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Part 10: Foreshadowing

Update 10: Foreshadowing


{Video: Kori Appearance}


Kori: This is another past for you to change.
Ethan: What are you talking about?
Kori: I saw a picture of this place once already...because you changed it with your Pen.
Ethan: You know about my Pen? You don't have one, too?
Kori: No...I don't. This "Hollow Pen" you speak of is invisible to me. But soon you'll realize...
Ethan: Realize what?
Kori: The pictures you and I see only appear because someone's changed the past. And that includes the changes you make yourself.
Ethan: ...So are there others like me out there, with Pens like mine?
Kori: ...... Never mind that. Are you going to make some changes here or what?
Ethan: Oh, er...
Kori: I won't get in your way--this time.

And she leaves.

Ethan: (Who IS this Kori character, anyway?)

Ethan: (It pays to be extra careful when fiddling with the past! You've got to do what you can to avoid unforeseen side effects...)
Ethan: (That should do it.)

As always, we close the Hole and prepare to receive our new flashbacks.



: (Olivia sounds cheery enough...)
: C'mon, lighten up!
: Argh...
: (Huh? Ben's still moping around!)

: Sure--after work would be great!
: (Did she just say "Sure"?)
: ...Who's that guy?
: Huh? Oh, er...
: .........
: I think his name's Aaron.
: My bicycle is, like, completely out of commission--if it's not one thing, it's another. The key's missing, and it turns out my brakes are cut, too.
: Hey, maybe someone's got it in for you.
: Ha ha ha! I don't think so! Well, probably not. I'd feel safer if you swung by to pick me up, though. That's really why I called in the first place.
: Sounds good. See you later!

The bells on the door ring as he goes.

: Bye!
: ...
: ...Ethan, you look lost.
: Long story short, Ben here has had his heart broken today.
: How can you be so glib? I'm hurting here!
: ...W-wow...
: (I'm not sure this is worth changing...)
: (Sorry, Ben.)

Now that's just cold. Anyway, one scene cut later, we come back to...

: (I didn't have any time to look for clues for Mom and Dad... ...... So other people have Pens like this one...?)

: (......)
: (No way... Was someone behind Mom and Dad's disappearance, too?)

Kori: And that includes the changes you make yourself.

: (How can she move around like that if she doesn't have a Pen?)
: (I'll have to ask her at school tomorrow.)

???: Ethan...Kairos.
???: Well, let's see what he's capable of. And if he gets in the way...we can just erase him.


Our standard end-chapter status update, brought to you from the future.

Flashback: Fixed Fridge posted:

Ethan:I'd better put that bicycle key back one of these days.
I don't think he ever does.

Flashback: No Accident posted: