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Part 2: What Kind of a Name is Jyabil, Anyway?

Part 2: What Kind of a Name is Jyabil, Anyway?

When we last left our hero, Meis had managed to run out of steam not 50 feet from his salvation. I can't help but wonder if lugging that sledgehammer on his back for the past few days had something to do with it.

Suddenly, a woman cries for help in the distance.

This proves to be enough to get Meis going once again...

...since it lets him tap into his "get my groove on" energy reserves.

Sure enough, there's a woman who looks unique enough to be important surrounded by four thugs.

Of course, she hardly seems to be in any danger as she whacks each one back in turn, hitting them hard enough that they spin in place.

Man, that had to hurt.

[Female] Thug: You'd better stop resisting, or else...

Please stop! I really don't want to hurt you!

Thug: Harharhar! Hurt us, huh? We'll see about that!

At this point, it's kind of unclear which side here is just posturing. Since only the one character winds up as a PC, though, I'd lay my bet with the chick in the middle.

Of course, with Meis here to the rescue, the bet would be off anyway.

Here our choice seems to be two different flavors of "stupidly chivalrous."

Ummm...I'm OK...Don't worry about me...

No, it's not that...

Thug: What's this kid doin' here? Outta my way!

Different Thug: You're pissin' me off, kid! C'mon, let's kick his sorry ass!

Oh, it's on now.

[Insert lame, perverted "sword" joke here.]

Or here. Depends on if you think you can work "eyes the size of dinner plates" into the punchline.

You know, assuming that Cliff worked on that sword before Meis got a hold of it, it really doesn't seem like he was a terribly good blacksmith.

...And then the beating commences.

Some time later, Meis reawakens to the sounds of a hammer pounding on iron. Oh, and the voice of the girl he "saved" earlier.

Hmm...I...hear the voice of an angel.

How do you feel? Thank you for saving me. What's your name?
I...I'm Meis, Meis Triumph!

After you fainted, my brother, Jyabil, drove the gang away.

I suppose "fainted" is one way of describing "getting gang-beat unconscious."

Jyabil is a Spirit Blacksmith and he is well known in Boyzby. Even the Master comes to him to have his sword fixed.

She looks stupidly happy to see her brother show up.

The camera zooms out to isometric view, and Meis groggily hops out of the bed.

You're awake. You look like a blacksmith by the hammer you're carrying.

Actually, I'm from the Triumph Family which have been Blacksmiths for generations. But, I am still learning.
Well, well...You seem to be more humble than your father. He, on the other hand, had no shame.

Hey now, Dad had, like, a dozen floozies with him when he was working on this! That means a dozen times the normal power, right? Wait, I mean-

I got carried away and forgot that this was only a decorative sword.
Foolish boy...Hmph, you know nothing about swords. And you say you are a Triumph? Your sword's spirit is crying.

Meis seems completely surprised that Spirit swords can glow. I'm not sure if this reflects more on Cliff's ability to teach or Meis' ability to learn.

So my sword is crying because I didn't take care of it?
Spirits will also cry if you disrespect the environment, make prejudiced remarks, or don't believe in the power of friendship. They tend to be sissies like that.

I'll fix this sword for you on one condition.

Jesus, Meis, your eyes turned red! It's not like he punched your mother.

Did you say YOU can fix it?

Hmm...well, what's the condition then?

The ruins are full of monsters that you must fight to get the mineral. I don't think you can do it.

So he shows his affection by insulting my dad, insulting my skills, then making me go alone to a monster-filled cave with just a broken sword, plus he doesn't even think I can do it? I'd hate to get on his bad side.
Spirit controls the flow of everything. When there's a spirit within the sword, it gains great power. My brother can instill the power of the spirit into the swords that he forges.

Way to avoid the subject, Sodina. Ah, well, I guess those monsters won't be killing themselves.