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Thief III: Deadly Shadows

by Bobbin Threadbare

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Original Thread: Solid Snake is a Wimp, Let's Play the Thief Trilogy



Deadly Shadows is...different. No denying it; it was developed by a different company with a different engine several years after The Metal Age. Let me start with a list of what I consider improvements over the last two games:

On the other hand, Deadly Shadows has a few problems, as well. Depending on your personal opinions, you might add half of what I call improvements to the negative list, along with complaints like, "The Pagans don't sound right," "Garrett looks like a puppet in the low-quality cinematics," "The mission cinematics are gone," "Garrett's controls are weird and rubbery," "Why does hair glow in the dark," and "Garrett can kill guards on Expert now (although a Garrett-style pacifist run is still quite possible)."

These are all quite valid concerns, but what I believe most people take issue with, what I believe is Deadly Shadows' cardinal sin, are the level sizes. Deadly Shadows was developed for simultaneous release on the original XBox, which notoriously suffered from low RAM and thus games for it had to have tiny level sizes. While this was bad for many games, for people who had loved and played levels like "Life of the Party" and "Sabotage at Soulforge," the dinky areas of Deadly Shadows was unforgivable. Heck, if every free-roaming area of the City in Deadly Shadows were combined into one, the total volume might still fit into Soulforge Cathedral.

Still, there is plenty of fun yet to be had, and Deadly Shadows does a good job of sticking with the plot and feel of the first two games.

Enough talk; time to hide in Deadly Shadows.

Youtube playlist


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)



Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Map Page 2

The portcullis

Benwick's note

A cousin's warning Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Cook's journal Page 2

Modified objectives

Elanor's letter Page 2

Elizabeth's journal Page 2

Ember's journal Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


City map

Wicket's journal

Henry and the Hag Page 2

Lady E's note

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)



Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Work Voucher

The stonecutter's journal Page 2

A shopping list Page 2


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Map Page 2

Woodbine's memo

Singreen's warning

Woodbine's warning

Additional objective

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Ritual of the Root Page 2

The daughter's journal

Record of the owner Page 2 Page 3

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Poor Bob

Crime report (South Quarter) Page 2

Crime report (Stonemarket)


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


The Condemned Man Page 2

Father and Son Page 2

Greidus' burden

Extra objective

The Glory of Saint Edgar Page 2

Book list

Pagan's fate

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

The blessing

Stamped gear?!

Next extra objective

A reward for constant service

On icons and effigies Page 2

A warning against softness

Stop stamping!

The Compendium vol. 112 Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Council notice Page 2

Rafe's journal Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Hammerite warning Page 2 Page 3

A map, you say?

A historian's troubles Page 2

The Acolyte Ritual Page 2

Re: Caduca Page 2

Sentients Page 2

Re: Keeper Rafe Page 2

A Terrible Storm Page 2

The Matter of Garrett Page 2 Page 3

Dover's journal Page 2

Council meeting 47 Page 2 Page 3

The Pagan Situation Page 2

On Enforcers Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Pagan warning Page 2 Page 3

Plant a tree, save a life

Get the damn tree!

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Timmy and Bill

The City Chronicle Page 2

The metal whale


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Clicks of history Page 2 Page 3

A crown, you say?

A battle horn, you say?

Glowing diamonds, you say?

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Lines of succession Page 2

Rafe's final journal Page 2 Page 3

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Dock stats


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Depository inventory

Blaine's pains

Prison roster Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Ship manifest Page 2

Captain's log


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Standish's journal Page 2

Curtis's journal

Cargo receipt

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Clams n' Noodles

Moira's request

Extra objective

An old log Page 2

Moira's will

Blip (Polsy) only

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Caduca's hidden notes


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Map Page 2

Debole's journal Page 2

Work harder

Repair log Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Worthless gold!

Please don't flip all the switches Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Hauknor's Diary Page 2

A Friend's advice

C. Brackit and Sons has standards Page 2

A Friend's rendezvous

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Graveyard troubles Page 2

Holy water on demand

A note from C


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Map Page 2

The Third Dawn

The sealed doors

The Deadly Shadows Page 2

The Imbris Analects

The untoward glyphs

The Bafford Chronicles

The Journal of Artemis Page 2

The Keeper Ring

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

The extra copies

Orland's journal Page 2 Page 3

The unsigned note

Ogilvy's Treatise Page 2

The Compiled Lexicography Page 2

The last objective

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


The job Page 2

Necromancer's journal Page 2

Old Quarter Crime Report

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Manfool saps

The Big Museum Heist Master Plan (by Ma)

Ma packed sandwiches

Jimmy the Knife Superintendent

Note: if you have headphones, use them.


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Her diary 1

Case No. 6

Case No. 7 Page 2

Lobotomies for fun and profit

Gold teeth Page 2

Her diary 2

Heat Therapy Page 2

New objectives

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Patient Register Page 2 Page 3

Gravecourt Red

Her diary 3

Another death today

The Ranker Lobotomy

Her diary 4

Additional objectives

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Incident report Page 2

Yet another objective

They just keep coming

Goddamn now what

Case No. 1 Page 2

Case No. 2 Page 2

Case No. 3 Page 2

This video is the whole level, completely uncut and unedited.

Blip (Polsy) only because I figure folks who want to watch an hour-long video will want to download it.

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Monsters in the deep

Casualty report

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

The Glyph of heynow Page 2

Chronicles of Daegar Page 2

The Letters of Diocen Page 2 Page 3


Notes Page 2

Journal Page 2 Page 3

The Writings of Albrech Page 2

The Quest Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)


Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)



Security systems Page 2

It's a fake! Page 2

Comments Page 2

The Cyclopean Magistrate Statue Page 2

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

"Thief-proof," eh? Page 2 Page 3

Missing monocle

Lost and found

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

Youtube (Polsy) Blip (Polsy)

So this last video needs some explaining. The footage is from an alternate run where I tried to stir up as much chaos as I could. The music is "The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba Yaga)," by the same guy who composed "Night on Bald Mountain." However, since "Baba Yaga" is joined at the hip to the next piece, "The Great Gate of Kiev," I decided to play the latter over the end cutscene and part of the credits. For the record, I did not alter the timing on either the audio or the cutscene. You'll understand why I need to say that once you watch the video.

Mortal Sword sure loves complaining, but thanks for the image.
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