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Part 13: Weapon Disposal

Update 13: Weapon Disposal

So let's go searching for Lucky.

: Hey, Ethan--why does this girl know my name?
: Huh...?
: Aw, Morris, what difference does it make?
: So what's up with you guys?
: We're looking for a dog. He's got a brown spot around his eyes. Have you seen him?
: A dog? Nope, haven't seen him. Right, Emily?
: ...Ummmmm... A dog...nnnno, can't say I have.
: Okay, well, thanks anyway. Let's check somewhere else, Morris.
: What's up with that weird groaning girl, anyway?
: Never mind that. Let's get going.
: What, already? See ya!

Okay, more seriously this time. If anyone's curious, the other spot Lucky generally shows up at is the Intersection.

Dog: :: whine ::
: Hey, it's Lucky!
: That dog fits the description, eh?
: Yep.

Morris: Poor thing. He's scared. C'mon, Lucky--here, boy.
Lucky: :: whiiine ::

Lucky: :: whiiiiiine ::

Ethan: (So Morris is a dog-lover. Who'da thought it?)
Morris: There, there. C'mon, Lucky--let's get outta here.
Lucky: Woof!

So we return to Chronos to deliver our lucky dog.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: Uh-huh. How're things here?
: ...Aaron's dead.

: !
: Dead...?
: Olivia just called the owner.
: Did anyone call the police?

You'd have thought they would have been called well before now.

: No--Ben said he was going to turn himself in.
: Ben wouldn't kill anyone! I'm gonna go look for him. Ethan, you look after Lucky.

He immediately runs off.

: Why don't you give Lucky back to Jacob? He's waiting inside. They already got his contact info, so he can probably go home now.
: Yeah, sure.
: Thanks. I'll look for Ben, too.

Vin also runs off, leaving us alone.

: (But first, I should return Lucky to Jacob.)
: Wait here a second, Lucky. ...Lucky?

Ethan: What is it, Lucky? What's over there?

Ethan: (Are these what Ben used on Aaron? But why pliers? These are only used for cutting wires and stuff.)

I wonder why a wire-cutting tool was around the spot a wire was recently cut. While he's thinking to himself about pliers, Jacob comes out.

: Lucky?
: Jacob...
: (Probably shouldn't let him see this with all that blood.)
: Hey! Are those...
: (Too late...)
: Those were over there.
: Over there? Jacob, do you know something I don't?
: When the one boy shoved the boy with the glasses...
: ...he picked those up and...
: So they were just laying around over there. Thanks for telling me, Jacob.
: (This poor kid definitely saw some nasty stuff.)
: Here, take Lucky and go on home. Will you be okay on your own?
: Uh-huh. Bye now.

I sincerely hope you can figure out what we're expected to do here.

First order of business, as always, is clearing up the relevant flashback.

Flashback: Dropped Murderpliers posted:

: (Hey...the Pen's glowing. ...Can I make it so that all this never happened?)
: (I think I'll give it a try. Who knows--I might be able to change the past.)


Here I mess around a bit. I spend a little too much time overall messing with Ashley and Emily, probably because the reactions are pretty unique compared to some of the other possible ones.

Back to the real topic, which is actually surprisingly easy to miss even when you know it's there. It's hidden behind the planters on the left, behind where Past-Emily's standing, and you have to maneuver the screen around after you open the Hole to see them.

: (There they are--right where Jacob said they'd be. So they've been here as of precisely this moment...)
: (...Hang on. Did someone use the pliers to cut her brake line?)
: (But who would do that?)

Pliers posted:

If you found and grabbed them when you had a chance to beforehand, this chapter changes as a result. I may show the change off after the LP's finished.

: (This should get rid of the pliers back in "now". I've got to be careful. Let me think this through...)
: (.........)
: (...There's no other likely weapons--I should be okay.)

Close the Hole, etc.



: (No Ben, no Aaron. So what's changed...?)

Ethan's ringtone goes off. I can't place anything it's making a reference to, and it doesn't seem like it's mimicking a part of the game's soundtrack. May just be a generic ringtone.

Vin: Hey, it's Vin. Ben...Ben's in trouble.

Ethan: What? Y-you mean he didn't turn himself in after all?
Vin: Turn himself in? For what? Ah, never mind. Grab Morris and come down to Central Hospital. Take the bus that leaves from the station. Got it?
Ethan: Wait, Vin! (What's changed...?)

Ethan's not the fastest thinker when put in a tight spot, but he's actually pretty quick on the uptake, and I haven't really given him credit for that thus far.

Ethan: So what happened to Aaron?
Vin: Huh? He's a cop, isn't he? Didn't Morris tell you they took him in?

I feel like something got lost in translation here, because those sentences do not logically connect. Maybe it's supposed to say something about him being with the police instead of him being a policeman. Also, interesting that the police got called this time when they didn't for the stabbing and manslaughter.

Vin: C'mon, Ethan, get a grip! Anyway, hurry up! Ben's unconscious!

And he hangs up.

: How's Ben. Not so good?
: Vin says he's unconscious...and that we should get to Central Hospital on the double.
: ...Because he hit his head, huh.
: (This isn't good--I still don't know what the situation is.)
: Can I ask you a favor, Morris?
: At a time like this? ...What is it?
: I need you to tell me exactly what happened to Ben in the order it happened.
: Give me a break!
: Oh, fine. I'll break it down for you, okay? This is where Aaron hit Ben. The whole thing started when a dog walked by.
: Jacob's dog.
: Yeah, I think that was the owner's name. So the dog startled Ben, who got into a fight with Jacob. That's when Aaron came out of the cafe and happened to walk by...
: Aaron tried to stop Ben, and the two of them started arguing.
: Aaron knocked Ben over, and Ben hit his head. Got it?
: Got it. Thanks.
: (It wasn't exactly a change for the better...what should I do?)
: Then let's high-tail it to the hospital already!
: Oops--yeah.


Flashback time!

Flashback: Fight posted:

Ethan: (How could it have come to this--just by taking those nippers?)

This one was updated last time, but I forgot to include it.

Flashback: Secret Hideout posted:

Ethan: (We all took turns looking after Shiloh.)


I'm going to be closing off the Emily-Glasses vote after next update, so any late voters should finish that up. I think the count's just barely in favour of giving her back the glasses right now.