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by General Ironicus

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Original Thread: The You Testament: Fuck MDickie Edition
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Messiah Gear Solid: Test Post
Disoriented video featuring Chip CheezumHosted Viddler

Welcome to The You Testament: Fuck MDickie Edition. The You Testament is an action/adventure title that places you in the role of one of Jesus' disciples during the length of his ministry. It is the last game developed by internet celebrity and independent game design legend MDickie. It represents the sum total of his efforts and draws on the experience gained from every previous project, truly his crown jewel. For more details, listen to the man himself.

Unfortunately for MDickie, the game blows. I have found nothing in this game worth playing that can't be explained away by Stockholm Syndrome. I spent nearly two weeks doing a near-complete graphical and sound mod. It looks like shit. The idea was to make the game non-sensical and terrible on the outside to better match what's under the hood.

In order to play the mod first download and install the original from MDickie's site. If you don't his ego will shrivel and you will be guilty of murder. Then download the mod from the above link in this post and unzip the files. The files will correspond in name to others in whatever folder you downloaded the game to. Replace the originals with the mod and you're golden. I recommend keeping the originals somewhere. It will allow you to "play" it as "intended", and also to make your own changes. The "Faces" folder also includes a list of the 76 new characters and the "photo album" folder holds a set of sreenshots I took during the testing phase. The mod loads slower than the original because the new files are larger.

What's changed?
Everything else is still all-MDickie. The unrecognizable characterization of Jesus, terrible animations, unpredictable AI, and overall terribleness have been left intact. I would encourage anyone to make their own more in-depth mods and show off the results. So far I've only found one other mod, and it only adds hi-res textures. Changing the game is now easier than ever because MDickie has made the source code available for download. Turn the characters into frog men, make the Jesus powers work backwards, physics hacks, story and script edits, its all yours for the taking.

Table of Contents


Face List:

1: William Hartnell; The First Doctor
2: Patrick Troughton; The Second Doctor
3: Jon Pertwee; The Third Doctor
4: Tom Baker; The Fourth Doctor
5: Goombah; Super Mario Series
6: Peter Davison; The Fifth Doctor
7: Captain America
8: Colin Baker; The Sixth Doctor
9: Sylvester McCoy; The Seventh Doctor
10: Sportacus; Lazytown
11: Adolf Hitler
12: Paul McGann; The Eighth Doctor
13: Tidus, Final Fantasy X
14: Christopher Eccleston; The Ninth Doctor
15: David Tennant; The Tenth Doctor
16: Matt Smith; the Eleventh Doctor
17: The King of all Cosmos; Katamari series
18: Mimi Bobeck; The Drew Carey Show
19: Cyberman
20: Davros
21: Gumby
22: Steve Urkel; Family Matters
23: Bruce Willis
24: Mr. T
25: Abraham Lincoln
26: Frogmouth
27: Red Ranger
28: Black Ranger
29: Yellow Ranger
30: Pink Ranger
31: Blue Ranger
32: Green Ranger
33: Darth Vader
34: C-3PO
35: Batman; Batman Begins
36: Solid Snake; SSBB
37: Revolver Ocelot; MGS3
38: Raiden; Metal Gear Solid Rising
39: Jade; Beyond Good & Evil
40: HK-47; Star Wars: KOTOR
41: Spider-Man
42: Travis Touchdown; No More Heroes
43: Rorshach
44: Charlie Brown
45: Jean-Luc Picard; Star Trek: TNG
46: Mask de Smith; Killer7
47: unchanged
48: unchanged
49: 50 Cent; 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
50: Knuckles the Echidna
51: Barak Obama
52: George W. Bush
53: MDickie
54: Goku
55: Nicholas Cage
56: Hulk Hogan
57: Roseanne Barr
58: Some Dork
59: Carl Frederickson; Up
60: Jerkface the lizard
61: Sheamus O'Shaunessy; WWE
62: Jack Skellington; Nightmare Before Christmas
63: Marvin the Paranoid Android; Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy
64: Panda
65: Data; Star Trek: TNG
66: Professor Snape; Harry Potter Series
67: Diamond Skull
68: Barney the Dinosaur
69: Pikachu; Pokemon
70: Wobuffet; Pokemon
71: Dr. Gregory House; House
73: Mario; Super Mario series
74: Mega Man; Mega Man series
75: Karl Marx
76: The Incredible Hulk
77: Mike Wazowski; Monsters Inc.
78: Cat

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The Final Testament Bonus update showing all the powers and mods in action with professional narration.


Fuck MDickie 3 Ways Edition Combining my mod, Spelling Mitsake's Topsy Turvy Israel, and RoadCrewWorkers Mody Dysmorphia
The Topsy Turvy Israel Mod Download by Spelling Mitsake.

MDickie's Mody Dysmorphia download by RoadCrewWorker; With video:

MDickie's Blog Read by Ohmadon, aka Dan McNeely.

Headstand mod by RoadCrewWorker:

Albino Jerk and Konjuro made a gif together:

:mdickie: by Mindbleach
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