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Part 8: So Who's This Asshole?

Part 8: So Who's This Asshole?

Returning to Boyzby, our heroes are suddenly interrupted by a teleport spell.

Oh, just one of these things. But before Meis can dispatch it in one to two hits...

This guy shows up doing some sort of blurred swing.

It blows up the Gearman instantly.

Much like Meis and Muza, Sodina seems to know who this is already.

My god. I've seen haircuts that screamed "asshole" before, but very few that were quite this dickish. It looks like some jock stuck his head in a toilet and he decided to turn it into a fashion statement.

Meis agrees with me, but his thoughts are (as usual) skewed towards women.

Thanks, Sodina. But, what is he to you?
Good swords? Not by the looks of his.

And you know it's hard to compete with that.

Didn't you just see the awesome power of my sword?
Where did you learn something like that? Jyabil didn't teach you that!

Here, take this sword. Protect Sodina with it. Hahaha.

Son of a bitch. But it IS a better sword...

After Schmidt struts off, Meis is also able to leave the area. However, before we can return to the map, one last fellow teleports in for some foreshadowing.

I have no idea why they're even bothering with the question marks. Shaft from the earlier aside was already talking about Dark Blacksmiths, the guy's voice isn't disguised at all, and even in an anime setting there are only so many people with blue-green hair.

Anyway, like before, the plot won't advance until we enter Jyabil's smithy. So we do that, and we find:

Hey, I was using your puny sword this time!

You have a problem, Meis? I am the senior apprentice, you know. You should treat me accordingly.

Just then, Jyabil pops in from the backyard.

Now remember, I can only spare two sentences of advice between the two of you, so I'd like to know who needs it most.

Damn, they both glow. Now I'm going to have to think about this.

Are you surprised, Jyabil?

A sword is a weapon, an instrument of destruction. Isn't that right? Don't tell me that Meis' sword, with its weak glow, is better than mine!
A sword's edge doesn't determine its quality. A sword reflects the soul of its maker...Without soul, it is impossible to master the secret art of the Spirit Blacksmith...

You've become old, Jyabil. What happened to you while I was gone? Meis' pathetic sword is better than mine!? You've got to be out of your mind!

Schmidt grabs his sword and stomps off, but not before taking a long, creepy look at Sodina.

Go to sleep, everybody. It's getting late.

Another day, another whiny mental letter.

Actually, it's adjacent to your room. But since we aren't advancing the plot until you head downstairs...

Meis heads down just in time to see Schmidt stalk silently into the night. And you know we gotta follow him.

Not before reading his correspondence, though.

Meis cannot comprehend a reason for sneaking out at night that doesn't include chasing skirts.

One quiet trip to the woods later...

You know, it's pretty rude to talk with your back turned like that. Shaft.

Can you give me a little more time?
This is what the Emperor desires...

Shaft then teleports away.

However, not before turning into Batman for a split second. See, this is why I'm using video capture: this screen is exactly one frame long.

Oh, and then Meis drops his sword or something.

You can't deceive me like that. You overheard our conversation, didn't you?

I'm pretty sure Schmidt says the same thing whatever you pick here.

It's none of your business. Don't tell anyone what happened here!

Next time: Schmidt turns evil and everyone is surprised.