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Part 36: Book Central

Part 36: Book Central

So now that all that nonsense is over, we get dropped off outside the mansion.

With her dress box back, Nelsha is now a fully fledged member of the party. You can see here that her weapon is a needle and her first granted spell is Quake, the mass Earth spell. Still, we haven't encountered her favorite dating spot yet, so getting it higher will have to wait.

It's really hard to tell what Nelsha is supposed to be good at when she's eight levels behind everyone else, but one thing stands out: in spite of being so underpowered, she has the second best Elemental Power in the entire party (behind Sodina). Nelsha is really, really good at spellcasting if nothing else.

She also has almost her entire set of special abilities when you get her, assuming you've been opening all the chests along the way. Each one also tends to add a stat buff or debuff, plus a couple will heal the party when used.

And now it's time for Revenge of the Annoying Forest. Man, I was lost here for an embarrassingly long time.

That's partly why I took the opportunity to go back and check on the weapons I set to fortify. Thanks to the Angel Ring, it's not nearly as annoying to run all the way through the dungeon just to take a look. Unfortunately, while the first sword I set has been cleaning up nicely, it's still not nearly ready.

I also went over to the Rockbit Mine altar and set up the "blunt stick" to fortify. I think we all know who's going to be getting this one.

Finally, after running around far too much, I found the exit to the region. Before I could return to the world map, however...


With this dark sword I can manipulate the Flame of the Light as I wish. Well done, Dark Master.

My dream will soon be fulfilled. What I need now is the 5 Holy Flames of the Light, and that kid has them.

Man, even the Emperor can't sell a line like that. I know that this is pretty typical JRPG nonsense, but that doesn't stop it from being so stupid it's funny.

Not that anyone ever notices, naturally.

Right, with that over, it's time to find our next destination. So where the heck is this Myscatonia, anyway?

Ah, there it is.

Out on the plains is a bunch of Wind Spirits. As you'd expect, they're exactly like the Flame Spirits, but they cast Wind spells.


(The cannons fire laser beams, if you were curious.)

And here we are.

I bet that thing in the top left of the screen is an Elemental Beast...It must be protecting the building...

Huh? What do you mean by that?
Perhaps there's something inside the building that needs the protection of an Elemental Beast.

So we aren't going to acknowledge that Muza just broke the fourth wall? Nothing? Alright, let's keep going, then.

Welcome to the "raised path ruins over a forest" dungeon. Rather annoyingly, the entire area is completely free of treasure chests, making exploring completely pointless.

There's also these...things. I know you can't see them flopping around, but I really get the feeling that the upper half of this thing should be under a mosaic. The Tank Turtles from outside can also be found around here.

Anyway, Miscatonia's front door is just straight up the path from the start.

Naturally, this means that the front door is locked.

Nelsha heard that there's a secret entrance somewhere.

One dungeon full of dead ends later...

Oh, lovely, it's another puzzle dungeon. Fortunately, the puzzles aren't terribly hard to figure out, and the monster encounters have been left outside.

Plus there's a ton of pretty good stuff to be found if you're willing to do a little exploring. These three chests all have high quality gift items in them.

Soushi's special weapon is found here, along with the fifth and last Silver Angel.

After the moving block area, the next puzzle involves standing on these tiles and moving the wall blocks until the passage opens.

Past that is the invisible floor area, where you can find Nelsha's fortifiable item. Curiously, it's not a needle, but an outfit. She's the only one who has this happen, too.

The last region holds a teleport puzzle, along with a bunch of chests that just teleport you around if you try to open them.

Finally, we're out of the damn dungeon. Naturally, if we were to leave through the front door now, it'll be unlocked.

To continue the plot, I'll need to go through that bejeweled door. Before I do that, though, I think I'll go explore the hallway upstairs.

Myscatonia is a pretty weird area, since it's both a library and a fully equipped town. In fact, this is how you access the item shop:

I have no idea how that works, but there you go.

Hell, there's even a Print Club Booth!

Just downstairs is the gift shop,

Followed by the inn,

And the Goddess statue at the top.

Behind the statue is the town forge, which sadly doesn't swing out of any bookshelves.

Next time: we find out how to properly use a giant sword ship.