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by Bobbin Threadbare



Welcome to the most annoying dungeon in the game. Why annoying? Because the premise is that someone pushed an "annoying traps" button before this nonsense started, and Thousand Arms will be damned if it doesn't deliver.

The only enemy in the entire region (aside from the occasional damashi, of course) is the Marion Robot. I can take them out in one hit more often than not, but their spell attack is slightly faster than me and their attack is occasionally faster as well. Somehow it's more annoying that I think I can take them out easy but I can't.

Features of the dungeon include really slow conveyor belts like this one and cranes that grab you halfway up and drop you back at the start. Also, all the traps have Marion's VA doing the sound effects. Here, have a listen:

It really adds a personal touch to your suffering.

In order to get out of this first area, you need to find this switch and turn it on.

This grabs you off the belt and drops you off on the other crane's controls so you can turn it off. And if you were wondering how to get back off...

I'd say it was pretty obvious.

Pressing this button on the second level gets you jumped by a robot (seen in the video above) who wants you to play Super Rock Paper Scissors.

It's Marion's minigame. It's also the most annoying minigame of any of the girls, based even more on luck than the one who uses blackjack as her game.

If all you had to do was beat the robot in a straight rock-paper-scissors game, it wouldn't be nearly so bad, since at least it would be done after five throws (plus ties).

But no, you also have to guess which way the robot will move his hand or it doesn't count, and that goes for him, too. This drags the contest out far, far too long.

Apparently there's a pattern to all this, but I just suck too much to figure it out.

This part is easy enough, at least. The levers start in the 0 position, so it's just a matter of flipping the right ones to the 1 position.

At last, midway through the dungeon, we seem to have caught up with Bandiger.

I help those in need and punish those who do wrong. Do you believe in true love?


Somehow, getting flattened by a hammer and floating off like a piece of paper means that Bandiger gets away. And here's me thinking this game wasn't cartoony enough.


N, no! It was nothing...

So some things happen, and now Meis is running desperately against the conveyor belt while under what looks like a kind of press.

Well, this voids all sorts of warranties.

But blowing it up at least opens up the path forward.

Even Meis is getting tired of all this crap. This is where the double pan event in the video above occurs.

She gives us a hi elixir for not complaining too loudly about her invention. A decent trade, if you ask me.

Once we get into the rafters, we finally find out where all the maintenance staff has been hiding.

They don't seem very worried about all the killer robots and annoying traps everywhere.

Oh thank god, it's the save damashi. We've reached the end of the maze.

The VA adds a few extra languages to that for good measure before pressing the button again.

Unfortunately for Bandiger (but great for the rest of us), he presses the wrong button once again.

This somehow causes him to throw it in Marion's direction. Hey, I'm not complaining.

At last, it's time to thoroughly kick Bandiger's ass. This fight is long and rather dull, so no video this time.

Part of the reason is that Bandiger only really has two attacks: the normal melee hit and this weird spinning thing where he slaps you with the umbrella a few times. Also, one of the things he shouts when using the attack is "You spin me right round, baby!" Make of that what you will.

Much like our other recurring villain, getting his face beat in means nothing so long as he doesn't admit defeat.

Do you believe in true love?

At this point, Bandiger runs off and no one even thinks about trying to stop him.

But Marion's happy, and that's good enough, all things considered.

Marion, about the Langoud...
Please, Marion. You're the only Gadget Master who can fix the Langoud.

Well, for now...Let's go back to my house.

And that's the end of the update, for now.

Next time: Men who dress in pink.