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Part 44: The Epilogue

I didn't lie when I said the last update was the end; not exactly. However, what I didn't mention was

Part 44: The Epilogue

After the screen fades to white after Sodina's last words, we rejoin the party back on the Star Plateau with Metalia.

And it's Muza with the exposition intercept!

I see, very good.

At this point, Metalia does a quick count of party members and realizes-

That would probably explain why he's cradling it in his arms like that.

I was able to defeat the Emperor with everybody's help and...Sodina's...But...
But Sodina...
I wonder if Sodina can ever be returned to her original self...

The 6th Sacred Altar? Can we bring Sodina back if we go there?
I can't promise anything, but there must be a way.
There is hope?


At this point, Metalia teleports everyone to the top of the Star Plateau.

Hang on a second, if she could go right there at any time, why the hell didn't she do that the first time?! It would have saved a lot of time battling weird-ass random monsters!

It wasn't just me...We did it together...and Sodina...

Guardian: Sodina...The Sword Spirit...Sodina descends from a family who carry and protect the Sword Spirit.

Isn't there a way to bring back Sodina to her original self...?

Hang on, what?

I don't have to miss her. I'm a Spirit Blacksmith. I can feel Sodina's presence anytime. I will continue training so one day I will be able to communicate with the Spirits, just like my Master. Then I can talk with Sodina...I won't be lonely.

Ah. And that's sort of the moral of the story: those who have passed on will forever be with us. Don't waste your time pining away for those you've lost: cherish the memories of the times you had together.

Nah, I'm just fucking with you again.

What? No, bother me, bother me!

I'm trying to get more details. Would you tell me about it?


Guardian: If you so wish.

FUCK the summon spirits, I can kick anyone's ass without them! C'mon, gang!

Wow, Nelsha so happy. We can bring back Sodina!

And so begins the credit sequence.

Dear Journal: I know this must be, like, the 20th time I've tried writing one, but I swear I have stuff to talk about this time! Sodina's coming back, and all I have to do is run around to all the Sacred Altars again and put the flames back!

Wait, I think I'm starting in the middle of this. Oh well, no time to write about all that!

This returning flames stuff really isn't all that hard, it's more annoying thanks to all the monsters. But that's what the Angel Ring is for, so it's not so bad!

While we were on the Volcanic Island, Nelsha asked something like, "how come all these Sacred Altars have forges out front?"

Then Muza made this great joke about hammers and swords and you-know-what's. Man, I wish I could remember it, it was hilarious. The girls didn't get it, though. Chicks, right?

It was a little sad when we were climbing the mountain, since we had a good view of the ruins of Wano. Soushi seemed pretty down, so we didn't stay long.

When we got to Rockbit, he had perked up enough to give a sword demonstration to the dwarves.

It was totally gay, though.

We went to Myscatonia after that. Just before I could put the flame back, though, we heard someone else coming.

It was Metalia! She said she wanted to see me off. I asked for a smooch, but she just smiled and rolled her eyes. She totally digs me.

Meis lets go of the sword, and watches as it drifts into the center of the flame.

One after another, the Elemental Spirits are drawn from the sword back into the Primordial Flame. All except for one, naturally.

With all returned to where it should be, the fire surges with power, and there in the center...

...A familiar form emerges.


And then the credits roll. The credits mention a song that's supposed to play, but unfortunately it failed to work during the recording. Still, I kept them in the video, since credit should go where it's due.

And that's that, for real this time. Thanks for watching, everyone!