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Part 6: Cookie Counter

Update 6: Cookie Counter

And the choice has been made. Let's see how it turns out.

*School Lockers*
Ethan: (All right! The Pen's glowing!)


Oh, if you somehow screw up 12 times this early and run out of Time as a result, you do get a Game Over. It's not very spectacular, so I'm not showing it off - just a black screen and a one-liner before you're kicked back to the main menu. I assume this happens all the time, but it's boring to test and so easily avoidable that it's not really ever going to happen, especially since your Time bar fully refills between chapters.

But before we get to time-fixing, let's quickly mention one other thing. The idea has been thrown around that you can open a Hole and talk to someone on the other end. Unfortunately, this is impossible. Why?

Yep. While a Hole's open, time's frozen, leaving Ethan the only one who can move around freely. So there's that. There's another reason, but we'll talk about that more later. Now let's do what we came here for.

: (It's after school the day before yesterday on the other side...)
: (Now if only Ashley would find that envelope...)

And we're done. We close the Hole, and...

Ethan: Whoa!



{Soundtrack: Silence}

: (What's going on?)

The window slides open.

: Mrowr!
: Oh, it's Sox.
: Look, if you're going to open the window, close it when you're done. ...Probably too much to ask.
: (Hey, it's Vin!)
: Vin!

Ethan: Huh...!?


{Video: Vin and Ashley}


: (Chipper as always, I see. ...Thank goodness.)
: (Oh, yeah--whatever happened to my present...?)

Cookies posted:

: (So this is what it wound up turning into, eh?)
: (I guess they found the envelope too late to do any shopping.)

Ethan: (I'm just positive it can help my parents too... If I collect all the clues I can find and go in search of more flashbacks...)
Ethan: (...!)
Ethan: (I get it! The Pen starts to glow once I gather all the clues together!)

If you haven't figured it out by this point, this means it requires all the details of a relevant flashback to be confirmed. This is the other reason we couldn't talk to Emily in a flashback - the only flashback she was in was the one we needed to ask her about the details.

Ethan: (So if I get enough clues... I should be able to bring Mom and Dad back home...!)

I time-travelled to the future to clean up some things.

Flashback: No Argument posted:

Ethan: (Where Ashley and Emily DIDN'T get into an argument...)

Flashback: Cookie-Baking Duo posted:

Ethan: (But it was so late in the day, they wound up giving me a different present after all.)

Flashback: Birthday Gift posted: