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Part 11: And Now for Something Completely Different

Update 11: And Now for Something Completely Different

: (I went to talk with Kori, but...)

: Hey, Ethan--what's on your mind?
: Oh, er, nothing.
: You hiding something from me, hmm?
: Of course not!
: 'Cause you know I'll find out eventually!
: I-I know...
: (Morris... I know he means well, but he can be a little rough around the edges.)
: (Girls would flock to him if he'd only tone down his attitude a little.)
: What, you psychoanalyzing me? Get outta my head, man!
: ...
: (What the heck--why not ask him for advice?)
: Listen, Morris...

: I know you're here to study, but can I ask you something?
: Guess I can spare a second or two.
: You know my parents went missing...right?
: Of course I do.
: Now, this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out, okay?
: That depends.
: Well, until a few days ago, my mom and dad were still around.
: Huh?

Morris: Sorry. We'll be good.

: Keep it down, will ya? ...So then what?
: ...And then, a few days ago, suddenly everything was as though my folks had been gone for years. It's still like that...and I want to know why this is happening.
: ...
: It's really whacked-out, I know. But it's true, all of it.
: It's no dream--and I'm not crazy.
: You know what I think...
: (Oh, no, here it comes...)

: ...? Parallel worlds?
: There used to be a book in our secret hideout, "The Mystery of Parallel Worlds".
: (Now that he mentions it... Someone put it in our hideout to class up the place. I've never read it.)
: (In fact, I don't think anyone's read it--besides Morris...)
: Basically, your situation is right outta that book.
: Eh?
: Why don't you go looking for it, find yourself some answers?
: ......
: Look, I've wasted enough time on your petty little problems.
: M-Morris...

There's the sound of a phone buzzing, and Morris picks it up.

Morris: Yeah? ...I'm at the library.
Morris: I'm studying, what else? Did you even have to ask?
Morris: You want results? All I have to do is apply myself and those grades are in the bag.
: (Who's he talking to? His parents?)
Morris: Right now I'm wasting prime studying time talking to you...
: Hey, Ethan?
: Yeah?
: This is gonna take a while. I'll be right back.
: Sure thing.

: (...Not sure he wanted me to hear that conversation, anyway. ...... ............)
: (...Let's see. Maybe I should look for that Parallel Worlds book. .........)
: (Nah...I can't be bothered. ......... I'd like to talk with Morris, so I can't go home just yet...)
: (Think I'll go get some fresh air myself.)
: (Didn't I see some kind of antique shop on my way here?)
: (I think it was called "Aeon"... Maybe I'll go check it out.)

:'re all set?
: Yeah. Don't worry about it. My folks are just getting on my nerves, that's all.
: All right. Glad to hear that it wasn't anything major.

Now Ethan's phone starts going off.

: Phone's buzzing.
: Yeah--I put it on silent mode.
: ...It's Vin. What does he want?

Vin: Ben's m-murdered someone! Hurry!

Ethan: What? Ben!? Got it. I'll be right there.
: What is it?
: W-well... Ben...k-killed someone...
: WHAT!?
Sara: Silence!
: I'm headed for Chronos. Are you coming?
: Do you have to ask?