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Part 2: Updates 6-10

Update 6

Gasmask posted:

bomb the shit out of the frigate

Well, that sounds easier than dodging mines. Lets target it so we can tell our wingmen to attack it:

We were close enough to inspect it. Its full of Contraband and Rebels!

"Good work..Beta 1...Secret Mission Objectives completed"

Gasmask posted:

Mu 1 is the Emporer's stool pigeon!

Oh god, we're in trouble now. Commence bombing action!

Noooooooo Beta 2! We're out of space bombs. What now???

Update 7

Yaos posted:

Let's tell Lucas Arts we need a new Star Wars space game. Something like Privateer will do.

Don't worry, I'm going to email them this thread when we finish all 12 campaigns


KarmaEnforcer posted:

It depends. If Alpha has carried out their mission, then it's time to re-arm. Otherwise, we obviously need to engage the A-wings and show them who the miggity-mack-daddy is.

"TIE Fighter group Alpha has been destroyed"
Mission Accomplished!

So, that means lets call over Tug Deco for some more space bombs.

"Orders recieved!" They are on their way, but they better hurry. Beta 3 just bit it.

We are reloading, but I think we better move out pretty quick

Update 8

KarmaEnforcer posted:

Make sure to inspect the Tug. It could be full of contraband and/or rebel officers.

Good idea.

"Good Job..Beta 1..Secret Secondary Bonus Mission Completed!"

Naw, man, that's just Steve in there.

Steve posted:

he's just chillin

Tripred posted:

Call for reinforcements!

Finally! This is hard!

So I press Shift+R and confirm. And what do we get?


Update 9

Well, I inspected the TIE Defender and found Contraband and Imperials, so I guess I can let that one go.

"Great Job..Beta 1..Super Secret Secondary Bonus Mission Objective completed!"

Well, lets see how he helps out...

Damn, that was fast!

"Great Job..Beta 1..Primary Objective completed!"
Sweet, now even if we explode, we can still win the mission. Lets score some bonus points.

Mr. Peepers posted:

use your space bombs to take out the a-wings, i bet a single bomb could kill one in one hit. oh yeah you'll need to shoot out the a-wings engines first.

Ahahahaha, great idea, lets try it.

Ahhaahha, that was awesome, good jo

Chapter 10

Aaaand, we're back.

Well, we survived the impact, thanks to outer space eject seats and Imperial Grade Bacta!

We gotta work out more

Anyway, due to our awesome skillz at flying, we've been inducted into the highly secretive Order of the Emperor. Maybe we'll finally be noticed by that hot chick from earlier

Because that giant glowing purple thing on my arm isn't obvious at all.

Well, its time to get our breifing for our next mission:

"You will fly a TIE Fighter designated as Alpha 1. You will have one wingman. I understand that 2 man squadrons seems a bit unusual to you, but we're going to do this for the rest of the game anyway."

"You will fly a patrol around the space station DC-12. Go back and forth from the station and the nav-bouy for approximately an hour."

"Engage any rebel craft that arrive in the area (there will be about 30 waves of them). Unfortunately, the rebels don't seem so keen on adopting our 2 man squadron idea."

"We're also arming your TIE Fighter with Advanced Concussion missiles. Each of these singularly are more expensive than an entire squadron of TIE Fighters, so try to use them before you inevitabley get killed by one of those shuttles with a rear mounted turret."


Well, should we launch now? Talk to our CO about this? Find that shadowy figure again?