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Part 18: Many Fine Explosions

Part 18: Many Fine Explosions

Before continuing on with the plot, I figured that now was as good a time as any to get Wyna's intimacy up and grab some more spells.

On Langoud, the best place to date is the observation deck. Unfortunately, it's on the other freaking side of the town from the goddess statue, and there's a perfectly nice bar just down the street.

On the other hand, the Print Club booth is up here. Let's try it out, shall we?

It's actually pretty easy to use. First you select the frame; there's usually a couple generic frames like the flaming dragon heart on the left, as well as a couple exclusive to the Print Club location.

Meis and his girl of the day pick a couple random poses, and boom, you got your picture.

Also, one of those ??? options has resolved itself into a photo album, so you can see all the pictures you've collected.

Wyna's minigame is called "Hammer Strikes." It's basically just Whack-a-Mole with damashi instead of moles, and it uses both the four top buttons and the d-pad to work.

Hitting Wyna instead of damashi makes her pound you for a while, preventing you from hitting anything for a while. The goal is both 50 hits and 100% accuracy. I didn't manage it either time I played, but I must admit this game is easier with a keyboard than with a controller.

Finally, here's a date example:

Wyna's hobbies include pirating, lifting weights, eating, and being cocky.

At level 2 intimacy, Wyna provides an attack booster and the all important Cure, which fixes poison.

Level 3 gets you Muza's second special, Storm Binder. I'll be making a compilation video of everybody's special attacks later on, when I've collected more of them.

At 4, Wyna can add Flame, which is like Fire but hits the entire enemy line. She also has Heal since you've probably already passed Sodina's chance to add it to the new party members.

And now, on with the plot.

Before Meis can answer, the Langoud rocks intensely.

Damn it! Let's go!

As usual, the Dark Acolyte bots don't respond.

Alright! Everyone get ready!

Looks like a new enemy type. Hey, this might be a good time to test out Flame.

Looks like it passed with flying colors. The only downside is that it costs four times as much as the single-target spell. Notice Meis' EP level change in the above images.

Oh, there's more? This one only represents a single Shutvaltz Leader, and since they're slower than Meis, they're all pretty pathetic.

We finish this engagement with one more group of two.

Honestly, after all the faster critters in the volcano, this was a walk in the park.

Arrrrr! Let's give it to 'em!

Back outside, the party still isn't having much trouble.

Elemental Cannon...?
Are we going to fire the Elemental Cannon? This is getting really serious! We have to protect the Reactor Room!

For the trip down to the cannon, we are given control once again for some reason. Probably to hit that save damashi on the way down, not that I remembered to do that.

In case you were wondering, the Reactor lies beyond this door here on the lowest level, which I hadn't explored earlier.

It's certainly here, though. Priestesses and everything.

While the Spirits are being summoned, we have to defend the ship from the enemy.

Why we couldn't have guarded the entrance by standing outside the only door in, I really don't know.

After all, as soon as Wyna finishes the exposition, someone starts banging on the door.

Ship Crew: We're being attacked! Protect the Power Room.

Wham! There they go.

Oh hey, it's him! Didn't quite expect to see him so soon.

Well, I shouldn't get carried away. I don't want to destroy the Langoud. I should calm down.

And so the battle begins. I decided this time to include this battle since, unlike the fight with Schmidt, it's actually interesting to watch. Bolt starts off by defending constantly, but after you hit him enough times, he starts unleashing hell.

He's got something like three kinds of special attacks and he uses them constantly instead of regular attacks. It was troubling for a while there, but it was certainly fun to watch.

Meanwhile, the priestesses have been busy summoning a dragon.

It floats around for a bit, but then enters the main reaction chamber. That causes this to happen:

I especially love how the main balloon imploded just before the ray hit.

And so the party cheers as the entire enemy fleet is wiped out.

But wait! Looks like Bolt never reached the ten count.

What? Who is using those difficult words?
Restoration impossible...repentance...
What? Is I'm using these difficult words?
S...s...stop! Mmm...I c, c, can't breathe.

I have to say, a failsafe that uses four-syllable words to trigger your berserk button in order to make you explode is a messed up way to die. Especially when you're giggling like a child right at the end.

Looks like he did a number on the reactor core, too.

Arrr! What the hell was that!? This ain't gonna be pretty!

Sure enough, the Langoud spins through the water and slams into the cliffside.

There's got to be someone who can fix the Langoud somewhere on the mainland. Can you go find someone?
I'm coming with you guys. I can get wild when I'm with you! If it's OK with my old man...
Aye...Sure, if that's what you want. I hope you find a good man on your journey.

You really have to feel sorry for Muza sometimes.

But of course, he can't, and Grapple's response is to shrug and walk off.

Next time: searching for parts, and a new girl "joins" the party!