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Part 38: Golda! Use Sword Smashing Technique!

Part 38: Golda! Use Sword Smashing Technique!

Welcome to disc 2.

Getting hit with that really took a lot out of Meis.

But oh, was it worth it. WARP is, naturally, the spell version of Teleportum.

Come with me, Meis...

Time to see what's behind the second door.

Metalia proceeds to leap off into the giant hole in the ground.

Much to Meis' dismay.

Mostly since he knows he has to follow her.

Of course, this being a JRPG, he's just fine at the bottom with no indication of what caught his fall.

Anyway, you probably guessed it by now, but the final Sacred Altar is down here.

Orb, lights, yadda yadda...

Kind of a bad image here, but don't worry; we'll get a good look at Golda before too long.

Suddenly, the light dims. What the-

Holy shit! Um,
*EMPEROR ALERT* (four images up)

Silence. Your words do not touch the heart of a Spirit Blacksmith of the Light.
Hmmm? Do my words not touch you? You leave me no choice, then...Watch, as the Flame of Light changes into that of Darkness...Behold my power!

It's hard to see in the still image, but the flame has turned a very transparent shade of purple.

Metalia attacks the Emperor with her power...

And is repaid in kind.

Naturally, having proven his ability to destroy the heroes immediately, the Emperor withdraws without having killed anyone.

The Emperor having left its presence, the Holy Flame returns to normal.

Meis! Get the Holy Flame!

Oh yeah! Almost forgot with all the hubbub.

Metalia takes a few steps, then collapses again.

How did the Emperor acquire this ability? I underestimated his determination...Meis, hurry to Dianova...The Emperor's possession of the Holy Flame means the end of the world...Don't allow him to take the Holy Flame.

Suddenly, the building is rocked quite mightily!

There's something approaching the library!
What is it?
Do not concern yourself with me...Meis, go...

But that isn't what I asked-

Fortunately, I do get a spare moment to start something fortifying.

Unfortunately, the thing that's approaching Myscatonia is doing so from above, which means having to run up this damn staircase AGAIN. Let me reiterate that there's no point for this area to exist, as it is still enemy-free.

Highlights of my reaction to the events in this video:

"Meis, what're you-you can't-what. WHAT. WHAT."

"Oh, look who got kidnapped. Again. What do I keep you other party members around for, anyway?"

"Man, summons are big."

But let's leave it there for now.

Next time: we get her back.