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Part 12: Bankruptcy

Chapter 11: Bankruptcy

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What's all this then? After adding RoadCrewWorker's Mody Dysmorphia to my game we are now playing the Fuck MChibi Topsy Turvy mod. I like it because Charlie Brown looks Charlie Brownier.

Also everyone has candy! I love candy! This place looks a little different from how we left it. I sought out the tiniest man on the map and got the 411.

So far the gameplay has just been chasing Jesus around the map, and now the game finally comes out and admits it. Refreshing and depressing at the same time.

The water level has risen on every map. Its hard to tell just how much because I'm still getting used to the new terrain.

It looks like the Topsy Turvy Israel Mod has some problems in Nazareth. Pits like this hold your character at every entrance to the map. Its a good thing Charlie Brown can levitate.

This is the closest the game gets to a sense of urgency.

You will find the ability to manipulate water at the opposite of your ability to change terrain. Just be careful what you do with it! The Planet is a living creature far more powerful than you.

Careful when you manipulate water levels around people who can't drown because this guy might get upset. This passage is about Jesus calming a storm, and by now I say that's close enough. My standards have eroded that far. Gokesus decides to take time out of his busy monologue schedule to give us a hug:

Our ministry is vindicated! The Hug Gospel is the true path!

God is like a great fire that gives you warmth. You are the ones that burn your hands in it! God is a great wall that keeps you secure. You are the ones that bang your heads against it! You want to abuse the planet AND live in harmony with it?! It's time to choose one or the other. Things like this will happen as long as you value your mortal desires above life itself.

You feel discomfort in your stomach when you're hungry. You're then motivated to change that state.

That's not what's making me uncomfortable right now.

Ah yes, the impermanence of God, truly a cornerstone of Christian philosophy. The cited passage is about the wise man building his house upon a rock. MDickie fell asleep in Sunday School. For our trouble we get bonus hugs:

Even the NPCs have sympathy for my plight playing this damn game.

I'm also happy about how the mod makes Mega Man look.

All that talk about being hungry gave me a taste for Italian.

Charlie Brown the adulterer. I've seen it all. Immediately after this everyone on the map rushes you until one of them knocks you down.

Then Jesus makes them look like they got their hands caught in the cookie jar.


Nobody here considers themselves qualified to judge this man? Then why do they do it?! You're all hypocrites! You blame Charlie Brown for what you really hate about yourselves! It makes you feel good to persecute others, so you look for ANY excuse to get involved! Even your precious 'law' doesn't approve of this! Moses never intended anyone to get hurt. He was trying to restrain a corrupt generation. Your harts should have softened since then. He wrote the law on stone because your hearts were like stone! Open your hearts to a NEW law.

Jesus would know. He met Moses at the transfiguration. Oh wait.

~points to dilz~

You even said that it's better to 'cut off your hand' or 'pluck out your eye' if it invites sin!

'Cutitng off your hand' and 'plucking out your eye' refer to cutting out sinful thoughts and actions. In this case, that had been achieved. The man's healed body reflects his healed mind. Don't begrudge him this second chance. It could be You that needs one some day!

Don't listen to him Charlie, he's just trying to wiggle out of hypocrisy.

That whole time my baby mama was walking up to me. Six times I sat through that cutscene. SIX TIMES. I've got a creepy son, good job. Its like the game doesn't want me to have positive spirit bar. The plot continues in Jerusalem

Why do you look for answers outside yourself when the power has always been WITHIN you?

A pool of water has no power except the power you GIVE it with your thoughts. If you spent as much time meditating as you do begging, you would have WINGS - never mind 'legs' Don't waste your precious thoughts on superstitions! turn them inwards to take control of your life.

This just in: Jesus hates the poor. Lest time we were here the message was to observe formal practices, this time its that they're all meaningless lies.

God himself rested on the Seventh Day! Who are we to avoid doing otherwise?!

The Sabbath was made for man - man wasn't made for the Sabbath! Its supposed to be there to help you. Religion is like a finger pointing to the moon. Concentrate on the finger and you'll miss the point! Yes, its good to set aside time to contemplate life, but you may do so at any hour you choose.

In lieu of thinking about that mess of MDickism here's some wire frame mode: