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Part 22: The Man in Pink

Part 22: The Man in Pink

As always, we find ourselves just outside the front door of the dungeon. There were some chests and areas I couldn't reach while the traps were active, so I'll have to go back sometime and get them. I won't need to show this in the LP, though.

Before we can even reach Marion's place, the next plot point hits.

Conductor: The next stop, Tokio Pt., is currently occupied by an unknown armed force. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we will not be stopping at Tokio Pt. The next stop is Sinaga Pt.

I dunno...Oh, wait a moment! There's an island country near Tokio Pt. called Wano. But, I heard that it was destroyed recently.

Marion's really getting into this.

That's about the right reaction, yeah.

That passionate. But I didn't understand a word of what you just said. Anyways, you're saying that Wano was destroyed by the armada of the Dark Acolytes...right?
Wano is best known for the katana, a type of long sword with incredible power. And the one who wields a katana is called a samurai, a courteous warrior with the heart of a lion.
Katana? If they can forge such a distinctive weapon...does that mean!?

Were you even paying attention, Meis?

Moving on...

But Wano was obliterated by the Dark Acolytes, right? Then the Sacred Altar should be as well...
Hey, those guys are occupying Tokio Pt. right now, aren't they? Isn't that kinda weird?

Cool! We're all set then, Meis!

What? I was thinking about girls, like usual, then I heard this incredible ringing sound...

Man, weren't you listening? We don't have time to do this from the beginning again!
Basically, the country of Wano was destroyed by the Dark Acolytes, but the Sacred Altar wasn't found yet. The reason we believe this is because Tokio Pt. is under control of the Dark Acolytes. Isn't that suspicious?
Let's go, Meis, to Tokio Pt.!

I know that! Let's get off at Sinaga Pt., and then head back to Tokio Pt.
Please take care of the Langoud, Marion.

Man, this game just loves its villainous interludes. I've had to make a generic Meanwhile image since it shows up so often.

Sadly, this one is also Emperor-free.

The power of the Holy Flame is magnificent. Using this power, I can forge any sword I wish! Yesss!
Not only because of the power of the Holy Flame, but because of your great talent as a Spirit Blacksmith.

Nothing, just that it was because of your great achievements and your great power, Sir.

Yes, YES! I remember now. I've felt this power before. That was...when I was with Sodina! Does that mean?

Suddenly, someone new enters the room.

Ratchet is apparently voiced by Harley Quinn from the animated series. I mean, not really, but if she said "Mista J" instead of "Mista D," I wouldn't know the difference. Also, yes, she is actively shaking her ass at Schmidt. She was also the one making eyes at him during his Dark Master introduction.

I almost forgot to ask, Mr. D. Have you made my dark sword yet? Hey, Mr. D! I'm talking to you!

Ohhh kay! I'm leaving without you...Mr. D...Don't take too long!

And with that, she walks out.

Oh goddamn it, Schmidt. And here I thought you couldn't look like a bigger creep.

W, why does it have to be Sodina? Why can't it be me?

He means that literally, by the way. At least, I really hope he does, because that's really insulting even literally.

While this game kind of goes into "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" territory, don't expect it to really dive into the philosophy of existence. This is about as deep as it gets right here.

His Majesty was saying...the Clan of Darkness was overthrown by the Clan of the Light. Your father was killed by them too. I can feel your pain...I will follow you as long as I live.

Yes, Master!

Right, back to the main party now. We appear to have gone straight to Sinaga Pt., which I suppose is because the game can't count on us to remember which name is which after that interruption. I know I'd have screwed up.

I hate you, old man. Just thought you should know.

Aside from this Power Bracer, the kiosk doesn't have anything new. Let's have a look outside.

Oh, my.

Oh, I gotta save that babe!

Fortunately, this effort goes much better than the last time he tried to pull this stunt. Aside from dodging my first three attacks or so, the two Suronin go down pretty easily.

But then!

Unhand my sister, you fiend.

Seriously, this line sounds like it was phoned in at three in the morning.

Meis is approached by a samurai in pink and purple. I've already got a good feeling about this one.

Interestingly, even his battle appearance doesn't have a name attached to it. Also note his purple and black sword.

So some blows are exchanged, but before the battle can really get going...

Huh, I guess they really are lined up like in combat mode.

Please listen to me! These people saved me from the bad men.
...I apologize for my actions. I thought that my sister was being attacked.

I'd be tempted to pick B, but I didn't use any items. I imagine that part of the reason the Suronin and Soushi are easy battles is because I haven't been given the chance to save since the boss fight with Bandiger.

Ignoring Meis completely, Soushi fucking TELEPORTS past Meis to reach his goal.

Those flowers are, in fact, spinning.

I think the only reason Meis isn't part of this conversation is because he's still trying to figure out the teleport trick.

Are you alright?
I'm not long for this world. I thought it would be wonderful if I could spend time with you before I...

Girls aren't that stupid!

Kyoka...How can you be so cruel to your own brother?
Hey, did you see that...He looks so sick. I wonder if he's more ways than one.

Oh, you are such a great brother to me. But you turn into this sickly narcissist at the sight of another woman.

That's not my point!

And with that, the pink samurai leaves.

Soushi! I'm very sorry for all the trouble. My name is Kyoka Mahoroba. Even though he acts that way, Soushi really is a kind person. Please forgive us for interrupting you. We have some important matters to attend to. I hope you have a safe journey...

You know about the Dark Acolytes?
Of course we do! We're fighting against those guys!
Kant, Meis' homeland, was destroyed. Sodina lost her brother and the town of Boyzby was attacked, too. Fort Teve, where I'm from, was utterly crushed. And the Langoud...Wyna's home was attacked just a couple days ago. We're fighting against them and searching for the Sacred Altar, the last wish of Jyabil...the great Spirit Blacksmith and Sodina's brother.

Man, Muza is just nailing the exposition today.

To do so, he is using a dark sword that's rumored to grant strength to the wielder at the expense of their life.

A dark sword...?
It must be Schmidt!

Kanouha is the famous Katana Master of Wano, and he taught my brother the way of the sword. I don't know anything about the Sacred Altar, but I believe Master Kanouha does...Master Kanouha is being held captive in Rikyu.
And your bro's trying to rescue Kanouha, right? Then we know what to do, huh Meis?

I know I should stop picking these options eventually, but dammit, I still think it's funny.

Meis, what was that in private thing about?

She slaps him just to be on the safe side. Then, even as Meis is spinning from the blow,

We'd be glad to help you, Kyoka. Let's rescue Kanouha.
Thank you very much for your offer. Master Kanouha is being held captive on a small island called Rikyu. The only way to get to Rikyu is by taking a ship from Tokio Pt. Soushi should be heading for Tokio Pt., also. I'll go too. Please meet me there when you've prepared yourselves.

Next time: Tokio Point at last.