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Part 23: Old Fashioned Lovin'

Part 23: Old Fashioned Lovin'

Finding Tokio Pt. can be tricky, since you're never directly told which way down the tracks you should be going. However, there are a couple clues you can use to decide the right direction: first, you can get a boat at Tokio Pt, so its dot should be near water, plus since we're really going to Wano, an island nation, we should head to where there are islands by the continent. Fortunately, there are only the two islands to the east, making this reasonably easy to figure out.

Out on the desert plains are more Suronin, along with the laughably named Evilmancers. They're definitely worth watching out for, however.

As their name suggests, the Evilmancers primarily cast spells, and they won't hesitate to attack your backline, which can't Defend. They still go after Meis more often than not, however, so Defending is still recommended.

Then this happened, which was annoying (luckily Meis woke up first).

Here we are: Tokio Pt.

As we enter the area, we see Soushi taking out some trash.

Soushi, please! Please stop using that dark sword!
Without Masamune, this evil sword is all I have to fight them with...I have no choice! It is difficult to wield this blade, but it holds great power within. Even if I must sacrifice my own life...


Soushi, listen to me...They are fighting the Dark Acolytes as well!
Soushi, we'll fight alongside you.

But if you keep using that sword, you'll be possessed by the darkness. That sword is filled with Dark Elemental Power.
I know, but I must protect my master with my life. I must obey my code of honor. Please! Leave me be...

With that, Soushi walks off.

Kyoka, let's go after your brother!

But first, a nice, long nap. Aaahh.

One save and HP restore later, it's time to enter the clearly marked harbor.

One guarded, it seems, by a pair of Gearmen.

They look rather dangerous, but they aren't, really. Just a few basic attacks is all it took to mess these guys up.

(Hang on, how did Soushi get past them without having to kill them?)

At this point, I'd like to mention one of the issues with using Meis as the frontline character: he has very poor level growth. Remember that Wyna started behind the group, and Sodina has been at least one level higher than Meis for a while now. It's definitely something to consider when you're picking the main party.

Let's use that boat over there.

The screen pans to the boat over there.

Of course, it probably helps that this is the only boat anywhere.

I won't be getting back to a shop anytime soon, so the game provides a warning.

You know, I'm pretty sure that island was out across an ocean channel, rather than across a river. I get the feeling that poling a flat-bottomed boat shouldn't be enough, and yet it is.

The end of the dock is guarded by another pair of Gearmen, but they are polite enough to wait for you to click on them before attacking.

Except it's not Gearmen, it's a full set of Evilmancers! They do some pretty serious damage, but it's nothing I can't handle at this point.

There's yet another set guarding the front door.

At this point, I was getting kind of sick of Evilmancers.

And with them dealt with, we can safely enter the house.

Quick word of warning: whoever did Kanouha's voice apparently decided that he should sound like Mr. Miyagi.

Also, he's a dirty old man. Not really surprising, given this game, but there you go.

Master, I'm so glad you're OK.

In fact, since they locked me in here, they haven't done anything to me. I have been worried about Wano, though.
Have you seen Soushi?

This is Meis Triumph. He's fighting the Dark Acolytes.

That was a long time ago...

Some off-screen exposition later...

Hmm, it was about 40 years ago...If my memory serves me well, he was training with Metalia.
40 years ago!? Jyabil was that old? I thought he was in his late 20's!

This opens up all sorts of questions about Sodina's age and/or real relationship to Jyabil. Get used to disappointment, however.

Jyabil was grouchy, but a very talented blacksmith...By the way, Meis...

The camera pans around Kanouha's backyard smithy, while the old man gives Meis some advice.

Spirits of Air and Strength. A sword will be stronger if forged with a stronger spirit, heh heh. A strong spirit only comes to those with a pure mind. The strongest spirit you can forge a sword with is: Sword Spirit.

Four sentences? Wow, you're twice as good as Jyabil was!

Kyoka, hold onto this.
Yes, Master Kanouha.

Well, that'll take a while to explain. Is that OK?

Might as well hear the whole story, right?

They wanted the Holy Flame of Wano. But there are strong samurai in Wano. Therefore, they gave out the dark swords, and stated that a Samurai with a Dark Sword will become strong. But, what the Dark Sword really did was enhance the owner's self-destructive tendencies. During the chaos that ensued, the Dark Acolytes entered Wano and searched for the Sacred Altar. When they couldn't find it, they tried to get the information from me. I didn't tell them though. Hahaha! As retribution for my stubbornness, their armada destroyed Wano.

Master Kanouha, is the Sacred Altar that important? Even at the expense of Wano?
Yes...If they get the Holy Flame, the whole world will suffer the same fate as Wano.

Oh, shit.

Huh? But...what?

They've already taken one...
What!? Then I must continue to protect this Holy Flame! Meis, Jyabil asked you to collect the Holy Flames, right? Good! Your ability as a Spirit Blacksmith and Jyabil's confidence in your potential has given us all hope. You must succeed. You are our only hope. The Sacred Altar is located at the top of Back-Side Hill.

By the way, I've been alone for a looong time, I'm feeling lonely...Sodina, will you talk with me for a while? I'd like to talk about Jyabil...
It's OK, Sodina. I'll stay here, too.

Woo-hoo! Surrounded by two beauties!

At this point, you are required to leave Sodina behind, leaving both Muza and Wyna in the main party. Sure hope you gave support spells to folks beyond Sodina. Kanouha will also act as a free inn, restoring that Aquoon I used rather rashly before.

When you leave the hut via the back door, you are treated to a rather interesting audio cutscene. Let's listen in.

Kyoka! You are so pretty! Sodina, you are pretty as well. Heh, heh, heh, they're so perky, hahaha!
Master Kanouha!


Ow, heh heh, ouch!


...Let's get going, Meis.

Next time: Sacred Altar number 3.