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Part 8: Unexpected Consequences

Update 8: Unexpected Consequences

So our first order of business is to find a helpful flashback that we can work with. In order to qualify, it must be: a) related to Chronos, and b) before the accident. There's only one that fits the bill.

Flashback: No Argument posted:

Ethan: (Where Ashley and Emily DIDN'T get into an argument...)
Ethan: (Emily's accident was last night, after the cafe closed... So if I open a Hole at the time of this flashback, I might be able to prevent it.)

The naming error is in the game's text, not mine. But we're missing one piece to do work with that Hole. That's the time. So we need to find someone who'd know about the time for that.

The two we're looking for are outside the Library. According to its description, it's also a popular meeting place.


: (...It's Ashley and Emily...)

I'm pretty sure this is the only spot these portraits are used, making this a minor hassle.

*Conversation: Ashley/Emily*
: Say, about that present you gave me...
: Oh? Yes?
: Something wrong with it?
: Were you two...talking about something in the Chronos parking lot the other night?
: Y-you mean, you saw us?!
: We were discussing your present.
: How could you spy on us like that? You should have said something!
: you remember about what time that was?
: What, don't you know? You were there, too!
: Well, actually...
: ...Hmm...I'd say we were there until about 7:10 PM.
: (She remembered!)
: Seriously?
: Really?
: Yes, really. It got so late while we were talking that we couldn't go shopping...

: Uh-huh. That's why we were so flustered...
: (7:10 PM, eh?)
: Thanks. That's really helpful.
: Huh? Is that all?

Now, I would be remiss if I went without mentioning a feature that could make your life easier (that I totally didn't realize existed until I checked for the sake of this LP). If you talk to Emily/Ashley again...

*Conversation: Ashley*
: Emily's been into some weird fortune-telling stuff lately.
: Stuff like pinpointing places that seem especially fateful...

*Conversation: Ashley, reprise*
: Emily's fortune-telling is surprisingly accurate...

*Conversation: Emily*

: Location-wise, I'd Near Chronos...maybe... ?

It's so accurate, in fact, that it can tell you where the Hole you need to open is. I'm not sure how long this lasts, but while it's available it's a pretty nice feature that you can take advantage of.

So, armed with our new information, we fix up the flashback and move on to the Hole location near Chronos.

Flashback: No Argument posted:

Ethan: (If I do something at this time, I might just be able to save Olivia...)


: (Even Ben and the rest of the gang...)
: (What a sight--right out of a movie or a comic book!)
: (...Never mind that. Got to find out what caused that accident.)

While we're poking around, we make a bit of a mistake.


Emily's Glasses posted:

Let's try that again.

Ethan: (This is Olivia's bicycle, I'm sure of it. ...Huh?)

Ethan: (A nice clean cut too. This was no accident. If it was just a prank, it's a pretty lousy one!)
Ethan: (What should I do? I can't fix the brakes. I've got to find another way to keep her off this bike... I shouldn't damage it more just because I don't want her to ride it again...)

It's even got a dog pig hanging off it.

Ethan: (Hey, I know...I'll just pocket the key. If I've headed off the accident, I should be all set.)

Bicycle Key posted:

And then all that's left is to close the Hole.

: (She shouldn't be able to ride the bike like this...)

And we're all fine and dand-



Hrm. That didn't look quite right.

: Did you hear? There was an accident yesterday--at the intersection.
: I was walking home yesterday when it happened, like-- bang!
: (That's Olivia's voice. She sounds just fine! Phew...)
: You mean a traffic accident? W-were there any fatalities?
: Yeah, a dog... I saw it with my own eyes...

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: !?
: Huh?
: A dog?

: (Wait just a second... Did...did I do that?)
: This truck lost its load--and that's when disaster struck.
: This kid was hurt, and the dog he had with him was killed.

: ...A dog...was killed...
: ...Ben...
: I know you're all thinking about Shiloh right now.
: Let bygones be bygones, Ben. That wasn't your fault.
: C'mon--it's ancient history.
: Easy for you to say! It wasn't your turn to watch him!
: Huh? What're you talking about?
: (This never happened...before. Looks like I didn't fix it properly. I've got to do something!)
: Sorry, guys--I gotta go.

*Town Map*
Ethan: (I can't believe I actually caused a DIFFERENT accident...! ...I have to make sure this one never happened too.)

Flashback: No Argument (No glasses version) posted:

Flashback: Truck in Alley posted:

Flashback: Dog Accident posted:


So now we also have a new choice to make: what should we do with Emily's glasses? Return them, or hold onto them?

This vote will remain open a little longer than the last - probably a bit into the next chapter.