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Part 32: To the New World

Part 32: To the New World

I decided after all to get Marion as high as she could go, and got Kyleen up to 9 while I was at it. Kyleen's 9th level spell turns out to be Mad Gate, which apparently deals damage based on the enemy's power level or something. Marion provides Acid Mist at 4 (it does extra damage to robots), Sleep + at 6, and gives Wyna the Gaia Storm ability at 7. Sadly improving Wyna's weapon basically wiped out my MP completely, so that's as far as I've gotten with her.

Meanwhile, it seems my kiss count is improving nicely. Just 12 more and I can get the best accessory in the game.

And with all that messing around done, it's time to visit the fixed Langoud.

Grapple meets us at the front gate to give us the good news.

The Langoud is back to her old self! Hey, Meis, do you know of a place called Myscatonia?

Whether the character has or not, it's good to get some exposition.

I figured you'd be surprised! I've been around long enough to know that there be ancient ruins called Myscatonia to the west.
Did you say ancient ruins, Dad? Then there's gotta be a Sacred Altar there! Oh, but we need a ship...

Hahahaha! Don't worry, Wyna. You can use the Langoud! Arrr! Aye, Meis! For a big job you might as well use a big ship like the Langoud! Hahahaha! You can use the Langoud in any way you want. Now, let me explain how to control it. Listen up!

Or not. Grapple just rambles on about how to control the ship and how to enter the city from the world map. But here's all you guys need to know:

That last ??? option in the menu is for visiting the world map while in the Langoud. Also note my completely wiped out MP score.

And away we go!

But before visiting the new continent, a quick stopover at the volcanic island.

There, our second weapon is now fortifying. I also checked in on the one at the water shrine, but it still hasn't finished yet.

I checked by this location to the north first, but it turned out that I couldn't enter the cave (seen on the right) yet.

Also, the field enemies wound up almost kicking my ass. Over 150 damage per hit, yowza.

Since I'm sure you're as curious as me, here's what that spindle thing looks like up close.

Sadly, it's protected on all sides by whirlpools. That and there's no good landing spots.

Anyway, the game really intends for you to start at the southern end of the western continent.

You can tell because cutscenes start firing up when you get close.

Oh no! Uno momento, uno momento, please!

I am the hunter of love, mrawr. I steal from the rich and give to the poor. You see? Hey! Oh, no! Are you listening!? Don't throw me overboard!

A pox upon both your houses!

This deserves to be animated. Ahh, so fulfilling.

Oh my god! You will regret this! Bggyag shegeellf *gurgle* *gurgle*

That whole sequence is almost completely pointless, but I love it anyway.

You can now see our next destination off in the distance.

And here's the nearby beach. The bay is so full of fog that the Langoud's traveling music actually shifts to something creepier while you're in here.

Also, another cutscene jumps the party just as they're leaving the beach.


Hang on, is that a giant sword-shaped ship? Man, when they called this game Thousand Arms, they weren't kidding.

I have waited for this day since coming to this land. It has been too long. I was forced to turn my body into a machine to live this long. But it was worth it.

I will destroy all who oppose me, with the power of Light. I have made a huge step toward realizing my dream.

Short and sweet. And now, on to the next thing.

A rather Victorian setting, actually. A far cry from Boyzby's idyllic village, but at the same time, we did come here in a GIANT SHIP ISLAND (complete with fuckoff cannon).

Suddenly, Meis (and Soushi) hear a woman screaming!

Huh?! Did you hear that? It's a girl screaming!
That voice...It must be a pretty girl!

In fact, it is a girl, who's wrestling with a...damashi? What're they doing outside of dungeons?

Regardless, the girl loses, thanks to the damashi's ability to float.

What a mean spirit.

I can't live without that bag. Please, give it back to me...

Of course, it doesn't listen and takes off just as Meis shows up.

You all remember Nelsha from waaaaayy back in part 5, right? It seems that the Langoud isn't the only intercontinental ship around.

We are on our way to Myscatonia. How about you? What are you doing here?
A Damashi has stolen Nelsha's clothes. They're very important to her. Nelsha must get them back. In this town, when the clock strikes 13, the Damashi come out. They stole Nelsha's clothes!
That's terrible! Meis, let's get them back for her!

After the conversation, Nelsha starts following the party around. The city is easy enough to navigate, but we'll save that for

Next time: I ain't afraid of no ghosts (and yes, someone in the game will say this).