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Part 42: 7 to the Moon

Part 42: 7 to the Moon

To find Metalia for the plot, Meis has to visit the roof again, which means traveling Escher's Staircase yet again.

I see...the Emperor wanted to return to the moon...The moon is not yet bright, but when it is, the end of this world is nigh.
Isn't there something we can do? Are we helpless to stop it?
To the north of here is a place called the Star Plateau...Our salvation lies within. Shall we go, Meis?

No way I'm walking down that damn staircase again.

Well then, let's go.

And with that, she teleports us directly there.

Man, that bit still cracks me up.

What do you mean, god?
Long ago, when we learned of the Emperor's desire, we divided and hid the Primordial Flame, within the 5 Sacred Altars. We thought the Emperor would eventually die, as he was human. Jyabil left a message when he died, as if to intentionally expose the hiding places of the 5 Flames to the Emperor. Honestly, I was shocked. But I now know why he did it.

The Emperor even transformed his body into a machine to lengthen and achieve his goal. Jyabil knew this. That's why he led you to the Emperor. He knew you would be the ones to challenge the Emperor.

Even if we'd kept the Flames hidden, the Emperor would have found them eventually, as he has eternal life. But, our lifetime is limited. Our clan will decline and eventually vanish. Jyabil decided to place the fate of the world in your hands. It was the right decision. Meis, the 6th Sacred Altar is this way. It's our only hope.

With the last bit of exposition out of the way, Metalia steps aside and we get control. Talking to her again gives us a free rest and restore.

You may be tempted to run to the very bottom first.

Doing so puts you on the world map, where you can see that we're at the very last new location on the map. It would seem that this game doesn't have a single hidden dungeon or anything of the sort, which makes wrapping up pretty easy for me.

Anyway, the Star Plateau is a walk through the park after the endless grind that was Dianova.

Here you can find Meteor Ghosts, which are...different, I suppose.

Then there's Meteor Dragons...okay...

Last there's oh what the fuck. I'm not sure if this is more or less absurd than the dudes in cardboard boxes with the fire-breathing hand puppets.

Oh good, we're here. Now I can stop thinking about it.

Hey, Jyabil's here, too! I guess being Light Clan means getting a Force Ghost in the package.

Jyabil! You're alive!

Ah. Never mind, then.

Guardian: Jyabil made this Sacred Altar, our last hope against the Emperor. Now, I must see if you are fit to wield the power of the Holy Flame. Prepare yourselves!

Welcome to what's basically the first and only "test your worth" boss fight in Thousand Arms. I guess they couldn't let the game pass without at least one.

Here's the funny thing, though: the Guardian spends the first several minutes of the fight just standing there and defending. It's almost as if he wants you to win!

In fact, he was still defending when I beat him. All I had to do was futz around with buffs for a while, then use all the summons you've seen before. As such, I cut the fight out of the video.

Guardian: You have surpassed Jyabil's power. So I bestow upon you, the power of the Holy Flame. The Flame of Darkness burns feebly on the moon. It is this same flame that the Clan of Darkness once fought over. The Master lamented this ugly struggle, so he banished the Flame. The Emperor wants to rekindle the Flame of Darkness with the Flame of the Light.

Guardian: You will understand when the time comes. Now, prepare yourselves and wish...Wish to be carried to the moon...

Wish as you get teleported to the freaking moon.

Next time: The end, this time for real.