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Part 15: Welcome to the Town of Fourth Wall

Part 15: Welcome to the Town of Fourth Wall

At long last, with Wyna by our side, we can finally get into Langoud.

Hey, what took you guys so long? Let's go!

Gatekeeper: Ms. Wyna! You know these scum...I mean, people? We had no idea...

Sure took long enough.

I'll be waiting for you in the tower. Bring back the sword after you fix it, then I'll take you to see him.

And with that, we are let loose in the most confusingly built town in the entire game. You see, you can only access one quadrant of the town at once, currently the lower right region. Those big yellow circles are the connecting towers, which connect the adjacent town areas to each other with walkways, the big black-bordered lines at the town edges. The one at the top right is the Control Tower, which I'll be showing last.

Getting around basically requires having the map out and each area has something important in it, making this the most annoying area to explore in the game. It wouldn't be nearly that frustrating, but this place is also one of the most recurring locations we have to visit, too.

On the plus side, Langoud decided to hire a full-time adult greeter instead of a random rapscallion.

Anyway, enough whining. Let's take a look in this first house.

Sure enough, we've got more elemental spirits to pick up.

We also-hang on, what?

Woman: What? Stupid girl, you said? C'mon, give me a break! I'm stuck in here for the whole game!

Yes, she seriously says that. Her brother is a little concerned, too.

Just outside we've got this girl complaining about her role. Also, going up the stairs in the foreground lets us visit the other two buildings in this area.

There's the hotel.

And here's the smithy. Nothing new to smith at the moment, however.

However, it does bear the distinction of being the only smith so far with an unsecured Elemental Spirit inside.

Now that's just being mean to the people who haven't played the game yet.

So here's what the inside of a connecting tower looks like.

You've got the stairs that connect to the town, and these catwalks that lead to the walkways outside. There's also a polite pirate who points out which way is which. We'll be avoiding the Control Tower for the time being, since that's where the plot advancement is.

Of course, I didn't do that while recording, so let's head to the opposite side of town first! First off, let's look in that one normal house just under Meis.

Inside is a rather creepy old lady. No MP, sadly.

Over here we have another foreshadowing man. Not by much, though, since we'll see what he means just in the next update.

So apparently Langoud's layout was intentional. I gotta say, that's kind of a dick move.

Anyway, the two blue buildings lined up next to each other are the two main shops. Gift shop on the right...

...Item shop on the left. It's very well stocked, too. It's got all three kinds of antidotes,

Plus every kind of bottle, and even an evade ring.

Incidentally, I've confirmed that "poison" and "poisoning" are indeed the same thing. Never mind all that stuff I said about it earlier.

Moving on to the last quadrant.

With the two shops down, this blue building can only be one thing.

That's right, the bar! And it's got an old friend in it, too.

There's also the goddess statue and-

Hey! Those Save Damashi are supposed to be confidential!

Geez, lady, it's not like I'm taking your potions like SOME protagonists would!

Young Woman: Pay close attention, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I'm pretty sure this is a joke about sprite mirroring.

Right, that's it for the town. Let's have a look in the Control Tower.

Convenient, but we've got a bit more exploring to go.

For instance, just about all these kiosk living quarters has some MP to find.

Plus the treasure chest in the center with a whole bunch of elixirs.

That is a little weird, isn't it? I believe the Control Tower is the only area of the game with both town and dungeon qualities.

Heck, there's even a Save Damashi at the top of the screen.

Let's see what's upstairs.

Aside from "more MP," this floor happens to be the observation deck.

At the top left and bottom right of the floor, there are exits that lead out to these decks with the observation binoculars. You can't look through them, sadly, but they do conceal some more Spirits.

Well, "Thousand Arms" is three syllables, so a decent nickname would have to be shorter than that.

Those are some damn expensive photos, but you can bring dates here to get a boost to the rating.

Back inside, it appears that Wyna is preventing us from going in any farther.

Also, those two cables are the elevator, such as it is. Sadly, it's not working just yet.

Man: I've been standing here so long that moss is growing on me!

There's not much beyond this guy on the other deck. And with nowhere else to go, let's finally visit that warehouse/basement area.

Nearly every room on this floor has some MP to spare.

If you're wondering, Palma is another datable character we won't be seeing for a while, and "Cleaning Master" is her personal minigame.

Ah, here's the sword.

So after quickly running back to the smithy for a cutscene...

We can show off the new blade to Wyna.

Wow! I'm very impressed, Meis! This sword looks even better than it did before I broke it! Thanks guys! Didn't you say you wanted to know more about the Langoud?
We want to go to the Volcanic Island.
Oh, I see. Well then, you're gonna have to talk to my old man about it. He's in the back room.

Next time: Magitek piratey goodness.