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by Cyouni

Part 7: Dropped Off

Update 7: Dropped Off

: (Now, where can I get info on Mom and Dad...?)

There's the sound of running in the background.

: Whoa!

: C'mon, Ethan!
: Wh-where to?
: Where else?
: B-but I...
: Oh, come on, already!
: ...Okay, but not for long.
: Roger! Let's hit the road!

There's the sound of bells as we screen-change.

???: Hello!

Ben: Much obliged. And I'll have my usual, Olivia.
Olivia: Everyone want the usual?
Vin: You bet.
Morris: Yes, please!
Ethan: I-I guess so. Sure, why not.

: (This is the Chronos cafe--our favorite hangout. Why this place? Well...)

: Crepes and milk for Ben, coffee for Vin and Ethan...

There's the clatter of plates as she sets stuff down.

: ...and hibiscus tea for Morris.

: Yes! Finally!
: (We come here because Ben has a crush on Olivia. Plus, the coffee is cheap and tasty--and bottomless too.)
: (Uncle Derek's coffee is all right, I suppose... But you just can't beat a specialty shop like this one.)
: (...... I'll only stay a little longer. I know there aren't any clues for me here.)

*Man reading newspaper*

Ethan: (Are we too loud? I feel like we're bugging him.)

*Woman at counter*

*Conversation: Ben*

Ben: But I'd be careful walking home alone at night dressed like that. How about I walk you to the train station? If this place closes at 8:30... ...and I'm out front waiting for you at 8:40...
Vin: .......
Morris: ...Give it a rest.
Vin: Must be Olivia's bike--you know, the orange one parked outside.
Ben: C'mon, guys! It was a joke! What's wrong with you, anyway?

*Conversation: Vin*

*Conversation: Morris*

Olivia comes back just after we're done examining the place.

: Listen to this, Ben--I had a brush with death yesterday!
: Wha-a-at!? D-did someone attack you...?
: You mean, like a stalker? Me? Ha! C'mon, as if. So anyway...

I dunno, you might want to watch out for Ben...

: Yesterday on my way home, I saw a truck lose its load right in front of me, like--BANG!
: Then what?
: I squeezed my bike's brakes, like--screeeeech! Finally I managed to stop,
: but all that stuff still came tumbling down, like boom--KaBoom!
: Yikes!
: (I don't really understand what she's getting at, but it sounds crazy! So that means the bicycle outside must belong to Olivia.)
: Good thing your brakes worked, eh?
: If they didn't, I'd be working at that big cafe in the sky!
: And you guys would be at my funeral right now! Ha ha ha! Oh, that's terrible!
: I don't even want to think about that!

: ...

And Mr. Newspaper heads out the door, the bells clanging as he does so.

: Thank you very much!
: ...Might be time to tone it down a little, guys.
: (Gee, ya think?)
: Olivia, could you clean up that table, please?
: I'm on it!
: (I'd better be on my way... I'm not gathering any info by sitting around this place.)

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: (...!!)


{Video: Chapter 2 Opening}



*Chronos door*

: I got a call from the owner... There was an accident yesterday... Olivia... She said... that's why... they're closed today...
: Olivia...?

: Did...did she get into an accident on her bike?
: Don't ask me! How am I supposed to know?
: Calm down, Ben!
: Calm down!? How can you expect me to calm down at a time like this!? In fact, why are YOU GUYS so calm, huh?
: Hey, Ben...
: ...I mean...I'm just a kid!

Again, left to right.

*Conversation: Vin*
: Why her? Why Olivia...?

*Conversation: Ben*
: Dammit...!

*Conversation: Morris*
: ......
: (Morris is taking it pretty hard too...)

: (I'd be upset myself--if I didn't have the Hollow Pen, that is. I know a future where Olivia lives. And if the Pen starts to glow... I can make it so that the accident never happened.)
: (Maybe I should straighten out the details first...)
: (Olivia's accident happened at the intersection. I should check it out.)

When we head back to the town map, a new location's available. We're heading straight there.

: (This is it--where yesterday's accident was. It's already been cleaned up.)

Ethan: (If only I could do something at the time of that flashback...)
???: A little...late, aren't you, to be changing this place?
: !!
: K-Kori...

: You can't very well expect to help someone in that condition.
: What are you talking about...?
: ...!! (I get it! The Olivia that's beyond the Hole is already...)
: ...Then...what should I do?
: What, indeed.
: Maybe poke around even further back?
: Further...back?
: You know--sometime before the accident ever happens.
: Oh...right...
: (I've got to find another way to fix this...)

While he's thinking, Kori walks off.

: Thanks a lot, Kor--eh?
: (She's gone...)