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Part 12: Passing the Waypoint

Part 12: Passing the Waypoint

On our way to Fort Teve, the heroes have yet another encounter on the road.

It's not nearly as surprising as the Gearmen attack, however.

We were attacked during the invasion of Boyzby...Only if [sic] I was there to help...

Muza doesn't appreciate having his eating habits brought up in mixed company.

Alright! Sodina! Muza! Let's head to the Sacred Altar!

And so, with much less production than his introduction, Muza officially joins the party.

Sadly, it looks like I've bypassed his level completely since our last visit to Fort Teve. I can give him a couple spells, at least.

If you compare this screen to Meis' in the last update, you'll notice that Muza has much better Offense, Defense, and HP than Meis. However, every other stat is worse. And with Meis at level 15, Muza has been left behind on every count.

Anyways, now that we have a reason to use the other exit, the guards let the heroes by. But not before encountering...


Along with the shadowy figures from before, two new characters approach the Emperor's throne: someone in concealing purple robes, and a figure with a familiar light blue cowlick. One of the figures on the side seems to be making eyes at one of the pair.

Man, I love the way he says Darkness. It's so positively evil.

In order for us to rule the world, we need the power of the Light. Your father and grandfather were both talented Spirit Blacksmiths.

You did know that the power is hereditary, right? This shouldn't be very surprising.

I know you can use the power of the Light.

Give me the order!

In response to Bearing's impertinent outburst, the purple aura which had been throbbing in the background expands to a much larger size. It's clear that the Emperor is displeased with his words, although he won't bother to waste words on it.

I know you can do this. Bolt, I command you to help him.

Bolt laughs like an idiot with every sentence. His size, it seems, belies nothing.

As Schmidt/Dark Master walks off along with the purple-cloaked figure, the crowd teleports away one at a time.

Bearing remains pissed off as he leaves.

Our next destination (the dot just south of Meis there) can be particularly hard to find. My first time playing I believe I wound up skipping past it completely for a while and running about in that large region to the south (and fighting some really overpowered enemies) before finally figuring out that I should double back.

You see, the town we're going to is concealed from most angles by a mountain range, and that path in the back is the only way in.

It's hard to believe such an obvious path is easy to miss, but I've managed to do so twice now, mostly thanks to camera angles.

I've never seen such a beautiful place before. This is my first time outside of Boyzby.
Were you and Jyabil born in Boyzby?

Meis senses opportunity.

Dealing with enemies and impressing women.

"Hey, baby, I hear your brother just died. Wanna make out?" Nah, maybe I should try something else.

Another day, another slap to the face.

Meis is either in love or knocked out of his senses. Probably both.

But first, one last pose. Aw yeah, that's the stuff. Right, let's get going.

Next time, we explore a new town and follow an annoyingly circuitous path in order to proceed.