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Part 16: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings...

Update 16: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings...

Ethan: On you?
Morris: I got a horrible score on my last exam. Horrible enough that I might not get into my dream college.
Morris: Please, Ethan! Just once, I swear!
Ethan: ...I don't know, Morris...
Morris: What, and after all my help? C'mon, I'm begging you here! You don't know how embarrassing this is for me!
Ethan: (Morris...) ...J-just let me take care of Ben first, okay?
Morris: ...Okay. We'll talk again later.

: ... (I guess not even Morris is entirely worry-free...)
: (But Ben comes first. I've got to save Shiloh...)

I'm obliged to note that it's possible to screw with everyone here and cancel the Digging session, and the shopkeeper will just keep letting you back in every time you come back.


Hope you remember our goal.


Ethan: (If I could only do something with that rope tying Shiloh up...)

Ethan: (Now Shiloh's free.)

Close the hole, and...



: You about done in there?
: Oops--yes, all set! Thank you!

: It's not really for sale, but I could be persuaded...
: Er...not today.
: Oh! Oh, I see... B-but I can give you a discount!
: Thanks--I'll keep that in mind.
: Here's my card. The shop's address and phone number are on there, too.
: Thank you very much.

: See you later.
: I should have some new pieces in by then. Let me give you a call when they arrive. Just write down your telephone number for me, okay?
: Huh? But...
: We're getting a shipment from the same company that made the furniture in the back room. I'm sure you'll love it!
: Oh, I see...
: (He did let us poke around his store and all--I guess I should go through the motions.)

Shopkeeper: Thanks for stopping by!

And with that, we're left alone outside Aeon.

As always, the bells clang to symbolize our entrance.

: Yo, Eeth! Over here!
: (Thank goodness--everyone's here.)

I think Ethan needs his eyes checked, because that's pretty obviously not 'everybody'.

: What's up? You seem kinda spacey.
: Huh? Oh, n-nothing.
: What can I get you?
: Just a hot coffee, please.

: (Everyone's fine. I did it!)
: (...But where's Morris?)
: Phew--that's enough for me. I'll bring the rest home for Shiloh. Hey, Olivia? Can you wrap this up for me?
: (So Ben's looking after Shiloh. That's great.)
: Sure thing! Giving it to your doggy again, eh?
: Uh-huh. It's one of his favorites.
: Well, then...guess I'll be going.
: All set, guys?
: But Ethan just got here!
: Oops! Sorry about that, Ethan.
: I don't mind. We can all leave together.

Ben: Thanks, Morris!
Ethan: Hey there, Morris!

Ethan: (He quit school? What's he talking about?) You remember what I told you, Morris?
Morris: Huh?

: ...Never mind. It's nothing.
: Well...if you say so...
: See ya tomorrow!
: Roger!
: Yeah...see you later.
: Almost forgot! Here, Ethan--this is for you.
: What is it?
: My flyer. If you know anyone with a dog, spread the word, okay?

Morris: See ya!

Morris walks off.

: Shall we?
: Hey, this what Morris is doing these days?
: Yeah, he has a part-time job as a dog walker. Says he's saving up for obedience school.
: Since he decided to quit school, he says he has to earn the tuition all by himself.
: ...Wow...
: I remember it was always Shiloh this, Shiloh that...
: I'd say he made the right choice, taking the plunge and following his heart...wouldn't you? He definitely looks a lot happier now.
: Y-yeah...he does.
: (So Shiloh had the biggest impact on Morris, not on Ben...)
: Well, I've got some places to go, so...
: Okay. See you later.

Vin heads off.

: I should head back... (What a day! I'm exhausted.)

There's the sound of footsteps.

Kori: Ethan?

: Kori...
: How did you fare this time? Better?
: ...I think so.
: Good.
: But all kinds of other things changed, too...
...Well, yeah.
: But your experiences have become "undone". Not everyone remembers the same things you do... Even those who know what happened "before"...
: None of them realize that they themselves have changed.
: ...Kori...
: Yes?
: I-I need to know...who ARE you?
: I told you that I don't have a Pen.
: ...
: But I know other people who do. Like your father, for example.
: !! Y-you know my dad? Is he alive!?
: ...... I met your father a long, long time ago... Now...I don't know. Same as you.

: ...
: ...But...
: But what?
: Who gave you that Pen, Ethan?
: ...! (That's right--my dad's name was on that letter...)
: Hasn't that Pen been passed down in your family for generations? It's your inheritance.
: ...Actually... (The letter said as much...)
: I'll go home and talk to my uncle. Thanks!

: (...... So this Pen belonged to my dad? ......)
: (Maybe Uncle Derek knows something about this.)
: (I'll track him down and ask him tomorrow.)

Ethan: (I dragged my uncle into something big...)


Standard end-chapter flashback update, this time with no need for time travel.

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Ethan: (It's the whole gang--recently, too--and Shiloh, being all buddy-buddy with us.)