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Part 16: Grappling with Cutscenes

Part 16: Grappling with Cutscenes

We last left our heroes as they were about to enter the uppermost level of the Control Tower. And what do you think would be at the top of a Control Tower?

Why, a command center, of course.

One with a giant (and fairly accurate) model of the world at the center.

We can talk with the pirates manning the various stations, but they're not as interesting as the townsfolk were.

There's a Spirit right in the main command console.

There's also this model of a skull and what look like crossed wrenches. Seems like there's some sort of wheel tracks in the floor, too.

Heading through the passage beneath the command station leads to the dining room, where Wyna is waiting for us.

I'd like to snoop around a bit more before we talk to her, though.

That doorway led to a small hall which in turn has brought us to what I can only assume is Wyna's room, what with the stuffed rabbit and heavy weights. Also her theme is playing in the background.

Right, let's go talk to her now.

Before she can say anything, the camera pans up to the skull at the top of the stairs. A drum roll begins and a spotlight shines on the entryway.

Now that is how to make an entrance.

Meet Grapple. He's fat but fit, loves everything pirate, and apparently wears just enough pink to dare other folks into attacking and getting clobbered.

Also, if you're wondering about the, er, "view" on the left, remember that this is Meis' point of view.

Oh, I get it! You must have stolen a sword that looks just like my old one. Well done, Wyna. That's my girl. Your thievery is first class!

Oh, really? Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Great Grapple, the Chief of Langoud. You took care of my daughter. Thanks. What do you want? Money? Women? Just name it!


What about the Volcanic Island, Meis?
You want to go to the Volcanic Island? You guys are very brave. I'll take you there!

Having decided on a whim to agree, Grapple stands up and prepares to make his orders.

It's time to get going, men! Everyone, geeeeeet readyyyyyy!

The people on the streets of Langoud quickly rush out.

All except for the old man, who was nodding off.

H, hey, you...
You can call me Wyna.

Sodina nods in agreement.

This is your first time in Langoud, right? Get a load of this! It'll knock your socks off!

Crew: Starting the Elemental Reactor...Priestesses, please get ready.

Okay, what the hell.

This reactor runs on girl power. GIRL POWER.

One girl is enough to empower regular weapons, but five? Oh ho, then shit really goes down.

Cast off all lines!

Got another FMV for you here. This whole thing is just so ridiculous it's awesome.

Make sure you're back in time for the food. Arrr!

At this point, we're given some time to just wander around with Wyna in tow before Grapple calls the gang to lunch. We can talk to Grapple's girls,

Wander around on the observation decks,

Or even play with the now-functioning elevator system.

Finally, Grapple will call us back with the intercom. We aren't really given enough time to do anything productive, but it hardly matters.

Mean guys.

Speaking of whom...

We start with our first real look at the Dark Acolyte fleet. Apparently they're running around in steel-plated blimps.

As the ship's officers stand ready for inspection, a female officer slowly crosses to Bolt with something on a plate.

Unfortunately, she drops it.

Clearly aware that they work for Team Evil, the officers are concerned by this display of incompetence in front of their commander.

It's all right. Don't worry about it. Everybody makes mistakes. Be more careful next time.

Oh, hey, he's actually kind of nice. Maybe this'll be the guy that we turn to the good side, or else feel bad about killing.

Officer B: Oh, my...

What did you say?


...Or maybe he's just the guy who's calm until you start pushing his buttons.

Bolt then proceeds to balloon out, causing...well, I know they want me to say "bolts," but honestly those look much more like metal screws. I suppose calling someone "Screw" would have caused some awkward confusion, though.

Anyway, giant screws are flying everywhere, and they start hitting and exploding all the officers surrounding Bolt.

I'd hate to think what just happened to the chain of command.

His wrath expended, Bolt flops over and slowly deflates back to his regular size.

Meanwhile, watching from the nearest convenient shadow, the Dark Wiener has a chuckle at the spontaneous beheading of the Dark Acolyte flagship.

Team Evil is basically the only place where upward mobility is both easily available and entirely unwelcome.

Meanwhile, back on the "good" ship...

Wow! Look at those beautiful babes!!! And there are so many of them! I like this town already, hehehehe!
Arrr! Of course they're beautiful. They are descended from the most beautiful women of the world!

What? What do you mean?

They collected beautiful women from all over the world? Ahhh yeah!
Aye! That's right! It was a time when that sorta thing was OK to do. We don't do that stuff anymore! But we still have the guts to sink those that get in our way with our big cannon. Arrr!

I'm not really sure there was ever a time when kidnapping women was "OK." "Tolerated," maybe, at best. But at least they don't do that stuff anymore. All they do now is stuff like theft and highway robbery.

So...Like father, like daughter...Now I see why Wyna is the way she is.
W, Wyna? Did you just say Wyna?

Even Meis knows that option B goes a bit far this time.

But...It would be nice if she was a little more feminine.
Aye! You're absolutely right! She is gorgeous, isn't she? She's the most important thing in my life. If she showed her feminine side, no boy out there would leave her alone. Don't you agree? The reason why she broke my sword is because I made her challenge me. I was just trying to show her that she is still a woman and she can't defeat all men. Arrr! Instead, she ended up bustin' my sword. ...I don't know if she'll ever find a husband...
Meis, why don't we talk to him about that?

Aye! About the Dragon that shows up when Langoud's in trouble? Aye! But let me finish talking about Wyna.

Even as he speaks, Grapple starts doing some serious nodding off.

Wyna, my Wyna...Isn't there someone who will be her Guardian Angel? I'm so worried about my little girl.

Sadly, Muza's timing is just a little bit off.

He's asleep!
Wow...he must really love his daughter.

One of the dancers comes over to finish the conversation.

Let's not wake him up...We should get going, Meis.

And with that, the dinner ends. But where has Wyna herself been this whole time, you may wonder?

Up on deck, that's all.

What's wrong with a girl living her own life? I want to follow my own path...

I'd like to add a shoutout to Xerophyte, whose solution to desync wound up being useful for two of today's videos.

Next up: the Volcanic Island. But first, a preview of things to come: