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Part 21: Looting the Body

Update 21: Looting the Body

Back home we go, to ponder our scenario.

: He used to make the best coffee...
: (I've got to save him!)

Right, so we needed to look up exactly where and when the flashback of Derek's body took place. You know what that means - to the library!

: Back issues, right?
: What would you like me to look up for you?

Same two choices as always.

*By event*
: There was a murder somewhere between 12 and 3 years ago... The victim's name was Derek Kairos.
: One moment, please...
: There's one match. I'll copy it for you.

Article: Derek's Murder posted:

: "Journalist Murdered"--this is it...December 5, 12 years ago. (...So the body was discovered at 10:35 the morning of December 5. This is the incident I saw in my flashback.)
: (Was it after Mom and Dad went missing...?)
: It doesn't look like they caught whoever did it... "Kairos was avidly investigating the Kako bus accident until his death." ...Doesn't say anything about money.
: (If money wasn't the motive... what was? If it had something to do with the accident...could Irving have been involved?)
: It happened in...the next town over...
: (Along the route of the bus that had that accident. Uncle Derek was quite the investigator.)
: (...I can go there now if I take a train.)
: The police were investigating the memo he had on him, eh...?
: (Wonder what that memo's about? Hmm.)

And as expected, that lets us fill out our flashback on that.

Flashback: Derek's Body posted:

Ethan: (Was Uncle Derek killed while looking into that bus accident...?)

Ethan: (But I AM curious about that memo he had on him.)

: Sure--what is it?
: So I found this really gorgeous girl, okay?
: ......
: Aw, quit looking at me like that! Forget it--forget I said anything!
: I wasn't! Honestly!
: Really? All right...then I'll tell you a little more...
: You see...
: ......
: ......
: Oh, never mind! It would just be wasted on you, anyway!
: Hey, wait a sec...
: I'm going home. Goodbye!
: (That Ben...he'll never change.)

This really functions as our standard "Do I really want to open a Hole" check, even though we get one again later.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: (Let's should be right around here...)


: (What's Uncle Derek got there...?)
: Whoa!!

: (I wrote this note... I gave this note to Irving.) Irving...what are you up to!?

And we close the Hole. There's technically a new flashback of the scene since we changed it by grabbing the memo, but it's unchanged in any way so not worth recording.


: (I wonder if the past has changed so that I've never been to that neighboring town.)

: ...The cafe... (If Uncle Derek had been able to keep running Chronos... If Chronos had thrived, maybe he wouldn't have been murdered. You know...if I can't undo Uncle Derek's murder, I'll just have to change what happens before it instead.)
: (I'll ask around about Chronos tomorrow...)

On a different topic, how does Ethan feel about maid uniforms? Good or no good?