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Part 25: Sky Mantas in Flight

Part 25: Sky Mantas in Flight

We rejoin our heroes on the dock at Tokio Pt.

...Why Boyzby? I'm not sure. Master Kanouha insisted that we go there...
Yep, that's right! Hahahaha!

And there he goes. Maybe he wants to meet up with Smoochy or something, I don't know. I suppose I'll have to check back later.

In any event, Soushi is now a formal member of the party. It's kind of hard to tell what he's good at since he's around five levels behind everyone else, but from what I can figure, he has a crappy Offense and Elemental Power, but he has decent speed, good defense, and ridiculously good Evade, Critical, and Multi-Attack rates. Still, I said I was going to keep Meis in front so I wouldn't have to think about this stuff, and damnit that's what I'm going to do (plus Meis has all the good spells at this point and there's really no going back).

Before I have a chance to do anything but look at my stats, I run into this cloaked figure. Of course, since only one person in the game wears a purple cloak and this is a voiced segment, it's instantly obvious who this is.

*Cringe* Oh, right, Sodina isn't here.

Here, let me pan the camera over...there we go.

Who are you, and why are you helping us?
There's no time for that now. If you love her, go save her...Doesn't she mean a lot to you?

That may be true, but first, another nice, long nap. Aaahh.

I wanted to buy a ton of Spark Bottles since I knew Schmidt would be weak to Light, but sadly it seems that Tokio's kiosk is a gift shop. Oh well, I still kicked his ass.

I'm the only one allowed to be with him.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

No FMV for this particular assault.

Oh hey, it's that ship we're looking for. Looks like they were being serious when they called it the Cloud Manta.


Oh no, we're gonna crash!
Let's go for it! Everyone, jump onto the Cloud Manta!

(The town section has been cut out from the video)

Somehow, they end up here. I have no idea how they got in or where their ship went, but here they are regardless.

Many people claim that Dianova is trying to conquer the world.
Dianova, huh?

Welcome to the "enemy ship" dungeon, found right on the heels of the last. The layout is annoying and designed to be confusing and repetitive in order to get you lost. However, every dead end (and there's a lot of them) has a pair of chests in it like this one, and every chest has between 1-3 goodies inside, including more gifts, more combat items, and even an accessory or two, like this Guard Bracer.

The Guard Bracer, like the name implies, raises Defense by around 9 points. I should also mention that the War Glove from earlier now raises Speed by 6, Offense by 12, and lowers Defense by 6. Thousand Arms is pretty good about giving you accessories that level with the characters.

Our new enemies include the Gear Lady and Kirara Beauties. Both can do some pretty nasty damage, even when Meis is defending, and the Gear Lady in particular has a Special Attack that deals over 50 damage and is much faster than Meis. Also, she absolutely loves using it constantly. The third enemy is the now hilariously underpowered Shutvaltz Leader.

But enough dungeon talk. Let's get on with the boss fight.

Do you realize that I draw power from both Light and Darkness? You, Meis, draw power only from the Light. It seems like we already know who the winner will be. Don't you agree?

I included the boss fight with Schmidt here mostly because it involved a lot of interesting effects, including the first use of Fiednod. It does drag on towards the end, though, so feel free to skip to the last bit.

Well, I let you win this time. I have what I need...

What? You didn't "let" me win, I kicked your ass! Again! Plus you won't even keep Sodina, you don't have what you need!

Nuh uh, I still didn't say I lose, so I win again! In spirit! So there and no backsies!

His speech is followed by an absolutely terrible Evil Laugh. I can respect the Emperor for being evil incarnate, but no matter what he's calling himself, Schmidt is still a giant weenie.

Next time: a city that puts most hot air balloon festivals to shame.