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Part 20: Repeat After Me: AAAAAAAAAA-

Part 20: Repeat After Me: AAAAAAAAAA-

Upon reaching the uppermost floor of the Mounthand, Meis is run into by this rather...exotic looking fellow.

I suppose "fabulous" would work too. What's a comedic relationship game without an offensive gay stereotype, after all?

Oh, god, don't look at his crotch. What, you did? Sorry about that.

I was thinking of saying something like, "at least he doesn't hit on the party members," but I'm not sure if it's better or worse that he seems to be hitting on the world at large instead.

This guy is actually pretty hard to make screenshots for. He seems to have three different poses for every line of dialogue. I recommend that you see the video, if only to hear his terrible gay lisp.


Finally, after getting all up in Meis' face, Bandiger turns and heads down the stairs.

Next stop, this crazy place. I can't read a word of Japanese, so I have no idea what's written on the ground in front of the shop.

Marion is another character who's hard to account for in still images. For instance, at the moment, she's teleporting all around the area, apparently looking for something.

Suddenly, she seems to notice her audience.

Did you guys see it anywhere? I'm so mad! I could just scream!

Hey! You asked me a question, why aren't you listening to me?

Holy shit, Marion, this is a T-rated game!

Also: Holy shit, Marion, why do you have a giant pair of panda slippers and why are they walking by themselves?

Grrr...How could I be so stupid!? How did it get into the locomotive?

Marion's room is...beyond description. Just grab the Spirit hidden in her bookshelf and get out, for your own sanity.

Next, go through this door to the right of the stairs, still on the top floor.

This leads to the covered wagon portion of the train. That's right, the entire town is built on just one side of one section of this gigantic train.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. You can't fool me with that story. Everybody has secrets.

What happens is that walls come up out of the floor and cut off our means of reaching Bandiger. They have some very odd sound effects, too, but I'll get into that later.

Jesus, woman, you're giving me a headache just trying to look at you!

It's powered by the mysterious Star Energy. It's still being studied, and we don't know what it can do.

What? I'm a woman, in case you didn't notice.

Marion is so scatterbrained I can actually buy that she didn't notice that the person filling that leather bikini was a woman.

Oh, Muza. Will you ever come to understand that mysterious creature known as the female?

Not today, it seems. Not today.

Oh, and do you know about the Langoud?

Meis moves in, desperate to change the subject.

Oh...I know about the Langoud. It's a gigantic ship island powered by some funky engine, right?

OK Meis, let's catch him and get the device back.

I...I think they're stuck like that.

At last, the uncomfortable discussion is over and the party rejoins. Interestingly, while Marion appears to be along for the ride and will continue to show up during the dungeon, she does not show up on the party screen.

Next time: -AAAAAAAAAA-