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Part 40: Emo to the End

Part 40: Emo to the End

Where we last left off, Meis had kicked the everloving shit out of Schmidt and broke his freaky crystal thing.

You've defeated everything about me, or rather everything about the Darkness. Ugh...

Schmidt takes a moment to cough up some T-rated not-blood.

I understood my immaturity, my inability to love others. I don't know how to love. It's easier to hate. I believed that the growing power of hatred was the power of Darkness.

Sodina, stop encouraging him!

I don't regret the way I've lived...

I was born between...the Light and Darkness...The only way I could confirm my existence was by seeking power...

Thank goodness, I thought he would never finish.


Sodina, I always...

Suddenly, Jeala interrupts Schmidt's death scene.

Get away from him!

Schmidt doesn't like being upstaged.

Upon being hit, Jeala, um, fades out. And here I thought they only did that while in combat.

Pitiful woman...She was merely a pawn who didn't understand what love was, just like me. Jeala...

What? Goddamn it, just die already!

With the sword I made, the Emperor can now use the Flame of the Light...His power is now unimaginable...But, there's more...He's after a more malevolent power...Live...Meis...

Is he finally finished?

Now am I dead,
Now am I fled,
My soul is in the sky.
Tongue, lose thy light,
Moon, take thy flight,
Now die, die, die, die, die.

Schmidt also somehow fades away. At least they won't have to bury him.


Bam! Emperor alert! The above image has also been linked for your convenience.

Is he...dead? Tormented soul...As much as he tried, he couldn't belong to either side...His father and grandfather before that, they were all like him...How about you, who belong to the Light? I'll be in the center of Dianova. If you want to find me, I'll be there. I will be waiting...

*Evil laughter and a teleport out*

Who does that big meanie person think he is? Nelsha gonna stick a needle up his...

Gain us anything!? What did he mean by that!?

You are right, we've no choice but to proceed. Unless we defeat the Emperor, we will never have peace. Don't you agree, Meis?

Meis gives a quiet nod to the group, and they form up together once more.

Time for the final confrontation! Unfortunately, these forges apparently run on Daaaaaarrrrrkkneeeeeeesssssss since Meis can't use them. We'll have to beat the Emperor (and Shaft, who we have yet to encounter) with what we got.

With Schmidt dealt with, we can now enter this elevator which will lead us to the middle of Dianova. I suppose I could retrace my steps and head outside since there are a few things I've got left to do. None of the girls have hit Intimacy 10, for instance, and there are still a couple I never got around to showing you. On the other hand, I'd have to go through the perspective maze two more times. I love you guys, I really do, but I don't love you that much. Dianova it is.

The next area is a teleport maze. Green lights teleport you to other catwalks, yellow lights teleport you to the area with the tunnels underneath, and red lights teleport you back to the start.

Dark Scouts have reappeared, but beyond the new paint job they're not very frightening.

Dagekings are kind of odd, and actually pretty dangerous.

Their special attack is to drop their head on the ground, causing some pretty massive damage to the frontline.

There are also these Fury Armor guys, but they're not that special.

Armed Dragons, on the other hand, are the best enemies ever.

After all, they have laser breath weapons!

Following the damn teleport maze (I was stuck there longer than in the perspective maze, but it was my fault for not noticing the damn elevator), we have this comparatively simple tiered maze. Plenty of chests full of goodies, although I have to wonder why they're still stocked with a bunch of gift items.

At last, the boss corridor. It's time we finished this.

Oh, wow, the Emperor has finally shown up in person! That would mean that during every single encounter (and even all the villainous interludes), the Emperor was merely projecting his presence. Kind of a paranoid guy, huh?

It's time now for me to realize my long awaited goal with the help of the Holy Flame. I will become a god! And to become a god, I need your power!

Lightning sparks across the group.

Suddenly, all seven are hit at once!

Now all of them are trapped in these...weird...rotating crystal things.

One by one, the Holy Flames are pulled from Meis and enter the Emperor.

What, you didn't think this would be the final boss fight, did you? Hell, we haven't even killed all of the Emperor's lieutenants yet! And let's not forget that, when a JRPG mentions the moon, it is inevitable that the party will have to visit it.

Anyway, without the presence of the Emperor, the trap loses its power and drops the heroes.

They look a tad depressed that they just failed miserably.

That's when the ground starts shaking. Shaft teleports out...

...But only so he can teleport back in.

I am Shaft, the loyal servant of His Majesty. Foolish humans, fear the power of a god. None shall interfere with his plan...

Thankfully, while he stole Meis' Holy Flames, the Emperor was courteous enough to leave him with all his summons. Still, Shaft is a noticeably harder fight than Bearing or Schmidt, partly because I have no Golda to do massive damage with, and partly because Shaft has a lot more hit points than either of the others did.

He also deals far more damage. He has three different specials, which is pretty standard at this point, including a regular frontline damager, one that has a chance to paralyze the frontline, and then this thing, which he whips out when he's at critical health. It attacks absurdly fast, hits everyone for over 200 damage per go, and he ended up using it around 4-5 times in a row until only Sodina was left. He then used the paralyzing attack until it stuck, and then...

The second time I've seen this screen now.

My second fight with Shaft went much better than the first, partly because I used a summon to knock off his critical health immediately after he reached that point, so he didn't use his best attack. This fight is in the video, so take a look if you're interested.

The ground is still shaking, by the way.

He will reach a higher level than lowly animals like yourselves can ever attain.

At least he died doing what he loved: beating on pathetic, worthless, lowly humans.

Suddenly, the Evil Lair starts to crumble!

But wait, the Emperor is still alive. Why would it do this now?

Well, did any of you who watched the video notice that the background behind the window kept going up during the fight?

It's because the center of Dianova was secretly a rocket ship aimed at the moon.

Even Muza is excited!

The party regroups outside of Dianova, absolutely dumbfounded that their adversary managed to snatch their Macguffins and escape the planet's gravity well with them. Meis can move around and speak to each one in turn:

Nelsha sad...Maybe if Nelsha make a bird costume we can fly to the moon...
Even I can't come up with an idea, this time! We can't reach the moon with a ladder or anything!
The Langoud...can't fly...What the hell are you thinking, Meis? Even Marion couldn't modify the Langoud for flight. Where the hell do you get such hair-brained ideas, Meis?
Hey, don't look at me! You're the one who's in charge!
How can we get to the moon?

I have read in classical literature that silence is more eloquent than words. Just a moment. Classical literature...We should be able to learn more in the books of Myscatonia...!
That's true! Metalia may know the solution to this!
That's it! Cool! What are we waiting for? Let's go to Myscatonia, Meis!

Next time: Back to Myscatonia! (among other places.)