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Part 10: The End of the Beginning

Part 10: The End of the Beginning

Well, I don't know what the Emperor was talking about. This sure looks like Boyzby's still standing.


I mean, not really DESTROYED since my dad bugged out know what I mean!

Jyabil! I have to see if he's alright!

The two quickly run towards the inferno.

The player is given control at this point, although there isn't much to do in a burning Boyzby. I think you all know by now where we need to go to see the next plot point.

Before they can enter, the heroes are stopped by the sounds of fighting.

Looks like Jyabil grabbed one of the dozen swords on his wall to fight with Shaft there.

Their conflict goes on for a bit...

But since his opponent can teleport, Jyabil seems to be losing ground.

Eventually, their blades lock.

Let go of me! Jyabil!
Meis, Sodina! Watch, and learn!

The lock ends when the two leap away from each other.

Which seems to play right into Jyabil's hands.

Holy hell, it's a summon spell!

Unfortunately, Shaft is able to teleport away just before he gets hit.

Also, that summon was the last thing Jyabil could manage before succumbing to his wounds.

No! He's hurt badly! Hurry! Somebody call a doctor!

What? But...this is your hammer. I can't take it. I'm not ready for this yet. I have so much more to learn.

Forge a sword with your faith. The spirit will answer your desire.

There lies a sacred torch. The Holy Flame...will guide you.


Ha, ha! That's what you get for taking in my son like that after he turned protagonist! Hey, floozy, does this glass look full to you?
Tee hee!

Time passes...

To tell you the truth, I'm still confused. Jyabil has willed his hammer to me. A lot has happened recently. Jyabil has willed his hammer to me and this was his life.

Not the best translation in some sections, I will admit.

I know about the Sacred Altar. Jyabil took me there when I was ill.


Yes! Let's go! The Sacred Altar is south of Boyzby, in the Lucent Cave...

At this point, control is returned to the player. However, if you ever want to see Sodina cry, Jyabil's grave is selectable.

Also, being the morning after the attack, some of the survivors have come back out hiding and are wandering the ruins in a daze.

This soldier, for instance.

The shop is also still available, although its selection isn't quite as good as it used to be.

One last thing that ought to be done before jumping into a new dungeon is to upgrade Meis' (or Sodina's) weapon. Unfortunately, with Jyabil's grave right there in front of his shop, it's not exactly available at the moment.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. And at level 11, Meis' sword is already much better than that crap Schmidt gave us.

See you next time in a Lucent Cave.