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Part 41: Last-Minute Screwing Around

Part 41: Last-Minute Screwing Around

Wanna know something interesting? After a certain point, when Meis returns to Kant, the town is spontaneously repopulated! Apparently after the Dark Acolytes moved on, the people figured they could move back in peace. Cliff is still gone, though. He seriously buggered out of this game completely.

However, do you remember way back in the first update, how we saw this person with the unique sprite? She doesn't do anything but Hmm at us when clicked on for the first few tries. Do it enough, though...

...And you get surprised by a voiced line.

I was thinking of a way to measure the mass of this planet. I'm so close to understanding the basic concept, but...

What!? How could that be! Do you know who solved it? Do you know the answer?
(Uh oh. I just made that up...What should I do now?)

...Never mind. I thought I was the first person to come up with that question. Now I need a new research topic. look familiar...Wait a moment! Aren't you Meis of the Triumph family!? Do you remember me?

Make sure you get this one right, folks, because she will clam up completely if you get it wrong. And while "A girl I passed on the street" may be somewhat correct, it is not what she wants to hear.

You really meant it when you told me you only had eyes for me.

I have a habit of taking notes, in case a brilliant idea pops into my head. you talked to 5 other girls after me.

Now I know better: never hit on a girl while another one is watching!
You still do that!

I came up with a new research topic. It's a method to measure the distance between this planet and the moon...

No, not yet. I mean, I just thought of the topic a couple of minutes ago. How about you, Meis? Do you have any ideas?

Naw, man, you'd need a ladder for something like that.

Note-Meis is such a dim-wit.

I appreciate your offer, Mies. tend to make empty promises.

Last week?! You just said you hadn't seen me in a long time, and you acted like you didn't recognize me!

You know? I'd love to have your help with my research...

Creepy stalker chick, huh? That sounds hot.

Of course! Research is what I enjoy doing the most! Are you working too hard for this?

Note-Meis works really hard for my attention. I'm getting curious about him.

Mil then walks off with a smile on her face. So as you might imagine, she's now a town girl Meis can date anytime he's in Kant. Considering her name is "Mil Wind," her element is pretty obvious:


Something else I did here was get everyone I could up to level 10. Someone asked about recording the 9-10 date, but unfortunately nothing unique or interesting happens for it.

What is unique and interesting are the spells and abilities granted at level 10, which are always powerful and almost never repeat on other lists. You can see here that Sodina grants Earth Crusher at level 10, which is Wyna's most powerful special attack. For her part, Wyna grants Flame +, an upgraded version of the Fire mass attack, and Kyleen gives Ice Storm, which I believe is the most powerful Wind element spell.

Kant also has a brand new Print Club Booth. Look at those two lovebirds.

Mil's minigame is called Brain Teasers.

It's basically a sort of pattern recognition puzzle. It never gets too hard, at least if you're any good at combining shapes like this.

This is about as complicated as the game gets.

40 seconds is more than enough for me, it seems. This was just my first try.

At this point, you've probably seen about all the generic questions, so I'm only going to provide one video for the last three girls. There's not much to do in Kant, so Mil's favorite spot is by the big tree in town. Mil is basically the scientist to Marion's engineer, so they have a lot in common in terms of . Still, Mil has an entirely different kind of crazy going on, and apparently she spent her childhood following Meis around and writing down her observations (like how 10 years ago he talked to 8 girls in one day). One of her unique questions is, "How would you describe the pattern you left on your sheets when you wet the bed 8 years ago?" The best response is actually to freak out about being seen.

For spells, Mil doesn't really grant that much. She provides Guard Guts at level 2, which improves general defense, as well as Defense Down at 4 and Geo + at 5. Her spell for level 7 is called "Kilphy," and it deals extra damage to female enemies. Her level 10 spell is Haste, which grants a bonus to Multi-Attack Rate.

Returning to Boyzby, it seems that Mil finally got me up to a full 50 kisses, meaning I can finally get that Lord Armor!

It provides about as much Offense and Defense as the individual items normally grant, which is pretty damn good. Sadly, it doesn't add to speed, plus it's worse overall than Heavy Armor. It doesn't have Heavy Armor's hidden downside, but as I said before, enough overleveled Defense can make up for that, and Speed is really, really important. I'm still sticking with Heavy Armor.

Meanwhile, the Vintage Weapons have finally, finally become available!

The first one that finished cooking is the Gale Epee, Kyleen's Vintage Weapon.

The way it works at this point is that, while the Vintage Weapon isn't clearly superior in all stats, it basically provides a trade off of one sort or another. For instance, the Gale Epee provides much more Offense and Defense (+133 and +53), but it drops Critical Rate by 8 and Multi-Attack by 19.

For comparison, Meis' Vintage Weapon actually lowers Offense, but raises Defense instead.

However, here's the critical problem: anything you've smelted into the regular weapons can't be used while a Vintage Weapon is equipped. No spells, no specials, nothing, and Meis can't smelt new spells into the Vintage Weapons even if you have them equipped. They also take more time to attack, and like I keep saying, speed is everything in this game. All in all, the wait just isn't worth it. Still, I managed to get them all by leaving the game running while I was asleep a few times, so I'll be able to at least show off how they look.

At this point, I did a roundup of all the other town girls I hadn't quite finished with. Palma grants Wall +, an improved physical defense buff, while Kyoka provides Revive +, which as you might imagine brings back a fallen friend at full HP.

Marion I had only gotten to 7 earlier, so I found out that she grants Haste at 8 (the only repeat spell on a level 10 list) along with Kyleen's best attack, Surprise Smash, at 10. At this point, only Nelsha and Metalia remain, so it's back to Myscatonia.

What's that? You're surprised Metalia is on the list? Well, you clearly haven't been paying attention, since her name is on Smoochy's list of kiss sources. Plus, you know, this is Thousand Arms for crying out loud.

Thankfully, just entering Myscatonia doesn't advance the plot, and I was able to get down to the Sacred Altar where I left Nelsha's final outfit: Schoolgirl. Yeah, I know, I know.

Moving on, Nelsha's minigame is sort of an odd hunting game.

You have to move around a crosshairs and shoot all the damashi who appear around the screen. Nelsha's just wandering through the middle sniffing flowers, and you have to keep the ghosts from touching her (plus avoid shooting her yourself).

It can get pretty intense towards the end, and I couldn't get better than a C on my attempt. Mostly it's thanks to the slow crosshairs that I couldn't do any better.

Nelsha's favorite spot (out of the whole 2 in Myscatonia) is up by the windows in the entry hall.

Nelsha is, among other things, a lot older than she looks. A LOT older. I guess there's just something about handling spirits that dramatically increases longevity, since both Jyabil and Metalia are older than they seem as well.

As another party member, Nelsha grants spells and abilities at every level. She starts out with Quake, the mass Earth spell, then grants Weaken, Any Might (cast a random enemy spell), Kyleen's Fascination ability, Magical (cast a random enemy spell plus granted MP is doubled), Wyna's Head Buster, Soushi's Rekka-Zan, Summon Anything (cast a random enemy spell plus granted XP is doubled), Quake +, and finally Sacrifice, which attacks the enemy and drops a party member's HP and EP to 1. She also gives Kyleen the Raging Damashi ability, but I apparently missed it on the way up and I've gotten way too sick of the dating minigame to get her back down just to show it off.

Anyway, Metalia's minigame is just a quiz about game info.

Questions range from "What items do what?" to "What's the name of the giant train town?"

The game is easy to break with save states, but thanks to doing this LP I remember enough that I get 10/10 more often than not even without cheating.

Metalia's favorite spot happens to be the hall we met her in.

She's also by far the most mature woman Meis tries to hit on in this game. I really got the impression that she was more humoring Meis than anything else.

Metalia starts out by granting Typhoon, a mass Wind spell, then gives Slow at 2, Paralyze at 3, Wall at 6, Revive at 7, Soushi's Fudo Rasanjin at 9, and Sodina's Soul Cure and the spell Stop at 10.

Such a dynamic woman.

And now, the moment I'm sure some of you were waiting for: the supporting cast special attacks!

Again, much to my dismay, Kyleen's Raging Damashi is missing, but aside from that, all the special attacks are represented in this video. Most of them are just single- or multi-target attack powers, but a few have variations, like buffing the party, debuffing the enemies, or even causing one or more enemies to up and flee. Nelsha's Schoolgirl outfit is odder than most, since it does damage based on the enemy's hit points, making it either really weak or really powerful. Plus, since it's so rare, I think most bosses aren't immune to it, which would make it incredibly useful if I'm right.

You may also notice that the backline characters have their Vintage Weapons equipped. I can't use the special attacks while they're out, but I can at least show you how they look in combat.

Next time: On with the plot!