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Part 19: A Different Perspective

Update 19: A Different Perspective

: ...!!! Arrgh! Now you've done it!
: Wh-what gives...?
: ...
: Oh, er...nothing.

: Guess going back to the scene must've brought back some bad memories...
: It was nothing, I said! ... Listen, Derek...That bus didn't tell anyone else about it, did you?
: ...Just my nephew, who turned me on to this place.
: Okay...and what about the letter?
: That I haven't shown to anyone.
: ...I see.
: You know, I've been thinking about that accident a little myself.
: You don't say...
: Irving, do you know my brother?
: Who, me?
: ...You do, don't you?
: Why should I?
: ...I see how it is... All right, fine.
: ......
: Then do you know anything about Kori?
: !!
: Well? Do you?
: Nope--nothing. Not a thing.
: ......
: It's the truth.
: ......All right. That's enough for today.
: But this isn't over. I'll keep bugging you 'til you're ready to talk.
: You looking to profit off my tragedy, Mr. Writer Man?

I don't think what Derek does for a living has come up before.

: You think I'd do that? Seriously?
: ......

There's the sound of quiet footsteps.

Kori: Ah...! D-Derek...?
Derek: C-could it be...? Hey!
Irving: Get in here!

Irving: You saw her, huh? Ah, no matter. Never mind--it's nothing. This reality will fall by the wayside soon enough. ...Goodbye.

And with that, we cut back to Ethan.

Ethan: (What's going on? I feel so...tired. I should have changed things. So why the exact same flashback? Maybe my revisions didn't take. ...That's not likely... I know--I'll check the newspaper to see what changed.)

Of course, we no longer have our newspaper, so we've gotta head over to the library to grab another one.

: Can you look something up for me? Is there anything about a traffic accident in the March 23 paper, 35 years ago?
: One moment, please...
: There's one match. I'll copy it for you.

Article: Bus Accident posted:

: ...Mary Onegin is still mentioned as having died in the accident. Nothing's changed at all!
: She got out of the bus--why wasn't that enough to save her?
: (Something's fishy... I think I'll check out that accident scene one more time...)

And back we go.

I'll spare you the images for the actions I repeat.

: Mary Onegin, is it?
: ...Who are you?
: Please, get away from the bus right now. You can move, right?
: Y-yes, I can. You certainly seem to know a lot.
: I know about the bus driver, too. So please, take your son and get away from the bus--hurry. Once you're safe, I'll close the Hole, so get as far away as you can!
: All set!
: Okay, I'm closing the Hole!
: Thank you so much.

So we do.



What a surprise, I said with a posed look.

Ethan: (Why isn't anything changing?) ...Oooh... (...What's this...? I feel so...woozy...) ....... (I've got to get home...I'll think this over once I get home...)


Irving: I knew it! You've really done it now!
Kori: ...
Irving: ...Kori...! Did he see you looking at him? Huh? Did he say something? He did, didn't he? Tell me!
Kori: ... "I've got to ask my uncle about the Pen." That's all I heard.
Irving: His uncle? Hmm, must be Derek... You wouldn't be lying to me, now, would you?
Kori: No need for me to lie.
Irving: ...... ...You haven't met with Kairos, have you?
Kori: Of course not.
Irving: You telling the truth?
Kori: Always.
Irving: Good. You seem to know your place.
Kori: .........


After a quick side-trip to refill my Pen, I pilot Ethan home.

: Yeah.
: (Wonder what happened? Uncle Derek looks so tired.)
: Uncle Derek, you met with Irving, right?
: Yeah...but I didn't get any new leads.
: I asked him about your folks, but he said he didn't know a thing.
: Oh...? You did, huh? (I wonder what they really talked about...)
: ...Having all these conversations without me...sheesh!
: ?
: I'm turning in.

And he leaves.

: Okay...good night.
: (I'm exhausted myself... But...I can still make it to Aeon if I leave now. I might even see Irving.)

So we go out, ignoring any potential risks that may come out of a secret nighttime visit to the shop of someone we think may be hostile.

: (Guess that's it for today.)

On our way back, we run into a surprise visitor.

: Ah, Ethan. What are you up to?
: I'm just heading home. What about you?
: I'm on the night watch. We teachers are on rotation, you see. Lately there've been rumours of sketchy characters out and about.
: Oh, I see...must be tough.
: Say,'s your uncle doing?
: My uncle? How do you know my uncle?
: Well, I just happened to be his homeroom teacher.

You may recall Irving also mentioning this.

: Really?
: He got better grades than you, I can tell you that!
: Gee, thanks.
: Ha ha ha! Just kidding! He did used to send me a lot of letters, way back when.

Typo's in the game's text.

: Uncle Derek did?
: Yes, back around his graduation...I remember it well. I sent him a few proverbs and sayings dealing with time.
: Huh...
: That's how we started sending letters back and forth. Each of mine included a new, er, "timely" turn of phrase. In fact, all the pop quizzes I've been giving you were gleaned from my letters to Derek.
: Wow, really? (...I guess Uncle Derek must have been a pretty serious student.)
: And speaking of which...
: Y-yes, sir?
: ...Ah, I'll save the quiz for another time. Go on home, Ethan; it's late.
: Er, okay...
: Goodnight. Tell your uncle I said hello.
: I will. Goodnight.

Ethan: (Wow, am I ever beat today. ...... Why couldn't I save Irving's mom? If I keep having flashbacks, that must mean someone's done something to that past. But whatever he did didn't change anything... Is this a past that the Pen can't change...? Does such a thing even exist?)
Ethan: :: cough :: (I'm really feeling cruddy. I should get some sleep.)


: Mrowrrrr!
: (Is that Sox? On me? ...Nah...)
: Mrowr...
: :: sigh ::
: (Still tired from yesterday. I just can't shake it...) ......
: (Have I...been using the Pen too much?)
: (Guess I should go to school...)

[i]So Ethan gets dressed and heads off to school, where he's met by a familiar face.

: Oh...good morning.
: (Say, maybe Kori'd know something about it.)
: (Is there really such a thing as an unchangable past?)

Kori: Is this about yesterday's pictures?
Ethan: So you do know something!
Kori: Ethan...did you kill that woman?