just let me know if you want to go again. I may be stuck here for a little while longer.

The starting six, agian. This is the only way to get multiples.

Also this, the special Joshua accessory I had hyped so much.

It gives an utterly absurd boost to HP in addition to significant Attack and Defense, and its Joshua's 3-star accessory as though he needed more advantages.

Incidentally, with this, the Samurai Armor and Helmet, and other high-HP threads, we can get Neku and Friend to over 10000 HP!

Remember Whale Leisure, that 70% healing pin? With Sheep Heavenly as a top brand, Sparkle Charge, and the puck, it's possible to break the healing cap and reverse HP recovery to damage.

To wit.

Also I beat Pantera Cantus on Easy for this.

It's honestly a really good pin, though getting it is kinda rough.

It evolves into an even better pin. Excalibur is top-tier shit.

God I am so tired of fighting Tigris Canuts.

At least this time it yields her part of Irregular Note. And yet another Rhyme.

Beating up Anguis Cantus on a chain on Ultimate, a completely absurd risk, finally completes the damn set.

Watch this. It will explain how it works far better than I can.. It's a neutral psych with a decent 50% efficiency, high power, and fast reboot time. It's not bad if you can handle the gimmick.

Beating Draco Cantus one last time adds an extra scene after the credits. This is our reward for collecting all 22 Secret Reports, and the absolute last bit of TWEWY's story.

Direct download link if it doesn't work. I'm paranoid after the credits.

What does it mean? Hell if I know, but what finally posting it means is that we're done. After over 13 months I have finally accomplished what I set out to do and showed off everything interesting. And I even got Innocence Beam and Wassup Voltage!

Wait, I forgot to link the manga. Okay.

This is it. The last little shred of fun. The end.

Go over it or game over now?
Is this a suitable place to strive?
"Say, "Down" to it or drown by it"
It's your choice to throw the dice.