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Part 14: Meeting a Real Wyna

Part 14: Meeting a Real Wyna

Meeting the mysterious warrior is as simple as trying to cross the path out of town after talking with the gate guards.

But wait, what's that?

Why, another mysterious robed figure! This one's in a washed-out green, so it's clearly not the one in purple from earlier.

The mysterious warrior hops down off the cliff to face the heroes.

Leave it up to me, Sodina! Hey you! Is it true that you know about Langoud?

It's your hammer against my sword! If I win, you tell me all you know about Langoud.

Mysterious Warrior: Yeah, right! Your dull blade is no match for my strength!

Damn, Meis, you really shouldn't let taunts get to you like that.

Mysterious Warrior: What's up with him? He's so gung-ho. ...Oh well. I don't care. I'll beat both of you anyway!

Oh well, here goes nothing! Twister blade!!

Muza's special ability knocks back the warrior...

...And whips the cloak right off!

Oh. I see.

gg everybody. Nice fight while it lasted.

It's been a long time since I've been this excited! Alright, let's go!

Muza's paralyzed again.

One good strike and off goes the blade tip. Again.

Game over...Don't even think about challenging me, boy! You're gonna get hurt.

I'm gonna break your neck instead of your sword, punk!!

The mysterious warrior is easily the hardest combat up to this point, mostly because she doesn't go down in a couple hits like those late-dungeon-monster bosses did. Still, all she does is attack or defend, plus she's comfortably slower than Meis, which makes the defense cancel technique work well.

Meis is a great Spirit Blacksmith! Even your power can't break his sword!

What did you say?
I'm Wyna, daughter of the Langoud Chief.

He's so angry, I can't go home until I repair it. I know I can't fix it, so I'm trying to replace it.

Please, I'll do anything in exchange for your sword! Just name it!
I'm sorry but I can't give you my sword. I can fix your sword, if you want.

Ever the horndog.

How long has she been traveling with Meis now?

Sodina! I didn't mean it that way...!
Hey, no problem! Actually, why don't we just do it right here?


Ouch. And I thought Sodina slapped hard.

It's not a big deal, right? Anyway, I'll be waiting in front of the gates of Langoud!

Meis isn't exaggerating.

We seriously have to drag him

all the way

to the gates of Langoud

until he finally comes to just outside.

It's against my philosophy to raise a hand against a woman! Hahahaha!

Oh, great. And I just finished dragging his ass down here, too.

Sodina gladly obliges, but unfortunately the spinning Muza manages to ram into Meis.


This pose means I'm compensating for something!

Next time: Langoud at last.