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by Cyouni

Part 4: Where are you, Ashley? Why can't I find you?...

Update 4: Where are you, Ashley? Why can't I find you?...

Let's get searching! We're locked inside the school for the duration.

*Garbage Dump*

Hey, those guys look familiar. Let's taunt them about the watch clock they never found.

: What are you doing, staring at all that garbage like that?
: Seeing if there's anything worth fishing out.

: C'mon, let's get outta here.

That was less fun than expected. Back to the search.

*School Hallways*

: (So this is where the freshmen have their lockers...)

*Conversation: Passing Student*
What is it?

*Question: Do you know Ashley Threet?*
Ashley's in my class, but she's been absent lately.
: Yesterday and today, say?
That's right.
: She was her usual cheery self before she stopped showing up...

This unlocks a new option in our conversation. Most conversations proceed like this.

*Question: When did you last see Ashley?*
It was after school...the day before yesterday. Something like 4:30. She was here, looking for something.
: (I wonder what...?)

*Question: What was Ashley looking for?*
I wouldn't know anything about that.
Can...can I go now?
: Yeah, sure. Thanks.

He leaves.

: (So Ashley lost something around here the day before yesterday...)

*Bulletin board note*
: ("I have what fell out of the envelope." ...Kori, eh? This note wouldn't have been here if Kori weren't around.)
: (Very interesting. But it doesn't have anything to do with Ashley.)

*Bulletin board note, reprise*
: (A note from Kori...her contact info's on it.)
: (Very interesting. But it doesn't have anything to do with Ashley.)

*Conversation: Jack*
: What is it, Ethan? Forget something?
: No, not exactly...
: Then why don't you head on home. We teachers have an emergency meeting to get to.
: What's the emergency?

Sometimes Ethan doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the shed.

: It's about that freshman...Vin's sister. You don't live far from them. Anything you should be telling us?
: No, sir, nothing... We're looking for her too.
: Ah, well... Regardless, it's time for you to go home, all right?
: Yes, sir.
: Ack--the meeting's about to start. I've gotta run.

He leaves, and there's nothing much else to investigate, so let's head into the classroom.

*Conversation: Morris*
: Vin's sister, right? Just a sec--I'll be right there.

*Conversation: Sleeping kid*
: (I'll let him sleep.)

*Conversation: Pink-haired girl*

She then gets up and leaves.

: (Who was that again?)

Maybe Morris knows.

*Conversation: Morris, Part 2*
: Can you wait a second? I'll look around some, too.
: Yeah, sure--thanks. But listen...who was that girl?
: You mean Kori?
: (Kori? I don't know any Kori...)

There's a quick flash to the classroom flashback here.

: (...Huh? I kinda...feel like...I know her...)
: Homework's finished--I'm ready to roll. I'll talk to the drama club people. Vin's sister was a member.
: I'll poke around inside the school, then.
: Sounds good. See you later.

He leaves, and Ethan begins winding his way back out of the school. When he gets to the courtyard...

: (Say...These two girls are wearing red ribbons, so they must be freshmen like Ashley. I think I'll ask them some questions.)

*Conversation: Freshmen girls*
: Yes?
: Did you need something?

*Question: Do you know Ashley Threet?*
: We're in the same class. I don't really talk to her much, though.
: But, like, everyone knows she's missing...
: Yeah, I heard that, too. The police are looking for her, I guess...
: And, like, Emily is looking all over for Ashley and stuff...
: Oh? So Emily is, too?
: Really? But I saw Emily this morning.
: But not for long, right? 'Cause she left right away to look for Ashley.
: Ooooh, yeah that's right.

*Question: Where was Emily headed?*
: I don't know where she went.
: Me neither.

In a surprising development, our new question replaces the first one we can ask.

*Question: Is Emily looking for Ashley, too?*
: See? I told you. There's this rumor that, like, Emily was with Ashley before she went missing.
: Then I bet Emily knows something!
: I know, right? They seemed like such good friends and all...
: Whoa--too freaky!
: (All these overactive imaginations getting spun into rumors...)
: Um, we have to go now.
: Sure. Thanks.

They leave.

: (Looks like I'll have plenty to ask Emily when I see her...)

The sound of footsteps, and...

: :: sigh :: Not a single lead. How about you, Ethan?
: Same here. Morris said he'd check out the drama club.
: Okay...
: I'll look around outside.
: Yeah. One more time couldn't hurt... Just do whatever you can and we'll call it a day, okay?
: Okay. I'll let you know if I find anything.
: Great. See you.

*Town Map*
Ethan: (Where should I go...? I've got to meet with Emily and get all the details...)

Hey, maybe one or both of them are at Vin's house by now!

*Vin's House*

: Yo, Ethan...
: Do the police know?
: Yeah, my folks called it in this morning. Might've been too late, though...
: ...
: Ethan...I can't take it anymore. You've gotta help me.
: Vin...

: But I was really proud of my little sis.
: I know. I would never laugh.
: ...Ashley...where are you?
: (Vin...)
: I'm going to look around a little more. I'll tell you if I find anything.
: Hey...Ethan?
: Yeah?
: ...Thanks.
: Sure. (I've got to do something--for Vin's sake, too.)

At least we can clear up one of our flashbacks.

Classroom Flashback posted:

Ethan: (Of course--it's after school, my favorite part of the day. Morris and Kori are it must be a sophomore classroom.)

Next time: Some answers.